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October 10, 2015

amy ryan

On the 8th day of Festivus, TV gave to me ...

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 16th 2008 10:30AM
Fey, Hamm...Eight stars a-shinin'.

Every year, certain stars just stand out on television. There the ones that people talk about a lot, the ones that have the most impact, or the ones that make you say "that guy is going to be a star." These are the eight TV stars that shined bright in 2008 (and probably will in 2009 too).

1. Tina Fey. Is there anyone else who controlled pop culture the way she did this year? It's one thing to have the best comedy on TV and win Emmy awards for it, but in the same year you happen to look like the Republican VP candidate and go on to impersonate her and increase Saturday Night Live's ratings too? Not bad. And let's not forget all the magazine covers and a $5M book deal.

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The Office: Employee Transfer

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 30th 2008 11:48PM
Amy Ryan(S05E05) [Jay couldn't be here tonight, as he's off being Jay Black somewhere.] Tonight's theme seemed to be about relationship crossroads. We had three storylines interweaving, and all of them centered on the three major hook-ups on the show. Dwight decided that the only way to come to terms with how he felt about Andy and Angela's impending nuptials was to goad Andy into a pointless feud. Michael and Holly had to deal with the fallout of David Wallace discovering that they'd become romantically involved (the hint is in the episode title), and Pam had to have quite possibly the most awkward lunch in history with Jim's brothers.

As always, The Office manages to weave slapstick humor brilliantly with moments of raw emotion and pathos. Particularly, again, with a wonderful performance by Steve Carell. With most of the action centering on the major storylines, we didn't get much work out of the supporting cast, so it was at least good to see them having some costume fun in the cold open. Don't forget the rest of the cast, writers, we love them all!

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The Office: Crime Aid

by Jay Black, posted Oct 23rd 2008 11:37PM
I can see what Holly sees, I guess...(S05E04) (Warning: Spoilers ahead!) Was it just me, or did tonight's Office feel like a sweeps episode? Look how much was crammed into it: Holly and Michael's first (and, er, second) trip to Funkytown, the return of Roy, a possible declaration of victory in the Dwight-Andy war for Angela's affections, an ominous David Wallace realization, and (hope of hopes) Jim's assertion that he's "not that guy."

All that and it's only October. Tonight's episode was (just about) worth missing the first half of the Phillies' game for, and that's saying something...

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Seven new characters that worked

by Kelly Woo, posted Sep 30th 2008 2:01PM
Amy RyanThe genius that was Amy Ryan's Holly beatboxing on The Office last week got me thinking about other cast additions that have made shows better.

The first that came to mind was actually another Amy Ryan role -- Beadie on season two of The Wire. It took awhile for me to get into the whole dockworkers storyline, but it was Beadie that helped me through.

If a show plans to stay on air for awhile, it needs fresh blood -- but the process of introducing new characters isn't easy (witness how reviled Maya was on Heroes). The best new additions combine great actors with well-written characters.

Here are seven other (fairly recent) new characters that succeeded.

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Amy Ryan keeps her Office job

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 30th 2008 11:39AM
Amy RyanIn last season's finale of The Office, sparks flew between Michael Scott and Toby's HR replacement Holly. Amy Ryan, seen for four seasons on The Wire, brought a new dynamic to the show as Holly with her interactions with Steve Carell's Michael. "Amy gave the character of Holly an openness and matured innocence that exposed a new side of Michael," said Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby and was recently promoted to executive producer on the show. "She placed her character right on his level."

All I can say is bring on more Holly and congratulations to Toby! I guess since Lieberstein will still be so involved with the show, there's always a chance of more Toby in the future, but the beautiful Ryan will add a new dynamic to the series. While Amy Ryan's currently only set for five or so episodes, I hope they can expand that if it works. Now that Pam is back off the market and Karen's gone, Holly represents a new amorous target for the boys of the office. And having her be the HR rep at the same time makes it all the more taboo to pursue. Which means Michael will be all over it like Dwight on Second Life.

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