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October 6, 2015

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13-Year Old Leigh Takes a Swing at an Officer on 'Beyond Scared Straight' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 9th 2011 1:28AM
'Beyond Scared Straight'You have to give Leigh credit for having guts ... or maybe it's just teenage stupidity and inability to think through consequences. Either way, when an opportunity was handed to her on 'Beyond Scared Straight' (Thu., 10PM ET on A&E) the 13-year old took it immediately.

Being forced to run in place, one of the female officers asked Leigh, "You wanna hit me?"

"Yes ma'am," Leigh answered honestly.

The officers laughed about it, but then the officer in question said, "Hit me if you want to."

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Escaped Cons Take Callie Hostage on Season Finale of 'The Glades' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 6th 2011 6:53AM
'The Glades' - 'Breakout'It gets personal for Det. Jim Longworth when two escaped inmates take the hospital Callie works at hostage on the season finale of 'The Glades' (Mon, 10PM ET on A&E).

When he brought the money they had demanded, there was a stand-off between Longworth and the cons. Only, at that time they still had the leverage, and they knew he had special feelings for Callie (which he may never act on because this is television), so she was an especially valuable hostage.

"You harm one hair on her head, and I will hunt you down and kill you like a dog," he told them.

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Steven Seagal Denies That a Puppy Was Killed During Reality Show Raid

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 5th 2011 10:00AM
Steven SeagalAccording to the Associated Press, actor Steven Seagal and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have denied accusations by a Phoenix man and his lawyer that a family pet was killed during a raid filmed for Seagal's reality TV show.

TMZ earlier reported that Seagal took part in a March 9 raid on the home of Jesus Llovera for his A&E show, 'Steven Seagal: Lawman.'

Llovera alleges that Seagal arrived at his home with a tank, which he rammed into a gate on his property, and that an 11-month-old puppy was killed during the raid along with 100 roosters.

Seagal said he's outraged by the allegation, and Sheriff Arpaio said it is without merit. "If my deputies, or posse man Seagal for that matter, had done something so awful like shooting a family dog, then where are the photos to prove it?" Arpaio asked.

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Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Set Their Wedding Date

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 2nd 2011 7:30AM
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed'Family Jewels' fans left hanging by the "will she or won't she?" Season 6 finale need wonder no longer.

We watched Gene Simmons propose (finally!) to longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed back in July and now, instead of settling in for the long engagement some may have expected, the reality TV stars have announced that they're tying the knot next month.

The pair have released a wedding invitation, which reveals that the ceremony will take place on October 1 at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, and that there's a dress code.

"Classy Cocktail Attire Requested ... although we know some Rockstar attire will be worn." (Hey, could that mean that Gene will get hitched in full KISS makeup and boots? We hope so!)

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Still Acting Up, Jemel Goes Back to Prison on 'Beyond Scared Straight' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 3:06AM
'Beyond Scared Straight'Nobody likes to be the one responsible for making a kid cry. Unfortunately, in cases where you're dealing with someone who's putting on this shell of toughness, you have to break through that to get through to that person. That's the reality that was facing 12-year-old Jemel on 'Beyond Scared Straight' (Thu., 10PM ET on A&E).

He was so tough, a first run through the program didn't seem to help his problems in school. So he was nominated for a second, much tougher and more personal look at life behind bars.

If he wants to be the tough guy who shirks the rules and doesn't respect authority and he's too tough to bend after seeing what's in store for him, it's time to up the ante.

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'Hoarders' Checks Back on Five Cases, Including 'Rat Man' Glen (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 30th 2011 5:39AM
'Hoarders'To wrap its fourth season, the Emmy-nominated 'Hoarders' (Mon., 9PM ET on A&E) proved why it's such compelling and critically acclaimed television. The stories spotlighted are so fascinating and framed so well that we get emotionally invested in the people involved. We want them to get better!

The show went back to check in on five of the more memorable cases from Season 3. We got about what we expected, with some of the hoarders slipping back into old habits and resenting the show, while others had used it as a launching pad to correct their lives.

The aftercare funds, which help with ongoing therapy and professional organizing are the key to the successful transformations. It's when they were rejected generally that we saw people who just weren't ready to get better.

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A&E Orders 'Longmire' to Series

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 26th 2011 6:00PM
Katee SackhoffAttention 'Battlestar Galactica' fans: Katee Sackhoff is returning to TV in a series regular role!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, A&E has ordered 10 episodes 'Longmire,' a new series about a widowed sheriff in Wyoming. Sackhoff will play one of his deputies. The series also stars Robert Taylor, Lou DIamond Phillips, Bailey Chase and Cassidy Freeman.

The series is based on Craig Allen Johnson's Walt Longmire series of novels.

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Billy and Ricky Uncover Massive Honeycombs on 'Billy the Exterminator' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 24th 2011 3:53AM
'Billy the Exterminator'When Billy and Ricky were called out to deal with a beehive on 'Billy the Exterminator' (Tue., 10PM ET on A&E), they probably weren't expecting one of the magnitude they uncovered. As they started removing pieces from the ceiling fixture, the hive just kept going and going.

"It was 110 degrees," Billy said. "There were layers of honeycomb and it was all overhead, which made it awkward and sticky."

