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October 6, 2015


Jane After Dark: 'Supernatural' - Season Four Ends, the Apocalypse Begins

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 17th 2010 11:05AM
Supernatural, Lucifer Rising
You know how I told you guys I'd probably finish season four of 'Supernatural' and then wait for season five to be released on DVD? Yeah, that's not gonna happen. After watching the season four finale, I immediately started buying episodes of season five from iTunes (I couldn't find a good place to see them online for free - if you know of any, pass the word along). At this writing, I'm just about to watch 'The End.'

The mythology has really kicked into high gear during seasons four and five, and if perchance demons destroyed all the ways I could watch season five, I'd have to break into Eric Kripke's office and steal the scripts so I could find out what happens next.

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Jane After Dark: 'Supernatural' - Doesn't Anyone Stay Dead on This Show?

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 27th 2010 4:25PM
Supernatural, In the Beginning
Seriously, doesn't anyone stay dead on 'Supernatural'? Not that I'm complaining. I was devastated at the end of season three when Dean was attacked by the hell hound and dragged off to hell, and pretty excited when he was yanked back to life. I kept waiting for some big reveal that his resurrection was all a dream or alternate universe or something, but after meeting the angel Castiel, I'm convinced that Dean is back for real.

It's interesting. I kept wondering why Dean had gone to hell rather than heaven, because he's a good person doing good things in the world, so why wouldn't he go to heaven? On the other hand, Dean didn't believe in heaven or God or angels up to this point, so maybe that would automatically send him to hell? Nah, I'm not buying that.

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Jane After Dark: 'Supernatural' - Dean's Deal With the Crossroads Demon

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 14th 2010 4:50PM
Supernatural, Jane After Dark
Hey, 'Supernatural' fans. Well, I'm into season three now, after a short break last week to recover from season two. I was sort of bummed out the way it ended and needed some time to get my wits together. I was majorly sad about Dean's deal with the Crossroads demon to save Sam. It was a tough spot, to be sure. He had to save his brother; on the other hand, how will Sam feel when Dean's gone in a year? Clearly, I've got too much invested in these characters.

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FOX shows drunk guy in Angels waterfall

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 23rd 2009 4:27PM
I thought it was a rule that TV stations covering sporting events (at least in baseball) didn't show drunks, streakers, and other morons who jump on the playing field in the middle of a game? Last night FOX happily showed a guy at the Yankees/Angels game who somehow got into the waterfall area of the outfield and went for a swim. Well, he laid down in the water.

I think we can assume the guy got at least one beer from the concession stand.

[via TMZ]

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Six things that annoy me about the baseball playoffs

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 21st 2009 6:02PM
Kate Hudson watching A-Rod at the Yankees-Angels ALCS Game 3No, this is not going to be another post about the shoddy umpiring or spittle analysis or any of the other on-field matters that have been going on in baseball since the playoffs began. No, we're on a TV blog, so I'm going to just talk about the things that have annoyed me about FOX's and TBS's coverage of the ALCS and the NLCS. In no particular order:

1. The Fidelity-sponsored Fox Trak. The pitching tracker, which shows if a pitch actually hit the strike zone or not, has been around for years. But, the flight of the ball has been to this point represented by a red streak and a dot. Now that Fidelity Investments is sponsoring the tracker, the red streak/dot combo has been replaced by a green streak/green arrow combo that mimics Fidelity's "stay on the line" series of ads. What financial guidance has to do with balls and strikes, I'll never know.

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Supernatural: Houses of the Holy

by Brett Love, posted Feb 2nd 2007 11:48AM
jensen ackles, jared padalecki - supernatural(S02E13) In my review for Medium this week I talked about how sometimes the preview for an episode presents something completely different than what you actually see in the episode. That was the case with "Houses of the Holy." Here it was a good thing though. I was iffy on the preview we saw for the show, but really liked how things played out.

The setup for the big question, angel or spirit, was well done. Gloria's TV operating under its own power, the walls shaking, and the bright light were all very creepy. Bonus points for not showing us the killing too. Having that part of her story revealed when Sam went to interview her in the mental institution was a nice touch because we got to see the effect of the 'angel' on her. Something that was reinforced when we saw how matter-of-factly Zach went about his mission.

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Comedy Central brings God and talking testicles to the Web

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 25th 2006 7:01PM

baxter and mcguireIf you haven't been checking in on Comedy Central's Motherload broadband site, you really should, because there's some great original programming on there in addition to the clips and previews of the network's television shows. I'm not so sure I can recommend the two new additions, one of which, "Good God," launched today. "Good God" imagines Heaven as an office where God and his angels figure out how to keep the universe running smoothly. If you like your comedy bland and unoriginal, then by all means, pop on over and check it out. All the modern TV cliches are there: the nervous office geek everyone makes fun of, the hot chick with personal problems, a boss (God) who says wildly inappropriate things, and one black guy (The Angel of Death) who talks about his dick and lusts after white women.

"Baxter and McGuire," and animated series created by comedian Nick Bakay and King of Queens creator Michael J. Weithorn, features Bakay and comedian Dana Gould as the voices of two testicles. That may sound stupid, and it is, and it may sound like a premise that will get old quickly, and it will, but between "Good God" and a pair of chatty testicles, the babbling balls are the better show.

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