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October 9, 2015

americas next top model 16

It Takes Brains to Win 'America's Next Top Model,' So the Girls Eat Some (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 5th 2011 12:39AM
Top Four, 'America's Next Top Model'The final four contestants on 'America's Next Top Model' (Wed., 9PM ET on The CW) continued their stay in Morocco this week. While walking the streets and enjoying the experience of being abroad, they decided to take a moment to celebrate their achievement in the game.

The stopped at a nearby restaurant and were both horrified and delighted to see goat heads, eyeballs and brains on display. If you're in another culture, why not step outside of your comfort zone and truly experience that environment.

That's what the girls decided to do, as they each ordered up a plate of brains. Then in unison and with a shout of "Top Four!" they sampled their purchases and then we got to watch their faces as they processed what was going on in their mouths.

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'America's Next Top Model' Season 16, Episode 6 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Mar 31st 2011 4:30AM
'America's Next Top Model' S16/E06['America's Next Top Model' - 'Sonia Dara']

This week on 'America's Next Top Model' it was the blondes vs. the brunettes as the final eight girls were pitted against each other in what can only be described as a very dirty situation. There have been a lot of group photos this season -- in fact, I'm pretty sure the majority of the shoots have been with two or more girls -- and I have to wonder why.

Still, this shoot was one of my favorites. I think the girls looked amazing covered in mud. The judges agreed that the brunettes were much more high fashion than the blondes, who were clearly more commercial. Brittani killed it this week. I believe Nigel called her, "electric," and she won best photo.

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'America's Next Top Model' Season 16, Episode 5 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Mar 24th 2011 5:45AM
'America's Next Top Model' S16/E05['America's Next Top Model' - 'Rachel Zoe']

This week on 'America's Next Top Model' the girls shot a Cover Girl "Get the Look" online video and were split up into three teams of three. Most of the teams got along, but when you put Alexandria on any of those teams, there's bound to be some diva moments.

Case in point: Molly and Monique were put on a team with her and had to produce a daytime/casual look for the shoot. The girls were already heated with Alexandria from last week, and despite the fact that Molly and Monique were Alexandria's "roommates," they clearly hated her guts.

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Dalya Stands in Her Own Way on 'America's Next Top Model' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 23rd 2011 11:35PM
Dalya Stands in Her Own Way on 'America's Next Top Model'A consistent theme on 'America's Next Top Model' (Wed., 8PM ET on The CW) is that the real world of modeling is much, much tougher than what is presented on the reality series.

Of course, this isn't really true. 'ANTM' regularly covers models with angry insects, or ties them to the wings of airplanes -- none of which happens very often in the regular world of modeling.

Still, all of this gives Tyra Banks an excuse to drive young women to tears, which is what happened again tonight.

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Alexandria Decides to Co-Direct the Shoot on 'America's Next Top Model' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 17th 2011 12:49AM
Alexandria, 'America's Next Top Model'There's more to being a model than just looking pretty. But there's less to it than Alexandria seemed to think at the shoot this week on 'America's Next Top Model' (Wed., 8PM ET on The CW). She had a lot of big ideas about what works and what doesn't, but she didn't seem to realize that she wasn't hired as the director of the shoot.

They already had one of those.

After she terrorized the crew for a while, as well as fellow model Brittani -- all with the best of intentions -- the director pulled her aside to set her straight. "If you do that on a real commercial," he told her. "They're going to tell you to go home."

Of course, if you're Tyra Banks or another supermodel, then I'm sure it's perfectly okay to offer your input on your photo and video shoots. Just maybe wait until you reach that status.

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'America's Next Top Model' Season 16, Episode 3 Recap

by Alaina O'Connor, posted Mar 10th 2011 4:40AM
'ANTM' S16/E03['America's Next Top Model' - 'Lori Goldstein']

This week on 'America's Next Top Model' the girls faced what every model who enters this competition fears the most ... makeovers! Yes, makeovers, the one "gift" that Tyra gives the girls every season to make them look more modelesque. In seasons past we've seen crying, freak outs and meltdowns, the likes of which have become part of 'ANTM' folklore. For instance, who could forget Bianca's reaction to her shaved head in Season 9? Or Jaeda's complete meltdown in Season 7?

This season, however, most of the girls seemed to take their makeovers in stride, like Brittani, for example, who really really wanted blonde hair, but had her hair cut short with bangs and dyed black. She had the right attitude about the whole thing and it paid off for her later during the couture shoot. Okay, Jay called her out for "forcing it", but the judges loved her "high fashion" look, which worked for her later during judges' panel.

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