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October 6, 2015

alien apocalypse

What I'm watching this summer: Brett's list

by Brett Love, posted Jun 15th 2007 8:00AM
Bruce Campbell

As I started putting this list together it occurred to me, "Holy crap, there is a lot of good TV this summer." The summer used to be the time when my VCRs cooled their worn out heads after nine months of hard work. And now I find myself needing the Tivo and the DVR to keep up with everything. That's progress!

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Details on Sci Fi's 'Dangerous Night'

by Brett Love, posted Jan 16th 2007 1:01PM
Adrian PaulKevin mentioned Sci Fi's new plan for Saturday the other day. It's a series of movies that they are calling "Sci Fi Saturday: The Most Dangerous Night of Television." It's a tricky bit of business, the Sci Fi originals. I'm a fan of the cheesy movies like Mansquito, or Alien Apocalypse, but I know from the comments here that many of Sci Fi's viewers are not impressed by their movie slate. Some details about the movies are coming out now. So either get ready to plan your viewing, or use this to fuel your rage about how they are ruining the network.

First up is The Lost Colony. Adrian Paul (Highlander) stars in a story about the mystery of the lost colony of Roanoke. King Arthur & The Order of the Dragon follows a quest for the Holy Grail. Both of those will premiere in 2007. In addition, three others have been given the go ahead for production. Riddle of the Sphinx finds an astronomer and a cryptographer who mistakenly awaken a deadly Sphinx. Sherlock Holmes & the Banshee is a new adventure for the classic detective. Finally, Odysseus & the Isle of Mists chronicles the battle between Odysseus & Persephone as his men face her vampire beasts. I guess ampersands are big this year. Depending on your perspective, and taste, it should either be a fun year on Sci Fi, or totally suck.

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