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October 9, 2015

americas test kitchen

'Test Kitchen' Chef Chris Kimball Introduces Bacon Paste (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 9th 2011 2:00PM
Matt Lauer and Chris Kimball make bacon paste on 'Today'Warning: We are about to alert you to a new food choice that could take down the entire bacon-worshiping Internet. This new creation comes to you courtesy of 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC) and Chris Kimball of 'America's Test Kitchen,' and it is called "bacon paste." Yes, bacon paste was just one ingredient in Kimball's chicken kebab recipe, but we can see it taking off in a way that will make chocolate chip cookie dough look like small potatoes.

"Now this is hot," said Kimball. "This is trending." Kimball and Matt Lauer made the paste for the chicken kebabs, to be mixed with some spices and used to marinate the chicken, using two pieces of bacon in a blender. "This is not that much fat," said Kimball. "For some people, it's just a little hors 'devour. And we run that for about forty-five seconds. What we end up with is..." bacon paste!

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If You Like (Show X), You Should Try Watching (Show Y)

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 21st 2010 2:00PM
America's Test KitchenThere are so many channels and so many shows now that a regular television guide can be more confusing than helpful. Sometimes you just want to watch shows that are similar to ones you already watch.

Here are six TV shows and related recommendations you may enjoy. Now, doing something like this isn't automatic -- for example, just because you like a sitcom like 'According To Jim' doesn't mean you're going to like a comedy like '30 Rock' -- but these shows have a lot more in common than genre.

If you like the first show, you'll probably like the second.

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My favorite food shows aren't on The Food Network

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 14th 2009 12:01PM
ChoppedSo last night was the premiere of Chopped, The Food Network's latest entry in the cook-for-money food competition genre. Is it bad? No, but there's nothing special about it either (rather dull actually, and over-edited). You have your three judges, you have your host (Ted Allen), you have your contestants making meals quickly. It's a lot like Challenge meets Iron Chef America, only a player is eliminated after each round, with the winner winning $10,000 for making the best meals out of secret ingredients that are revealed. A lot of the ingredients are pretty basic, and it's fairly obvious what the contestants can make out of them. I'd like to see a show where the host unveils ingredients like smoked salmon, chocolate, 4 limes, and a tin box of Sucrets. There, make something out of that.

While watching the show I asked myself, what shows on the Food Network are my favorite food and cooking shows? And I decided: none of them, really. While I enjoy several shows on FN, my favorite cooking shows are on PBS.

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Five shows I've been watching (and you should check out too) - VIDEOS

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 19th 2008 2:05PM
Whatever, MarthaI think that in the most grossly general way, TV shows can be separated into three groups: the shows that get a ton of viewers and everyone knows about (American Idol, Two and a Half Men, Lost, etc), shows that don't get quite as many viewers but are well-known anyway (30 Rock, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The Shield), and a third category of shows that are more niche. They're probably on cable or public television and may even be on at odd times. They have their fan base, but a lot of people probably don't even know they exist.

That's what this list is, the five shows that I've been enjoying lately, away from the more mainstream shows that I watch every week (The Mentalist, 30 Rock, Lost, Mad Men, Burn Notice, Chuck, Heroes, The Simpsons, 60 Minutes). They're quirky, interesting, and they're probably shows you should check out too.

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