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October 9, 2015

al madrigal

'Free Agents' Stars Talk 'Party Down' Parallels & Being the Anti-Romantic Comedy

by Maggie Furlong, posted Sep 14th 2011 11:00AM
Hank Azaria & Kathryn Hahn, 'Free Agents''Free Agents' is not 'Party Down' ... but it does share some very key elements with that cult favorite, canceled-too-soon show.

First and foremost: creator John Enbom, who shared creator credit on 'Party Down' with Paul Rudd, Dan Etheridge and Rob Thomas, whom Enbom first teamed up with after working in the writers room on Thomas' other other cult favorite series 'Veronica Mars.'

But possibly even more important than pedigree here is set-up. Much like the Casey-Henry 'Party Down' romance rollercoaster, 'Free Agents' PR execs Alex (Hank Azaria) and Helen (Kathryn Hahn) get the wham-bam-thank you ma'am out of the way really early on. It's the "what now?" that drives their relationship -- at work and in the bedroom -- as opposed to the more popular "will they/won't they" dilemma. They did already, and as Enbom, Azaria and Hahn all promise, they will again and again.

And thirdly, well, let's just say they'd welcome any 'Party Down' alums to stop by for a guest spot.

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Welcome to the Captain -- An early look

by Paul Goebel, posted Jan 18th 2008 3:24PM

Welcome to the CaptainMy first impression of this show is that it has a great cast. Al Madrigal is a very funny guy who has been kept off of TV for way too long. You may remember that Al was the star of the aborted sitcom The Ortegas a few seasons ago. I have always thought Chris Klein was funny but never got a chance to show it off and, of course, Jeffrey Tambor has now become a fixture in the comedy landscape due to his brilliant work on Larry Sanders & Arrested Development.

Madrigal plays the doorman of the building named Jesus, who insists that you pronounce his name like the well-known savior. Klein is Marty, a tenant of the building and best bud of the new tenant, Josh (Fran Kanz). Tambor plays Uncle Sol, the veteran of the building who used to write scripts for Three's Company. Ironic, in a way, since Tambor actually starred in the Three's Company spinoff, The Ropers.

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