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October 9, 2015

alex rodriguez

Cameras Catch Cameron Diaz Feeding Alex Rodriguez Popcorn During the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 7th 2011 12:38AM
Alex Rodriguez & Cameron Diaz, 'Super Bowl XLV'Alex Rodriguez scored tickets to 'Super Bowl XLV' (Sun., 6:30PM ET on FOX) because, well, he's A.Rod. He was apparently pretty into the game as well, as he couldn't even feed himself.

Either that, or it was just a cute moment incidentally captured by the FOX camera crews. In a brief segment spotlighting some of the big names who graced football's biggest games, including John Madden and former President and First Lady Bush, the camera cut to the baseball star and his girlfriend ... just as she was cramming a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

"I'm sure Alex is thrilled we just put the camera on him at that moment," announcer Joe Buck said, "Being fed popcorn."

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Juju Chang Goes Gaga Over A-Rod on 'GMA' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted May 3rd 2010 12:30PM
Anchor Juju Chang got as giddy as a schoolgirl during a segment with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez on 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7AM ET on ABC).

Chang gets distracted by Rodriguez's good looks while he explains the particulars of a squeeze play. "I can't concentrate. You're too handsome. This is crazy!" said Chang.

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Best and Worst TV of 2009: Joel's list

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 19th 2009 2:04PM
Breaking Bad
I don't think I did one of these lists last year, and I have no idea why. The election all by itself would have generated a pretty fun best/worst list. Maybe we were all suffering from information overload, and were just exhausted. Not sure.

But 2009 had a lot of interesting TV, too, just not all in one category. As I've done in the past, I'll dispense with the usual "best show" and "worst show" lists and just make up categories:


Best comeback from a shaky first season: Parks and Recreation. As I mentioned in my "return of the sitcom" story, Parks and Rec has made the biggest improvement from first season to second since... well, since The Office. It's no coincidence; Greg Daniels and Mike Schur's Office experience taught them that patience would be rewarded, both on the part of the writers and the viewers.

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Six things that annoy me about the baseball playoffs

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 21st 2009 6:02PM
Kate Hudson watching A-Rod at the Yankees-Angels ALCS Game 3No, this is not going to be another post about the shoddy umpiring or spittle analysis or any of the other on-field matters that have been going on in baseball since the playoffs began. No, we're on a TV blog, so I'm going to just talk about the things that have annoyed me about FOX's and TBS's coverage of the ALCS and the NLCS. In no particular order:

1. The Fidelity-sponsored Fox Trak. The pitching tracker, which shows if a pitch actually hit the strike zone or not, has been around for years. But, the flight of the ball has been to this point represented by a red streak and a dot. Now that Fidelity Investments is sponsoring the tracker, the red streak/dot combo has been replaced by a green streak/green arrow combo that mimics Fidelity's "stay on the line" series of ads. What financial guidance has to do with balls and strikes, I'll never know.

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Madonna has never had New York pizza?

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 1st 2009 5:30PM
Didn't Madonna make her mark in New York City years ago? Then how did she not ever have a slice of New York City pizza? Last night she told Dave about that, so he ordered one for her (she doesn't like cheese - that figures). They also touched on A-Rod, her previous appearances, and why she'd rather be hit by a train than get married again.

She's still an idiot, but she really looks great. Here are highlights from the interview.

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Point/Counterpoint: Letterman's reach for relevance should lay off the kids

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Jun 16th 2009 3:33PM
David Letterman's latest controversey leaves him miles from his Late Night era.The shame (one of many) about David Letterman's tired, ham-fisted grasp at humor this past week regarding the daughters of Sarah Palin is that it's become such a political hot potato. It's gotten to the point where, despite the fact that Dave apologized and Palin accepted, Palin's supporters still want to see the late-night host fired.

Danny Gallagher says a joke is a joke, but it's taken on more significance than that -- for better or worse.

Liberals point and say, "See! Conservatives can't take a joke. They're too bitter and uptight after losing the presidential election." Meanwhile, conservatives shout back that liberals are "out of touch with decency and only get offended when liberal women are attacked."

What both sides miss is that Letterman's clunky "knocked up" gag is a problem because it attacks a kid (be she 14 or 18, if you want to split hairs). While Sarah Palin is fair game and any comic or pundit can verbally knock around her "slutty flight attendant look" without fear of reprisal, it's an unwritten law that you don't go after the kids when doing political material.

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Point/Counterpoint: Letterman's joke about the Palins was just that

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jun 16th 2009 2:01PM
Sarah Palin and David Letterman A lot of dissecting and exploratory surgery has been done on the jokes that David Letterman made about the Palin family. Even after Dave apologized and Palin accepted, people still want to perform a comedy autopsy to figure out what Dave's intent was and why Palin was so vocal in her reaction to it.

The problem is it's an unnecessary surgery and it fails to attack the root of the problem while the real cancer spreads like a California wildfire. E.B. White once said about such procedures that, "Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it." The only reason this frog hasn't died is because someone wants to keep it alive and no one has dared to touch the heart.

This is the side I will debate in the never-ending Letterman vs. Palin "Joke-gate" controversy while our very own John Scott Lewinski will offer a rebuttal later in the day that a public figure's children should always be off-limits.

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Update: Letterman responds

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 11th 2009 9:31AM
Yesterday we had a..."discussion" about a joke that David Letterman made earlier this week about Sarah Palin's daughter and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Last night, Letterman addressed the controversy that arose from the joke, and the video is below. As I suspected, he was not talking about the youngest Palin daughter, and he explains the joke and apologizes for it.

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