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October 9, 2015

anthony lapaglia

Celebrate Australia Day With 11 Actors You Forgot Were Australian

by Jean Bentley, posted Jan 26th 2011 4:45PM
Portia De Rossi, Ryan Kwanten, Toni Collette

Today is Australia Day, which means millions of Aussies around the world are celebrating the discovery of their homeland in 1788. At TV Squad, we're celebrating by watching clips of 'Summer Heights High' and thinking about our favorite Australian TV actors.

Believe it or not, many of our biggest small screen stars aren't actually Americans -- they just play ones on TV. Take, for example, Portia De Rossi, hilarious actress and successful memoir author (not to mention wife of Ellen DeGeneres). Betcha forgot she comes from the land Down Under. Same with Ryan Kwanten, shirtless 'True Blood' star and all-around charming guy. Emmy- and Golden Globe–winning 'United States of Tara' star Toni Collette? Yep, a true-blue Sydneysider.

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It was time for Without A Trace to end

by Allison Waldman, posted May 22nd 2009 4:29PM
LaPaglia Without A TraceWhen the news about Without A Trace ending its run was made official at the CBS Upfront this past week, I wasn't shocked. Rumor had it that either Without A Trace or Cold Case would be dropped, and Cold Case might have tipped the scales in its favor with a strong showing with its two-part season finale. But as much as I liked Without A Trace, I'm not really sorry that it's calling it a day.

Seven years is a darn good run for a TV show. In fact, if it had been a British series, it might have ended after 30 episodes – unless you're talking Coronation Street which is a freak of TV.

But here's the thing about Without A Trace, it's been a solid show with a strong set of characters who've had a chance to shine as much as possible within the confines of a procedural. Anthony LaPaglia as Jack Malone was terrific. The high point in many an episode for me was when Jack lost it and got in someone's face. His personal life was generally a mess, so LaPaglia had lots of chances to show the troubled side of his character.

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Without A Trace: Undertow (series finale) - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted May 20th 2009 8:06AM
Without A Trace

If you haven't heard yet, last night's season finale of Without A Trace has ended up being the series finale. CBS decided to cancel the show. But did it feel like a series finale, or did it just feel like another episode because they didn't know it was ending when they filmed it? Would you have rather have seen this show renewed instead of Cold Case and Numb3rs?

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Cold Case and Without a Trace might be goners

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 11th 2009 2:28PM
Cold CaseCiting "multiple sources," Michael Ausiello is reporting that both Cold Case and Without a Trace might be canceled.

The reason? The usual: ratings and money. The sources say that the ratings that each show gets just don't warrant a renewal for another season. But another source says that they might try to convince the stars and staff to take a pay cut so they can do another year.

I can't say I would miss either of these shows. For a while there, Cold Case was a very effective drama, telling some rather interesting stories and using period music to get the emotion across. I never warmed to Without a Trace. It's not a bad show, it's just that I decided to watch it one night and the episode ended with them finding the body of the kid who was missing the whole episode. What a downer. So I didn't watch it again.

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The Excellence in Outsourcing Award: Call for considerations

by Allison Waldman, posted May 20th 2008 3:20PM
tv squad awardsOutsourcing: it's running rampant in America. You know, you call for technical support when your PC is out of whack or you have a problem with a credit card and instead of hearing an American voice on the other end, you're left to chat with Kim in Karachi or Biff in Bangalore.

Well, in TV, outsourcing is also taking place. Parts that were once strictly American roles -- requiring a real, colloquial U.S. voice -- are being played by foreigners. The thing is, many of these roles are being brilliantly played by actors donning American accents -- they're doing a great job.

Think about it; some of the best performances on TV feature foreigners with great American accents, like Hugh Laurie on House and Jonny Lee Miller on Eli Stone. Two of Her Majesty's loyal subjects, two wonderful American voices. The Brits are all over the dial.

But did you know that Anthony LaPlaglia (Without A Trace) and Rachel Griffiths (Brothers & Sisters) are Australian? It's true. And they're not alone. There are a lot of other actors who were not brought up speaking like typical Americans who sound like they were.

Therefore, you tell us: who are your choices for the best American accents on television right now? Give us your thoughts on who should be nominated for TV Squad's Excellence in Outsourcing Award.

