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August 31, 2015

arthur frobisher

'Damages' - 'All That Crap About Your Family' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 6th 2010 6:42AM
Damages, Lily Tomlin(S03E11) "I'm not your mother, Ellen, if that's what you were thinking." - Ann Connell

Well, my goodness. Louis Tobin's Ponzi scheme seems like small potatoes now, doesn't it? Joe Tobin was worried about having to live out his father's crime-ridden legacy? No worries on that; Joe's creating his own twisted legacy all by himself.

And Marilyn Tobin - gack! She's willing to waste her own granddaughter for the sake of what? A few bucks? 'All That Crap About Your Family' is a great title for this episode.

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'Damages' - 'Drive It Through Hardcore' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 23rd 2010 6:08AM
Damages, Glenn Close(S03E09) "We'll find Patty's humanity and we'll drive it through hardcore." - Gail Sturmer

What is up with that horse? In a previous review, I wondered if maybe Patty Hewes was harking back to an earlier time in her life when she wanted a pony. But it's hard to imagine Patty being so innocent and carefree and, you know, the pony-coveting type.

On the other hand, she doesn't seem like the bad guy when you put her in a room with Arthur Frobisher. Hence her comments when Frobisher, Terry Brooke and Gail Sturmer sat down for a meeting.

"The Arthur Frobisher that I know: foolish, vain, pathetically insecure, a despicable bully," she told the would-be filmmakers. "He stole from his employees and manipulated the system to escape life in prison with a slap on the wrist."

If there's anything Patty loves, it's seeing the bad guys behind bars, even if she herself manages to escape all of that turmoil for her wrongdoings.

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'Damages' - 'I Look Like Frankenstein' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 16th 2010 1:15PM
Damages, Rose Byrne
(S03E08) "What is the point of doing anything unless you're doing good?' - Arthur Frobisher, on his Whirlwind Initiative to spread the word about wind power

So Arthur Frobisher is back, trying to rebuild his image with the wholesome message of wind power. He seems a little out of place to me, though. Like they stuck him in there just to bring him back, but he doesn't really fit into the big picture here. The scenes with him and Terry Brooks almost seemed like they were in the wrong season.

And Matthew McConaughey? That seemed like an odd placement in the show, for some reason. I guess I sort of think of 'Damages' as being in an alternative universe or something.

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Damages: Trust Me (season finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Apr 2nd 2009 11:55AM

Glenn Close and William Hurt
(S02E13) "I've been having one helluva shitty month and someone is gonna pay." - Patty

Another great ending to another great season of television. The general consensus seems to be that season two of Damages far outpaced season one. They were pretty tied up for me - that was, until last night's finale. Just like the first season, by the time we got to the end, we'd already seen most of the episode because of all the flashbacks. Same goes this time around - season two's flash-forwards provided us with a pretty solid sense of what to expect. The beauty of Damages is that there was still about 20 minutes worth of plot holes that needed filling. Seeing it all play out, in order, was phenomenal.

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Damages poised to change drastically as sophomore season nears finale

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 4th 2009 6:07PM

Glenn Close
Damages has lived up to the hype. After a jaw-dropping debut season that garnered Glenn Close an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her turn as Patty Hewes, the FX legal drama roared back in January amid speculation regarding whether or not the unique storytelling techniques used in season one could be re-created again. The result? Eight episodes into the new season and Damages is as thrilling as ever.

However, after learning that Patty is indeed the person being held at gunpoint in last week's final moments, it proved one thing - Patty isn't the only one in the hot seat. The creative team behind Damages should be sweating too.

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Damages: I lied, too (season premiere)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jan 7th 2009 11:15PM

Glenn Close (L) and Rose Byrne (R) star in 'Damages' on FX.
(S02E01) "Actually, I take that back. You should be scared. You should be terrified." - Ellen

Payback's a bitch, ain't it? Not if you're Ellen Parsons - then it's a slow, methodical, patience-testing process where it apparently takes six months before you get to shoot a gun. And thus begins the second chapter in the twisted law legacy of Ellen Parsons. After one episode, David Connor's killer is no longer the issue at the top of everyone's mind.

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Damages: season two - An early look

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 16th 2008 11:14AM
William Hurt, Glenn Close, Tate Donovan, and Rose Byrne all star in season two of FX's Emmy winning drama 'Damages.'
The law/crime genre is a tired and used television landscape. In an era where almost every channel has been saturated with no less than four Law & Order's, three CSI's, and countless other attempts - some good, some bad - it reached a point where it seemed as though we'd seen it all. Then FX premiered Damages back in July 2007 and everything changed. Fast-forward over a year later, add in three history-making Emmy wins, a Golden Globe, and one lingering question remains - how can they possibly re-create the tense past-meets-present plot device that made season one so unique and memorable?

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Damages: Because I Know Patty (season finale)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 24th 2007 6:58AM
Tate Donovan and Rose Byrne
(S01E13) "I'm accused of murder and my mom bakes cookies. Sounds about right." - Ellen

Four or five episodes ago, you might have caught me saying that I was getting sick of Damages. It was getting slow and I was tired of all the questions. But with each week after that, things turned around and last night's finale definitely made up for any shortcomings this phenomenal season had. If FX doesn't renew this show, I'll be more disappointed than when Showtime canned Huff. All the big questions got answered. The ones we were left with won't drive you crazy. Plus, just as Tate Donovan promised us, we got one hell of a set-up for season two.

