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October 6, 2015


Order Amazon Unbox movies from your TiVo

by Brad Linder, posted Jul 10th 2007 8:00AM
TiVo and Amazon UnboxTiVo and Amazon have tightened the integration of Amazon's online movie download service with TiVo set top boxes.

In March, the two companies launched a partnership that lets you buy and download movies and television from Amazon Unbox to your computer, and then watch those videos on your home network-connected TiVo.

Now, the companies are eliminating the two step process, allowing you to order and download movies directly from your Series2 or Series3 TiVo. All you need to play is a broadband connection and an Amazon Unbox account. You'll have to enter a 5-digit code on your remote control to order movies, which should keep the kids or house guests from filling up your TiVo.

The update makes TiVo a serious competitor for the AppleTV and other devices that bring internet video to your television set.

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TiVo offers $200 rebate on Series3 recorders for Father's Day

by Brad Linder, posted May 23rd 2007 5:35PM
TiVo Series3If you're the type to take pity on your dad for his efforts to record HD World War II specials on The History Channel using his old school VCR, you might be thinking of picking him up a Series3 TiVo for father's day. TiVo wants to help, and is offering up a $200 rebate good from May 27th through June 16th.

The offer's not available at TiVo.com yet, but you can find all the info, as well as the rebate form (pdf) at DVRupgrade.

Since this is a rebate, not a discount, you should be able to apply it to any Series3 TiVo you pick up from a TiVo reseller. For example, if you pick up a $600 unit from Amazon, you would be able to get a Series3 for about $400. That's assuming Amazon doesn't raise its price this week.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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Pick up a TiVo Series3 for $490?

by Brad Linder, posted Apr 11th 2007 11:59AM
Amazon Series3 rebate
Amazon is advertising the TiVo Series3 for $490 after rebate. There's just one problem.

While Amazon has dropped the base price of the high definition TiVo from $800 to $660, you need a $170 rebate to take you the rest of the way. And when you click on the rebate, you get a notice saying that it is not valid for Serie3 units.

I'm going to chalk this one up to someone at Amazon misreading the rebate for now, rather than maliciously trying to lure customers into buying a TiVo with unrealistic promises of a low price. But I could be wrong.

Update: It looks like Amazon has discovered the mistake and removed the rebate. Still, $660 isn't a bad price for the Series3.

[via Gizmodo]

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Browse Amazon Unbox videos using your TiVo

by Brad Linder, posted Mar 29th 2007 2:43PM
Unbox HME
So one of the odd things about the TiVo/Amazon Unbox partnership is that you have to rent or purchase your videos using a computer. Then you can access them on your TiVo. Why can't you just browse for movies from the comfort of your couch?

Well, thanks to Doug Swallow, now you can. He's developed a TiVo HME application that allows you to browse Amazon Unbox and even order movies all from within the TiVo interface. Unbox on Demand will work with any Series2 or Series3 TiVo with a broadband connection.

There's more information available on the TiVo Community Forum.

[via TiVo Lovers]

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BitTorrent video store to launch Monday

by Brad Linder, posted Feb 25th 2007 3:26PM
BitTorrentBitTorrent is shrugging off its reputation as a program that helps pirates find illegal copies of software, music, and video files and launching its new BitTorrent Entertainment Network tomorrow. The new store has support from content producers including Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, MTV, Paramount, MGM, and Lions Gate.

The store will feature about 3,000 movies at launch, and several thousand television episodes. There'll also be about 1,000 video games, and 1,000 music videos.

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Amazon Unbox coming to TiVo

by Chris Tew, posted Feb 7th 2007 12:19PM
Amazon and TiVo Video Downloads

Last September we heard that TiVo was in talks with Amazon to bring the Amazon Unbox video download service to TiVo, but then everything went quiet and all was almost forgotten...

In the meantime:
  • People could download movies from online stores and watch them on Media Center PCs.
  • The Apple TV got ready to bring iTunes video to the TV set.
  • The Xbox 360 brought video downloads into millions of homes through the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • And the CES 2007 was flooded with media extenders to bring video into the living room.

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Holiday loot spending guide: DVDs

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 1st 2007 2:44PM
the office dvdI don't know about you, but I am very picky about which television series I own on DVD. I don't often want to sit down and watch old episodes of shows unless they truly are spectacular and worthy of multiple watchings. For me, that means Firefly and Arrested Development are must-owns. But, I've also included some others on this list that have some great extras for the fans who would like a little bit more:

The Office Season two of The Office on DVD is quite good. While the season was spectacular, it's the extras that make the purchase necessary. It includes deleted scenes (some of which are hilarious and some are pretty obvious why they were deleted) and a gag reel, which is always essential for a quality DVD-watching experience. Plus, it includes all the extras that the cast did, such as their fake PSAs and NBC.com webisodes. And, there's swag: a Dunder-Mifflin folder, pad of paper, pen and post-its.There are also different versions depending on whether you buy it from Best Buy, Target, or Amazon. Cost: $25.

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Classic TV on DVD, cheap!

by Brett Love, posted Jan 1st 2007 11:01AM
Dennis Hopper on Petticoat JunctionI can't be the only one that sometimes suffers an attack of sticker shock when shopping for TV on DVD. Farscape and The Sopranos, well... anything by HBO for that matter, come to mind. So I was thrilled to find, while walking through my local Half Price Books, the TV Time Comedy Collection.

