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October 4, 2015


What to Watch: TV Picks for August 1-7

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 31st 2011 12:30PM
Chris Harrison and JPMONDAY, AUGUST 1

'The Bachelorette' (8PM ET, ABC)
Ashley's journey comes to an end in Fiji, but will her happy ending come courtesy of Ben or JP? It won't be smooth sailing to get to the final rose, either -- one guy has her family's blessing, and the other is declared a mismatch by Ashley's sister, oops!

'Moby Dick' (8PM ET, Encore) miniseries premiere
This lavish literary adaptation sees William Hurt and Ethan Hawke in pursuit of the great white whale in a three hour miniseries that will air across two consecutive nights. Donald Sutherland and Gillian Anderson also star.

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An 'Awkward' Accident Leads Everyone to Think Jenna Tried to Commit Suicide (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 20th 2011 6:25AM
'Awkward' - 'Pilot' series premiereWhen MTV first jumped into scripted comedy with 'The Hard Times of RJ Berger,' it launched based on a gimmick that it really didn't need. The show succeeded more when it focused more on typical teen angst and drama. And we find that 'Awkward' (Tue., 11PM ET on MTV) is even better because it focuses on those things.

The drama shifts from a male teen with a big situation to a female teen with a whole different kind of problem to deal with. While RJ's truth was accidentally revealed to the entire school, leading to all kinds of problems, Jenna's problem is in many ways much worse because a non-truth about her begins to define people's perceptions of her.

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'Awkward' Star Beau Mirchoff on Playing a Jock, Set Pranks and His Nude Scene

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Jul 19th 2011 10:00AM
beau mirchoff, awkwardReady for a fresh take on high school? MTV is betting that you are. The network is debuting 'Awkward' this week, a new teen comedy that has more in common with 'Freaks and Geeks' than 'One Tree Hill.'

The show does have one similiarity with the long-running 'One Tree Hill,' though: It stars 'OTH' alum Ashley Rickards as Jenna, an angst-ridden teen who becomes a pseudo-celebrity after an accident everyone mistook for a suicide attempt.

The dark comedy also stars Canadian hunk Beau Mirchoff ('Desperate Housewives') as Matty, Jenna's popular jock love interest. We caught up with Mirchoff to get the low-down on 'Awkward.' He also dishes about set pranks, his nude scene and which 'Desperate Housewife' turned him into a stammering school boy.

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'Australia's Next Top Model' Names Wrong Winner on Live Air (VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Sep 28th 2010 12:42PM
Acting on a tip from down under, Gawker TV has brought us one of the most awkward moments of live television we've ever seen: the host of 'Australia's Next Top Model' naming the wrong winner on live air.

After a very close audience vote, host Sarah Murdoch (daughter-in-law of mogul Rupert Murdoch), crowned Kelsey Martinovich as 'Australia's Next Top Model.' Her family, fans and friends went nuts and Martinovich began to thank everyone who helped her.

That's when things got weird. Murdoch started holding her ear-bud and saying, "I'm so sorry, oh my god, I don't know what to say." The crowd sat in long stunned silence, not knowing what she was talking about.

A defeated Murdoch then stammered the real winner's name: Amanda Ware. Awkward! You have to see it to believe it. But beware, it's so cringe-worthy it'll have your stomach doing back flips.

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The Office: Dinner Party - VIDEO

by Jay Black, posted Apr 11th 2008 12:47AM
The Office: Dinner Party(S04E09) It feels really good to be back, doesn't it? My calculations might be a bit off, but it seems to me the amount of time we had off for the writer's strike was about the same as what we usually have off for a summer break. For some reason, though, it felt longer. Something about the cold winter months makes me long for the sweet siren song of Scranton, I suppose.

I wasn't there when we won WWII, but I imagine the joy I felt when a new Office showed up in my TiVo was similar to what it felt like on V.E. day. I almost wanted to dress up in a sailor uniform and give Steve Carell a long, deep kiss in Times Square (though, to be fair, I almost always feel that way). I was happy The Office was back, the only thing I worried about was whether it'd still be good...

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Ten awkward TV interviews

by Adam Finley, posted Mar 9th 2007 1:03PM

microphoneVia Digg comes ten YouTube clips featuring some of the most awkward television interviews ever conducted. Some of them are classic, such as Barbara Walters asking Katherine Hepburn what kind of a tree she'd like to be, but most of them are fairly recent: Michael Richards on Letterman, a seemingly spaced-out Paula Abdul, and Tom Cruise talking down to Matt Lauer. My favorite is the various clips of Mike Tyson being, well, Mike Tyson.

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This is why I watch Jeopardy!

by Adam Finley, posted May 18th 2006 9:56AM

alex trebekI don't have much interest in game shows, but I do try to catch Jeopardy! every day. First of all, it's a somewhat more intellectually stimulating than Wheel of Fortune, and it allows me to sit alone in my apartment and yell things out like, "What is 'Paul's letter to the Corinthians!'" and then sit back with an expression of smug self-satisfaction. Of course, that's usually after listening to twenty other answers whose questions I didn't know.

Most of all, however, I tune in for Alex Trebek and those always awkward exchanges between himself and the guests when he tries to learn a little more about them. Trebek has a tendency to say exactly the wrong thing, or to say things that don't quite make sense.  Yesterday during the Tournament of Champions, he had this exchange with a contestant, Mike, after Mike told him about a shower curtain he and his wife received which had a map of the world on it:

Alex: Do [you and your wife] shower together?

Mike [Smiling nervously]: I'm not gonna answer that.

Alex: You're husband and wife, it's okay.

Mike [Still smiling nervously]: I'm still not gonna answer that.

Ah, it's gems like that which keep me tuned in to this show every day.

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