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August 29, 2015


Tempers Flare as Ramona Attacks LuAnn's Parenting on 'Real Housewives NYC' Reunion (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 26th 2011 1:24AM
'The Real Housewives of New York City' reunionRamona made things personal, and seemed absolutely delighted by the visceral response she was getting, on 'The Real Housewives of New York City' (Thu., 10PM ET on Bravo) reunion special.

The angrier LuAnn and Jill got, the more she smiled and shifted around in her seat.

It was Andy Cohen's fault for bringing it up, but Ramona's criticism of LuAnn's parenting skills was one of the more stand-out moments in the season. This question led to a lot of yelling back and forth, as Jill jumped to LuAnn's defense, and a lot of unanswered questions.

"Why has your daughter transferred [schools] four times in four years?" Ramona asked. The response: "What does that have to do with our relationship?"

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Andy Cohen Talks to Kathie Lee and Hoda About the Latest 'Glee' Casting News from Comic-Con (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 25th 2011 4:00PM
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford talk to Andy Cohen about 'Glee' casting news on 'Today'We've been hearing lately that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer will be graduating from the cast of 'Glee' after the third season. But according to 'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen, that doesn't mean their characters won't show up at William McKinley High School again after graduation. Monday on Today's Buzz segment on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM on NBC), Cohen gave Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb an update on the impending 'Glee' cast shakeup.

"The word from Comic-Con is that Lea Michele and the guy who plays Finn and Chris Colfer are actually, they are going to be seniors and they will graduate, but they will stay on the show in some capacity," said Cohen. "So we don't know how yet. That's the next thing."

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Joe Gorga Is Not Ashamed of His Cross-Dressing Habit (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 18th 2011 3:45PM
Joe Gorga of 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' in drag on 'Watch What Happens Live'Most of the time on 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' Joe Gorga is a muscled, macho guy. But every now and then, he likes to embrace his feminine side. And as Andy Cohen showed Sunday on 'Watch What Happens Live' (Sun., 11PM on Bravo), when Gorga is feeling feminine, he likes to show it off.

"We know he loves his wife," said Cohen, "but another thing Joe Gorga seems to be into, at least a little, occasionally, is puttin' on a lady dress." What followed was a montage of clips featuring Gorga in women's outfits. In one clip, Gorga preened in front of a mirror in a gold dress and spanks, trying to get his wig right. He told his wife, Melissa, "I look better than you, as a woman." Melissa couldn't bare to look at him, so maybe she thought he was right.

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Susie Essman and Jeff Lewis Play 'Guess the Hairy Armpit' on 'Watch What Happens Live' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 15th 2011 6:20PM
Susie Essman and Jeff Lewis look at Julia Roberts' armpit on 'Watch What Happens Live'When it comes to gross, time-wasting late-night TV games, 'Watch What Happens Live' (Thursdays and Sundays, 11PM on Bravo) is the clear-cut intergalactic champion. On Thursday's edition, host Andy Cohen and his guests Susie Essman and Jeff Lewis celebrated 'Pit-stille Day' by looking at pictures of a woman's hairy armpit and guessing to whom it belonged.

For the first armpit, Cohen gave them the choice of Beyonce, Rihanna, or NeNe Leakes. "You know, I don't want to say what that looks like," said Essman. Cohen was thinking the same thing. Essman and Lewis both guessed wrong, as it turned out to be Beyonce. For a particularly unattractive patch, they were given the choices of Julia Roberts, Amy Winehouse, or Courtney Love. Surprisingly, it was Roberts.

Essman wound up the champion, and received a $1,000 gift certificate for hair removal as a prize. Lewis was happy he didn't win. "I would never have used that," he said. Cohen said he had heard otherwise. Oh, the dalliances of the Hollywood hirsute.

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Who's Replacing Regis Philbin? Ryan Seacrest, Andy Cohen, Mark Consuelos on Short List

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 20th 2011 6:10AM
Regis PhilbinEver since Regis Philbin announced his impeding retirement live on-air back in January, speculation's been rife as to who will replace him on 'Live! With Regis and Kelly.'

Now one report says that the morning show's distributors, Disney-ABC Domestic Television, have narrowed the field to just three candidates.

According to 'The Wall Street Journal,' those candidates are: TV hosts Ryan Seacrest ('American Idol') and Andy Cohen ('Watch What Happens Live'), and co-host Kelly Ripa's husband, actor and TV host Mark Consuelos ('All My Children').

In contrast to the 79-year old Philbin, they're all relatively young, with Cohen the oldest at age 43. All three are veterans of hosting live TV, and both Cohen and Consuelos have filled in for Philbin recently.

The 'WSJ' reports that producers plan to reboot 'Live!' once Philbin steps down in November. So who's got the edge?

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A Winner Is Crowned at 'The 2011 Miss USA Pageant' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 20th 2011 2:03AM
'2011 Miss USA Pageant''E! News' co-anchor Giuliana Rancic was beside herself with excitement about the fact that the top two contenders for 'The 2011 Miss USA Pageant' (Sun., 9PM ET on NBC) turned out to be best friends. She was co-hosting the event with Andy Cohen of 'Watch What Happens: Live' and kept repeating "they're best friends," until Cohen picked up the call.

Before announcing the eventual winner, Cohen then said the phrase no less than four more times. "I just want to point out that if for any reason the new Miss USA cannot fulfill her duties," he explained with laughter, "Her best friend, the first runner up, is going to take over, okay?"