There was honey dripping from the massive structure as the boys used a humane vacuum system to collect the bees for relocation. Then it was a matter of pulling out the massive sticky combs.

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Lisa Shocks Matt Paxton by Eating the Contents of a Jar on 'Hoarders' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 23rd 2011 6:21AM
Matt Paxton, 'Hoarders'As far as we're concerned, Matt Paxton is the breakout star of 'Hoarders' (Mon., 9PM ET on A&E). More than anyone else on the the "extreme cleaning specialist" tells it like it is, and doesn't take any crap from these afflicted people.

But he comes at it from a place of compassion and reason, trying to get through their sickness. In other words, Matt is very good at talking to the hoarders, and he's rarely at a loss for words of encouragement or chiding.

But this week, Lisa left him speechless. In the muck of her house, he and his team found an old peanut butter jar that still had something in it. Paxton described it as "black tar from 25 years ago." When he tried to throw it away, however, she insisted it was still good, and then ate a bit to prove it.

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Former Gangbanger Warns Kids From the Life on 'Beyond Scared Straight' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 19th 2011 7:42AM
'Beyond Scared Straight'A&E takes us and a new group of troubled teens deep into the penitentiary system on the second season premiere of 'Beyond Scared Straight' (Thu., 10PM ET on A&E). While it's no easy task to turn kids from a life of bad decisions, the 'Scared Straight' programs have netted a lot of buzz, but there's still some controversy as to their effectiveness.

The kids get to experience an overnight stay in jail, witness how the prisoners are treated, and even see the morgue. Another method to try and reach them is by having real inmates share their experiences, serving as cautionary tales to what a life of violence can lead to.

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'Billy the Exterminator' Battles Geese With Umbrellas (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 17th 2011 5:39AM
'Billy the Exterminator'Overpopulation can be just as dangerous to an animal species as hunting them to endangerment. On 'Billy the Exterminator' (Tue., 10PM ET on A&E), Billy and Ricky joined up with Goosebusters out of North Carolina to tackle a problem with the geese population.

The organization uses a more humane method for managing the population called egg degradation, but that doesn't mean the geese are going to roll over and accept what's happening to them.

It's not like they understand it's for their own good. In that respect, would we?

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'Hoarders' Takes on Animal Hoarding With Stacey's Cats and Dogs (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 16th 2011 6:21AM
'Hoarders' - 'Stacey/Roi'Stacey was a different brand of hoarder than the professionals on 'Hoarders' (Mon., 10PM ET on A&E) are used to dealing with, but her sickness was no less real and no less devastating to her family or her house.

She estimated there were 50 dogs and cats living in her house, but admitted she didn't even know how many there were any more. It was clearly more than she could handle, and enough to drive her 14-year old daughter out of the house to live with relatives.

Still, though, Stacey didn't want to give them up. Animal control forced the issue, but then reluctantly had to admit she could still have up to five dogs and five cats per city ordinance. They didn't think she should have any, but there was nothing they could do but monitor her.

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Billy and Ricky Learn How to Catch a Gator on 'Billy the Exterminator' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 3rd 2011 2:26AM
'Billy the Exterminator' season premiere'Billy the Exterminator' (Tue., 10PM ET on A&E) returned Tuesday night, but it brought with it a familiar face to reality television fans. 'Gator 911' was a CMT show last year that featured Gary Saurage, who's in the same general neighborhood as the Brethertons of Vexcon Pest Control.

While the Brethertons are an effective pest control team, alligators can be tough critters, and Billy was getting a lot of criticism for killing most of the ones he encountered.

So Saurage was asked to come onto the show and train Billy and his brother Ricky how to humanely catch an alligator alive.

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Darrell Sheets Makes a Great Eskimo Pie Find on 'Storage Wars' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 28th 2011 5:34AM
'Storage Wars'It's always a gamble on 'Storage Wars' (Wed., 10:30PM ET on A&E). We've seen them score big with some of the finds in abandoned storage lockers, and we've seen some painful losses. But Darrell Sheets was cautiously optimistic after turning up a unique item after a $275 purchase.

The piece was an Eskimo Pie-branded cooler that was in incredible shape. When he took it to an expert for assessment, the guy said he'd never seen anything like it. Furthermore, it appeared to be from the late 1920s or 1930s.

"If you put this in a good quality auction, this thing could hit $3,000," the man told Sheets, who was so excited by the news that he asked him to repeat it. Certainly there is a market for branded items like this, and there likely aren't very many similar items out there, at least not in that condition.

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Watch Gene Simmons' Hilarious Missed Opportunity to Propose to Shannon Tweed (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 27th 2011 3:17AM
'Gene Simmons Family Jewels'We've already seen the clip when Gene Simmons finally proposed marriage to the mother of his children, Shannon Tweed, in our exclusive sneak preview of yesterday's season finale of 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' (Tue., 10PM ET on A&E). But before that, there was a hilarious non-proposal.

Gene Simmons asked their tour guide in Belize the best place to propose, and he was advised to do it on top of the main temple. All of that was fine and dandy, until Gene started running up the steep steps like he was in his 20s again.

"I ... am tired," he declared, before stumbling and crawling the rest of the way to the top.

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