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August 27, 2015


'Glee' - 'Hell-o' Recap (Spring Premiere)

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 13th 2010 11:11PM
Hello, indeed! 'Glee' is back, and Mr. Schuester declared that New Directions needed an exciting new re-introduction to vault them into the next level, regionals. After all the glory and greatness of winning sectionals, McKinley's glee club was back to basics, thanks to reality setting in -- slushees in the face again! -- as well as Figgins reinstating Sue, who renewed her attacks on Will.

If that sounds like a spoiler to you, you haven't been paying attention to the groundwork laid in the first thirteen episodes. For more on the latest from Ohio's little singing group that could, read on after the jump.

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The First Lady Summons 'Glee' to the White House

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 22nd 2010 9:31PM
glee_white_gloves_foxWhen the White House calls, you sorta, kinda, have to rearrange the schedule and make room for a command performance. That's what's going on with Fox's hit show, 'Glee.' The First Lady and the First Daughters are big fans of 'Glee' and, according to Michael Ausiello in Entertainment Weekly, 'Glee's' been asked sing at the White House Easter Egg hunt on April 5. So despite the shooting schedule, they're going to rework things to meet the Obamas.

The 'Glee' singers are hot, hot, hot... and you can just see how Sasha and Malia are their target demographics, can't you? Michelle, too. Frankly, they don't need the eggs to get the White House rolling. "Don't Stop Believin'" will do the trick just fine.

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Review: Glee - Mash-Up

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 22nd 2009 1:40AM
In what might be one of the best episodes of Glee since the premiere, Matthew Morrison was given a true showcase. There was also no Will family drama. Hmm ... is that a coincidence? I don't think so. I clearly have more interest in what Will's doing at McKinley High with the singing and dancing then his marriage.

Mash-ups were on the top of the to-do list. Emma and Ken asked Will for a wedding song mash-up, which was easier said than done when the two songs they wanted were "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady and Sisqo's "The Thong Song." Fortunately, Will didn't sing the former, just the latter.

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Nobody's Watching gets a haircut - VIDEO

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 24th 2006 1:14PM

Nobody's Watching gets a haircut.What would Christmas be without a new video from Derrick and Will (Taran Killam and Paul Campbell) of the pilot-turned web sensation-turned television show (one day) Nobody's Watching. This time around Derrick gets a haircut. But not any haircut. No, this cut is in the style of a favorite sitcom character, chosen by visitors at the guys' official website.

The character chosen? I'll give you a hint: Ha! I kill me! Okay, that may be a bit obscure. The favorite sitcom character chosen was Alf, who had a hit show back in the late 1980's. Derrick not only gets his hair cut in the style of Alf, but he hair that is cut gets pasted on his eyebrows to give him that fluffy, alien puppet look.

Anyway, you can see the haircut in all of its glory after the jump.

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Nobody's Watching website launches - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Sep 28th 2006 4:42PM
Derrick and Will - Nobody's WatchingWe've written before about the failed WB pilot Nobody's Watching, and some of their follow up videos. If you're still hungry for more, then you my friend are in luck. Derrick and Will, the stars of the show, have announced the launch of their website, nobodyswatching.tv. The site will officially open for business next Monday, but you can get a little beta peek right now.

This will be the home for all of Derrick and Will's new content and videos, as well as the headquarters for their ongoing mission to get the show on the air. Most recently, the pair were seen in their Diet Coke and Mentos spoof. In just five days, that video managed 1.2 million hits on YouTube, 400,000 on Break.com, and 100,000 on Google video.

Check after the jump for their latest video.

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Big Brother: Elimation, Nomination, Veto, Elimination

by Deidre Woollard, posted Sep 1st 2006 12:33AM
will and janelle(S04E24) "No one knows that I am with Chilltown," says Erika. "No one knows that I am with Chilltown," says Janelle. This week everyone thinks they are an honorary member of Chilltown. But by the time the dust settles in this fast forward episode the answers are clear.

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How I Met Your Brother - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 30th 2006 3:04PM

Neil Patrick HarrisHere's the video from Big Brother the other night, when How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris made a surprise visit to the show, bearing gifts. Who is that guy in the beginning (I don't watch the show - is it Will?), and why the hell is he always talking about Harris?

I know this is a show on his own network and it makes for some good cross-promotion, but did Harris really want to do this? I think I read some place that Harris wants to do a celebrity Big Brother at some point. Ugh. (Video after the jump.)

[via TV Tattle]

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Big Brother: Veto Ceremony #6

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 15th 2006 10:16PM
(S04E17) Have you ever watched a horror movie where you see the gorgeous blonde walking through a house with the shadowy killer stalking her ? That's a bit like this episode of Big Brother. Janelle is being stalked on all sides but she is completely clueless. All episode long I just wanted to shout at her to get out of the way of the knives aimed in her direction.

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Big Brother: Veto Ceremony #5

by Deidre Woollard, posted Aug 9th 2006 7:47AM
danielle(S04E14) The question for this week is who's zooming who? When in doubt, always bet on Boogie and Will. We've got the newly christened Legion of Doom with their grand plan to get Janelle out of the house but will they triumph? James tries to cover up the fact that he feels like he is in the catbird seat but he's not as good an actor as he thinks. Theree's just one problem, are these people really stupid enough to trust Chilltown?

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The West Wing: Institutional Memory

by Bob Sassone, posted May 7th 2006 9:22PM
Janney - The West Wing(S07E21) This was an odd episode. I mean, it's the next to last show, and we're supposed to believe that everyone is getting ready to leave the White House and they're packing up and they're thinking about new job offers. But at the beginning, even though C.J.'s office is filled with boxes and Will goes to see someone about a possible political job, it didn't "feel" right. Focusing on C.J. is fine, but focusing on Will and Kate? I just don't see it.

Then Andy walked into C.J.'s office and asked her to ask the President about pardoning Toby, and that's when the episode kicked into gear for me.

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Reunion: '95, '96, '97 & '98

by Ryan j Budke, posted Mar 15th 2006 8:03AM
reunion; foxRemember way back in December of 2005 when Fox aired the episode of Reunion for 1994? OK, good. Now, remember how they showed the previews for the next episode of Reunion? Yea? Excellent. Well, I'm not sure if you're aware of this or not, but Fox sucks, and they never showed that one. In fact, they promptly canceled the show after that, leaving many loyal fans wondering just what our misfit crew of estranged friends' fates were. There were four episodes that had filmed, but Fox decided not to show them. Will there be an eventual DVD release of the episodes? I wish I knew, but I don't think it would really wrap up any loose ends, though. Luckily, Kristin over at E! has a rundown of the lost episodes. Head on over for a complete rundown of what was going to happen, and then come back here and vent your frustration with me. I believe Kristin has said in the past that she was going to give an overview of everyone's final fates as well, so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled for those.

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The West Wing: Internal Displacement

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 15th 2006 9:19PM
The West WingWhile it's always great to see characters and references to the old, great West Wing (tonight's opening had scenes from past episodes and the return of Danny Concannon), it clashes with the new West Wing, which is all cynicism and bitchiness and tension between C.J. and Josh and the boring character of Kate. But at least there's a glimmer of that old West Wing, if simply because the White House was prominently featured. When there's more scenes in the White House than on the Santos campaign trail, that's a good thing (even if it means Donna isn't around.)

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