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Damages: There's No "We" Anymore

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 17th 2007 7:34AM

Noah Bean as David Connor on Damages.(S01E12) "Ellen... I can trust you?" - Patty

I think the best word to describe this episode was safe. Was it bad? No. However, it wasn't outstanding either. Then again, there is something respectable about giving your viewers exactly what they've been expecting all along.

Of course, the inherent problem with a show set-up like Damages is that when you finally reach the pivotal episode when past and present collide, you're forced to re-watch all the scenes from past episodes. Seeing them in order is an added bonus, but Damages is like The Wire. Neither show treats viewers as being stupid and I think most people who watch this show had already pieced together the puzzle and were just waiting for those few remaining holes to be filled.

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Damages: I Hate These People

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 10th 2007 8:03AM

Glenn Close as Patty Hewes in FX's Damages.

(S01E11) "You're a baptist, right Ray? Repent!" - Patty

This was the first episode this season since the pilot where I really felt a tense energy. It's definitely because we're getting closer to the point when the past catches up to the future. We went from eight days away, to six, to two in this episode and now I'm just waiting for the point when the toned down colors of the present suddenly change to indicate that we just crossed the line. For those that saw the previews for next week, it looks like that's coming up. This week gave us plenty to discuss though.

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No hung jury for Damages? Season two a maybe

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 9th 2007 1:04PM

Glenn Close as Patty Hewes on FX's Damages.It might be a possibility after all. Despite enduring through weeks of abysmal ratings, Ausiello is reporting that FX may actually renew Damages for a full 13 episode second season.

For those of you that are scratching your heads, don't forget that this is the same network that plans to bring back Dirt after the new year. However, look at it this way -- Glenn Close along with Courtney Cox are the only two strong female leads currently in the FX original series line-up. So it's not surprising that FX brass would want to keep them around and develop their shows beyond one season.

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Damages: Sort of Like a Family

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Oct 3rd 2007 7:46AM

Glenn Close(S01E10) "I'm so sick of your bullsh*t." - Ellen

And there it was. The moment that we weren't necessarily waiting for, but definitely were expecting. Ellen strikes back. She went from being timid to bold enough to tell off Patty -- the woman who made her that way. However, despite that and some other stellar moments in this episode, I'm officially frustrated with Damages. It really is one of the best things on TV right now, but it has also knocked off Lost as the biggest culprit in terms of the questions to answers ratio. The one silver lining is that it's a cable show and rather than wait a full 22, we'll hopefully get some results in the final three episodes over the course of October.

I'm not saying lay it all out. I still want a good finale... but give me something. It's no fun when a show of this caliber spends a whole hour doing nothing but confirming assumptions that we've had for weeks now.

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Damages: Do You Regret What We Did?

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 26th 2007 7:28AM

Rose Byrne as Ellen Parsons on FX's Damages.

(S01E09) "I want you to feel the disgust in your children's eyes when they look on you in shame." - Patty

Well, that certainly made up for the last few weeks. It's been slow to build, but I think that most of what's going to shape the rest of this season took form in last night's episode of Damages. Granted, a lot happened. Definitely a blink and you missed it kind of situation. But then again, that was one of the things that made me fall in love with the pilot in the first place. I'm actually starting to believe that the writers may be able to wrap this season up with a logical and satisfying ending.

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Damages: Blame the Victim

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 19th 2007 8:01AM

Damages S01E08(S01E08) "Patty Hughes has ears too! Maybe I'm talking to the wrong person." - Larry

Despite the minor complaints about this show that I think most people have been expressing, I tell you what -- it still holds your attention for the whole hour. I'm almost getting used to the fact that Damages has a tighter lipped writing staff than Lost does.

So what does that mean for this episode? Well... not much. One bombshell that I think we all knew was coming got let out of the bag and a few other little tidbits were let loose too. I think one of the most bothersome things for me is that new info doesn't come when you expect it. Stuff gets revealed in conversations that don't necessarily relate to the revelations. If anything, it keeps you on your toes as a viewer. I think I use my DVR remote to rewind scenes from this show more than anything else I've ever watched.

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Damages: We Are Not Animals

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 12th 2007 8:02AM

Glenn Close stars as Patty Hewes in FX's Damages.

(S01E07) "Is this a hydrangea?" - Patty

This episode concerns me. Remember the promo for last week? It touted this as being the episode that reveals it all, clues you in, and suddenly adds clarity to the otherwise confusing plot we've been accustomed to so far. Did we get that? Sort of... but not really. Nothing Earth shattering was revealed and the stuff that was let out of the bag ended up creating only more questions. A lot of commenters have noted that this show is starting to feel like Lost for that exact reason. I love Lost. I'm thoroughly enjoying Damages too, but there comes a point when viewers need to be rewarded for their interest. This is a cable show. We've only got six episodes left, meaning that we've eclipsed the half-way point of the season. I'm just as confused as I was after the pilot.

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