This 12 disk set contains The Andy Griffith Show (16 eps), Hal Roach's Rascals (9 eps), Dick Van Dyke (6 eps), Petticoat Junction (4 eps), The Lucy Show (19 eps), The Beverly Hillbillies (20 eps), Ozzie and Harriet (18 eps), Burns and Allen (10 eps), and the Rescue From Gilligan's Island movie. All for the low low price of $9.98, new in box. It's a fun collection. While I wouldn't be in the market for season sets of any of these shows, with the possible exception of Dick Van Dyke, it's nice to have them around when the networks go all repeat on us. And finding a twenty-something Dennis Hopper guest starring as a beatnik poet on an obscure Petticoat Junction episode makes it funny in a whole new way.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to track down this exact set anywhere online. Amazon does have a similar set from the same company with a slightly different mix of episodes, and minus the Gilligan movie, new for $23.99, and used for $10.97. Still not a bad deal.

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Venture Bros. season two release date

by Brett Love, posted Dec 1st 2006 10:10AM
the venture brosJackson Publick has announced on his livejournal that season two of The Venture Bros. is scheduled to be released on April 17th. He and Doc Hammer are currently finishing up the supplemental material for the set which includes commentaries for every episode. If you've seen the season one set, and listened to the commentaries there, they are sometimes rambling, and often off-topic, but always entertaining.

This go round James Urbaniak and Mike Sinterniklaas are also featured on some of the commentaries. In addition to that, you can look for more live action Venture Bros. and some 30 deleted scenes. Jackson also links to the season one set on Amazon which is now going for a ridiculously low price of $8.99. Just in time for Christmas.

[ thanks Lacey ]

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Showtime offering shows through Amazon's Unbox

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 18th 2006 7:21PM
showtimeIf you're looking for another way to watch your favorite Showtime programming, and you can get past the idea of a Windows-only service that hasn't exactly been met with open arms, you can now purchase episodes of The L Word, Weeds and Sleeper Cell through Amazon's new Unbox download service. Also, as a special promotion, you can download the pilot episode of Dexter for a penny until October 25. Other shows will cost $1.99 per episode. Episodes of Penn and Teller: Bullshit!, Fat Actress and Free for All are also available, as well as championship boxing and the Dave Chappelle special For What It's Worth. Also note I'm adding this to my growing list of TV shows both free and otherwise you can find online, a post that's worth checking out once in awhile.

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Ask TV Squad: Are cooking shows on DVD?

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 26th 2006 12:19PM
emeril lagasseTV Squad reader, Steve, likes to cook with celebrity chefs. He says watching a recipe on television is "easier to understand than just reading in a cookbook." And, if you ask me, he probably likes the friendly company of Emeril, Rachael Ray and Paula Deen. But, recording cooking shows on VHS is a pain. To find his favorite pizza recipe, Steve would have to search through the tape. He asks TV Squad: Are there any DVDs/CDROMs of celebrity cooking shows?

Yes and no, Steve. There are, but I found surprisingly few.

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A sneak peek at Amazon's new download service?

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 19th 2006 8:06PM

Recently a blogger stumbled upon some hidden pages on Amazon's site that may have offered a look into what the company will be offering as far as its upcoming digital download service, which Anna first hepped us to in July. The pages are no longer available, and since no official announcement has been made by the company we can't take any of this as absolute, but what the page seemed to suggest is that the new service will be called "Amazon Unbox," downloads of TV shows will cost $1.99, and content will be viewable on an in-browser player that will only work with Windows computers (to start with). Like I said, none of this is set in stone and could only be half true or completely false, but I'm definitely curious to see how Amazon approaches this, and if they'll do it in a way that doesn't shut out any customers.

Update: After I scheduled this post, some more information on the service became available. It sounds as if consumers will be able to rent or buy videos through the service. You may also be able to burn purchased copies to a blank DVD, but they won't play on traditional players.

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Amazon to offer TV, movie downloads

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 25th 2006 4:02PM
amazon logoAmazon.com is getting in on the internet video craze. According to AdAge, next month it's launching Amazon Digital Video, a service that will make full-length movies and television shows available for download. There are reportedly two ways to pay for the service: 1) a subscription and 2) pay-per-view. No word yet on what the cost per episode or per movie will be. Apparently, Amazon was planning to focus on selling downloadable music but decided that iTunes has cornered that market. Video, on the other hand, is still fresh and new. While iTunes does offer a significant amount of video, it does not offer movies and the television offerings are somewhat limited (although more are becoming available every day). No word yet on which television shows will be available for download off Amazon.

[Via Lost Remote]

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CBS News offering archive footage

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 17th 2006 2:02PM
cbs logoBut it won't be free. CBS News has inked a deal with CustomFlix and Amazon.com that will allow Web surfers to compile either ten segments or 90 minutes of video onto a DVD for $24.95. These segments have been available to researchers in the past, but this is the first time they've been made public. However, don't expect free access to everything CBS News has ever covered. In fact, right now you can only order footage from as far back as 2000, and some footage will never be made available due to copyright restrictions. Footage going as far back as the 1950s will be made available in the future. Users can pick video from CBS Evening News, 60 Minutes, CBS News Sunday Morning, and various documentaries.

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Lost summer reading hits stores

by Anna Johns, posted May 6th 2006 11:14AM
bad twin; lostSawyer was reading the manuscript last week on Lost, and now it is out on bookshelves. Bad Twin is being billed as a book written by a man named Gary Troup, who hasn't been heard from since Oceanic flight 815 disappeared after leaving Sydney, Australia in September 2004 (yes, the book description on Amazon does give a date for that fateful flight). 'Gary Troup' is an anagram for 'Purgatory'. By the way, there are already mostly positive customer reviews.

The description on Amazon says the book is about a private investigator named Paul Artisan who investigates the disappearance of one of a set of twins (the "bad twin"). It says, "Troup's long-awaited Bad Twin is a suspenseful novel that touches on many powerful themes, including the consequence of vengeance, the power of redemption, and where to turn when all seems lost."

Will you read the book this summer? By the way, if you don't feel like reading, the audio version is available on iTunes.

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