It made for a bittersweet finale to a night of beauty and talent. Each of the women would be thrilled for the other, but of course each wants that special moment on the stage with the crown and the tears and the sash and the walk. So who took it home?

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Andy Cohen's Guests Think 'The Real Housewives' Should Air on Cinemax (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 17th 2011 8:15AM
Mary McDonaldLast night 'Watch What Happens: Live' (Thu., 11PM ET on BRAVO) host Andy Cohen and his guests dished on the latest escapades of 'The Real Housewives of New York.'

Now, negligees, rose petals, nudity, massages and copious amounts of foam have all become staples of the reality TV romance-setting playbook. Last night 'Housewife' Ramona pulled out all the stops to set the mood for her possibly philandering husband Mario.

Talking about the couple's "sexy time" Cohen asked Mary McDonald ('Million Dollar Decorators') if she thought Mario was hot. Echoing, no doubt, many viewers' sentiments, McDonald said, "I was grossed out. ... I don't really need to see this."

Fellow guest Rocco DiSpirito concurred that 'Housewives' belonged on Cinemax, not Bravo, adding that, "It [was] like the soft-porn channel all of a sudden."

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Andy Cohen Promises to Bring 'Housewives' Style to Hosting Miss Teen USA (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 16th 2011 1:50PM

Andy Coehn on 'Access Hollywood Live'Andy Cohen is accustomed to dealing with plenty of preening from his experience co-producing the 'Real Housewives' series on Bravo. Thursday on 'Access Hollywood Live' (weekdays, syndicated on NBC), Cohen, who also hosts Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live,' talked about how he will bring his style to hosting the 60th Miss Teen USA pageant, which airs live from Las Vegas on June 19.

"Questioning housewives about very personal matters is something that I really enjoy doing," said Cohen. "I think people expect that of me, and so I hope to push some pageant buttons for the 60th anniversary and see what I can get out of these ladies."

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Andy Cohen on Jersey Housewives, 'Top Chef,' and Being the Face of Bravo

by Joel Keller, posted Mar 18th 2010 2:02PM
Andy Cohen of BravoWhen NBC Universal had their all-star party at the January press tour, I got a chance to talk to Andy Cohen of Bravo. Who's Andy Cohen? Many of you who follow Bravo's reality shows may know him as "the reunion guy," who hosts all the reunion shows at the end of each season. Others may know him from the talk show 'Watch What Happens Live,' which debuted last summer and discusses the week in the world of Bravo and beyond.

But Cohen has a day job: as the network's senior vice president of original programming and development, he's largely been responsible for bringing shows like 'Top Chef,' 'Project Runway,' 'Flipping Out,' 'The Real Housewives' series and others to the network. So he's the perfect guy to talk to about the mishegas going on with the Jersey Housewives as they shoot their second season, fluky edits on the finale of 'Top Chef,' and whatever he could say about the Salahis, who crashed a White House dinner while being recruited for 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' Our talk is after the jump.

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The best thing you'll see all day: Real Housewife Kim Zolciak performing Tardy for the Party

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 5th 2009 7:00PM
I don't actually watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but as I have a pulse and an internet connection, I am all to aware of housewife Kim Zolciak and her uh, club jam, "Tardy for the Party." For those of you who may not be totally up on the whole Atlanta saga, Kim is the one who's dating a married man named Big Papa and wears a wig, which she said was due to a battle with cancer-- until she admitted that she had never actually had cancer; she just thought she might one time until she actually went to the doctor.

So anyway, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, hosted by Bravo exec Andy Cohen, is airing on Thursday, and part of the festivities involve Kim singing her "hit." You guys, there are two important items to note about this performance: 1) she has dancers and 2) she is not lip-synching.

Have you ever had a drunken friend or relative get up and sing a really inappropriate karaoke song, and you just smiled uncomfortably and prayed for it to be over quickly? This is like that-- except it is most definitely not over quickly.

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TV News Daily: Jessica Simpson Lands VH1 Reality Show

by Andrew Scott, posted Jun 23rd 2009 12:00PM
Jessica Simpson and Sandra Bullock

Jessica Simpson lands a new reality show gig on VH1, Ed McMahon passes away at 86, FX picks up the TV rights to 'The Proposal' and more TV news.

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Think the Real Housewives of Jersey is over? Fuggedaboudit!

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 18th 2009 11:29AM
Caroline Manzo during the Real Housewives of NJ finaleThe power of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is amazing to me. I normally can't stand the Real Housewives series. And, as a lifelong Jerseyan, the Sopranos-esque stereotypes of pampered Bergen County wives initially made me queasy. But dammit, the show hooked me and kept me watching the whole season; it even led me to write the hacky headline above. Why? Because this one had a plot.

The story of the creepily over-Botoxed Danielle Staub and how the rest of the Housewives found out about her sordid past was the thread that kept even Bravo-except-for-Top-Chef-averse people like myself tuning in. Oh, and the fact that they teased the "Last Supper" finale all season (showing matriarch Caroline saying "we're thick as thieves" about a thousand times) also kept me watching. And the finale didn't disappoint: people turning on each other, tables getting tipped over, exceedingly mature children horrified at their parents' behavior... it was great.

But if you thought it was over, think again. As the New York Post reports and Bravo has been promoting, the cable net will air four more episodes.

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