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October 7, 2015


TV Dads: The quiz

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jun 11th 2008 5:22PM
the cast of The Cosby ShowHow much do you know about TV Dads? You can test your knowledge by taking AOL's TV Dad's Quiz. I did, and here's how I fared.

First of all, I found it to be a well-rounded quiz spanning many decades. It was fun revisiting some of the old shows, like My Two Dads and Little House on the Prairie, even My Three Sons. I think my favorite question was the one about the pipe smoking dad; it wasn't just a fact about the Dad (who will remain a mystery until you take the quiz -- no spoilers here!), like his job, but instead a fun reminder of a character quirk.

It wasn't a challenging quiz; the ones I got wrong were because I didn't watch the shows. However, there could be some trick questions in there, so think carefully before you choose your answer. I only got half of the questions right, so it seems I should be watching a bit more TV.

How about you? What was your score?

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Ousted American Idol Michael Johns interview

by Debra McDuffee, posted Apr 13th 2008 11:03AM
michael johnsYes America, I share in your shock and outrage. Not only did I enjoy Michael Johns' singing, but let's face it; he is very easy to look at.

AOL TV has an interview up with the prematurely ousted soul rocker, and it is typical Michael Johns. Polite, honest, humble and grateful. But what if Johns did an interview and, oh, I don't know, channeled his millions of fans? What would he say then?

"Yeah, I was surprised to be voted off. Did you hear me hit that falsetto at the end of 'Dream On'? Stephen Tyler would have been proud."

Or maybe ...

"Yeah, I was surprised to be voted off. My best three performances were in the last three weeks, and honestly, I look so good that I really don't even have to sing to stay in this competition."

Even still ...

"Yeah America, you are right. I am delicious eye candy with a voice like butter and you'll miss my unique (if not slightly strange) Jim Morrison / Wilson Pickett cross."

The AOL interview doesn't go quite like that, but fans of Johns, you know what I am talking about. Shame on all of us who got lazy and didn't vote -- don't we learn this hard lesson every year when a favorite gets prematurely voted off? Idol won't be the same next week, and KLC's performance will be like a knife through the heart.

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