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Without a Trace writes Poppy Montgomery's pregnancy into show

by Anna Johns, posted Aug 28th 2007 12:03PM
poppy montgomeryActress Poppy Montgomery's real-life pregnancy will be written into this next season of Without a Trace. Montgomery, 35, is expecting a son in December with her boyfriend Adam Kaufman. Montgomery told TV Guide that her character, FBI agent Sam Spade, will be pregnant on the show. Her character will be put in several life-and-death situations, which will be so much more dire than usual because she's carrying a child.

The biggest mystery, however, is who is Sam's baby daddy? I'm a little behind on my Without a Trace, but I know she has had affairs with both her boss and her co-worker, but I thought those were both over. Montgomery is having a hard time keeping that a secret. She says, "I have to bite my tongue because I'm busting to tell everybody. There are a number of people in the mix. I think it will be quite surprising." Sounds like Sam's been sleeping around!

[Via CBB]

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LaPaglia developing series for FOX

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 14th 2006 6:03PM
anthony lapagliaAnthony LaPaglia of Without a Trace has been developing shows for CBS and FOX through his production company, Last Straw Productions. The actor is currently developing Damnation for FOX, a supernatural series created by actor Timothy Busfield about a man who thinks he's wrongly been sent to Hell and begins to harvest souls for the Devil in exchange for his freedom. Busfield is set to executive produce and direct. There's not a lot of specifics about the new series, which I assume is a drama, though this premise could easily be a comedy, as well. All I know is that it's about time Satan got some equal airtime. The Dark Prince has been sorely absent from the airwaves for too long, and frankly, I've missed him quite a bit.

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Without A Trace writers are all sweaty and stuff

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 26th 2006 6:03PM

Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Gould, Cheadle

Clearly, George Clooney and Brad Pitt are more important than the writers over at Without A Trace.

Defamer reports that the air conditioning for the writer's offices at the CBS show has been turned off, because they are filming Ocean's 13 right next door and they don't want the sound of the air conditioners to ruin the sound recording of the movie sequel. Says someone on the scene:

"As a result, the staff is sweltering in heat equivalent to the surface of the sun (this is the Valley, after all) and it doesn't seem as though the injustice will end any time soon. The writers are calling on all of their brethren in the television realm to rise up in solidarity, pelting those responsible with (possibly killer) tomatoes until this grave situation is resolved."

Ha. I like it when they reference killer tomatoes.

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Why is Roselyn Sanchez even on Without a Trace?

by Anna Johns, posted May 19th 2006 9:47AM
roselyn sanchez; without a traceRoselyn Sanchez is new to Without a Trace this season but she's just been in the background the whole time. She apparently has some sort of a past with Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)... I think they used to date. And she was brought over to the FBI from the NYPD vice squad. Initially, there were some fireworks between her and Sam Spade (Poppy Montgomery). But, all of this happened in her inaugural episode and she has just disappeared into the background since then. Her bio on the show's webpage says she's a beauty queen and has only had a few acting roles. Everybody else got a storyline this season. Maybe she's just eye candy?

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Without a Trace: Blood Out

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 7th 2006 3:33PM
Without a Trace (minus Elena)This is the second time that I've watched this show and done a review. It's not that I don't like it - I do, but it's nothing spectacular... I can't for the life of me figure out why it does so well. I don't know, maybe I've just caught some of the lesser episodes and missed out on the great ones. While some of my fellow TV Squadders have been diligently writing "convince me to watch it" posts, I've just skipped that step and taken my chances. So far it hasn't been that bad.

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Jack and Jill and Jesus: TV Guide in 60 seconds

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 2nd 2006 1:47PM
  • Anthony Lapaglia's Jack gets some action on Without A Trace, as he strikes up a romance with Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Lapaglia says that the two are at "a hot dog stand" and he "plants a big one on her." I'm assuming that means a kiss, and "hot dog stand" isn't a euphamism for something else.
  • Matt Roush reviews the controversial new series The Book Of Daniel (he also likes the season opener of Battlestar Galactica but calls Four Kings "a generic dud.")
  • Did Alfred Hitchcock actually work on his TV show or just host it? Who used to pitch Paul Masson wines on TV? And what's the deal with Snuffleupagus? The Televisionary knows all.
  • In the print edition: a Q and A with Jill Hennessey, a behind the scenes look at the Cold Case Sprinsteen episode, and a guest column from designer Isaac Mizrahi.

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