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October 10, 2015


TV Squad Daily with Brigitte - VIDEO

by Brigitte Dale, posted Dec 7th 2006 3:39PM
Hey, Brigitte here with TV Squad Daily. I'll be covering the TV stories I find interesting each day, Monday through Friday, in this video blog.

Today on TV Squad Daily:
The video's embedded after the jump below, or you can download the file directly (Quicktime required). You can also subscribe to this vodcast via our feed.

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Military man is the next Bachelor

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 28th 2006 6:04PM
abc logoU.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, 30, is the next contestant on The Bachelor. It is a game show of sorts, right? For the gals who like men in uniforms, Baldwin is an "undersea medical officer for a special operations dive unit" stationed in Hawaii. Reading the press release that ABC sent us, I'm shocked that he's not taken. He probably sounds better than he is, but still. The guy saved up $25,000 for college, did his undergrad at Duke and went to medical school in California. He's a tri-athlete who competes in honor of his uncle, who died of pancreatic cancer. ABC is all excited about this new guy, dubbing the season "An Officer and a Gentleman". Sorry, no picture yet.

Maybe he's just looking for a girl who can keep up with him. Hopefully they'll cast some athletic women and not just all wanna-be princesses. We'll meet Andy on the 10th season of The Bachelor on ABC next spring.

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Things I Hate About TV: Promise rings

by Jay Black, posted Nov 28th 2006 5:16PM
The BachelorMy wife made me tune into the big finale of ABC's The Bachelor last night. I tried desperately to talk her out of it (something about the resulting dip in testosterone from being exposed to the show might harm our chances at conceiving), but she persisted.

Like Jesse Palmer, and (inexplicably popular) Bob Guiney before him, last night's "Prince" Lorenzo (a man who has less claim to actually being a prince than the musician Prince does) decided to opt out of going through with proposing to his choice. He did give her a ring, but called it a "family ring" instead of an engagement ring. This takes even more guts than the other Bachelors who went with the more promising "promise" ring nomenclature.

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Previously on TV Squad - VIDEO

by Brigitte Dale, posted Oct 9th 2006 1:19PM
Hey, I'm back with another edition of Previously on TV Squad! It's week three, and here's what I'm talking about this time:
The video's embedded below, or you can download the file directly (Quicktime required). You can also subscribe to this vodcast via our feed or the iTunes Music Store.

And remember, we're always open to suggestions for stories to cover on the next show!

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The Bachelor: Rome: Season Premiere

by Deidre Woollard, posted Oct 3rd 2006 9:01AM
the bachelor(S09E01) Watching The Bachelor tonight I have to wonder at what age the princess myth should die in young girls? When do they stop seeing the Disney movies about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella as potential life paths? In the latest crop of Bachelor girls the dream is alive and well as they chase the slightly skeevy Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

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Could Tom be the next Bachelor?

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 16th 2006 2:41PM

abcIt seems our own Tom Biro, my fellow blogger over at Ad Jab and the guy who recaps House and other shows for y'all just might be in the running to appear on the next season of The Bachelor. It seems his professional profile on LinkedIn was noticed by the show's casting producer:

Dear Tom ,

ABC Television's hit reality television show, The Bachelor, is searching for its next star. After viewing your profile on LinkedIn, the casting producer has selected you as a potential candidate.

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The Bachelor's Travis and Sarah already dunzo?

by Deidre Woollard, posted Mar 2nd 2006 4:35PM
I've been hearing rumors that Travis and Sarah's "perfect" romance that wound up on "The Bachelor: Paris" Monday  might already be done, and certainly the fact that the two didn't do the usual press rounds didn't seem like a good sign.  Maybe they are private people (ha!) or maybe, just maybe, all that perfectness just didn't last. Reader Terese sent me a link to Bricks and Stones, who have more solid proof. It's a bit friend-of-a-friend, but it seems Travis has reunited with his girlfriend of five years. He and Sarah did date briefly and Travis is now in consultation to be a doctor consultant on ABC shows (surprise, surprise). The juiciest and saddest detail is that during the final rose ceremony, he said "I love you Sarah," but asked ABC and to edit it out since "it wouldn't be fair to her now." Ouch! 

And while we are rumor-mongering, a link on Bricks and Stone also lead me to a comment on the BachelorRecap blog (it's the anonymous one at 2:09) which has an email that is allegedly from Mike, Travis's brother-in-law. It says that he and Sarah are done, that she may be dating a football player (the Tennessean reports she is dating a friend of a football player,) and that if Travis had it to do all over again he would have picked Susan and Jehan to go to the final two. Does this set a record for the fastest Bachelor break-up?

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The Bachelor: Paris: The Women Tell All

by Deidre Woollard, posted Feb 21st 2006 2:04AM
Tonight's episode is the pre-finale snarkfest where the girls get to harsh on each other and on the Bachelor. The girls are particularly hard on Susan for her interest in acting. I have no idea if she had feelings for Travis or not but she sure is a pretty crier. She could give lessons on how to weep and still look like a perfect little princess. When Canadian Sarah takes the stage, Jennifer once again leads the attack. While some of the girls look a bit Hollywood-ed up post-Bachelor, young Sarah looks a little less cute and seems a lot more hard-edged than she was when flirting with Dr. Bland.  And of course we have to revisit the Ali G. "reproduction" incident. Unfortunately, for what I think is the first time, a Bachelorette doesn't show up. Even though Dr. Ali isn't there, the girls take the opportunity to take a brief swipe or two at her. Overall though, no one gets treated as badly as Susan. In other seasons, the Bachelor has often seemed a bit predatory but this season the women seems very protective of the square-jawed doctor.

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The Bachelor: Paris: Episode 6

by Deidre Woollard, posted Feb 14th 2006 2:05AM
It's overnight date night, otherwise known as will-they-or-won't- they-hit-the-fantasy-suite time.  Of course, like the girls themselves, the show is a tease. We are subjected to over half an hour of Bachelors past filler. Is this the first time we have three brunettes as the final three?

First up, Moana in Venice (lucky girl). They enjoy the pigeons in St. Mark's, go for a gondola ride and share a romantic meal. Then it's time for the fantasy suite option. Why do they always make the girl read the card aloud? We all know what is about to go down. Travis says he wants to spend more time alone with Moana. Travis says that he feels guilty since he has to go on two more dates. She says she understands and they make out. Cue the swelling music and the closing doors.

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What's on tonight: Olympics, skating celebs, Emeril, and Rollergirls

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 13th 2006 3:46PM
  • 7th HeavenABC has a repeat Wife Swap at 8pm, followed by a new two hour The Bachelor.
  • CBS has a repeats of King of QueensHow I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, a new Courting Alex, and then a repeat CSI: Miami.
  • NBC has The Olympics all night, starting at 8.
  • FOX has a new Skating With Celebrities and then a new 24
  • The WB has a new 7th Heaven at 8, followed by a new Related
  • UPN has all new eps of One on One, All of Us, Girlfriends, and Half & Half
  • Discovery has a new Monster House at 8, while Food Network has a new Emeril Live, where the chef cooks "Perfect Pasta."
  • Also at 8: AMC has one of the best Bond flicks, Goldfinger, and FX has the underrated Daredevil
  • At 9, Lifetime has the new movie Flirting With Danger, with Charisma Carpenter and James Thomas.
  • Also at 9: GSN has two new eps of High Stakes Poker.
  • HBO 2 has Denzel Washington in Man On Fire. It's on at 9 too.
  • At 10, A&E has a new Rollergirls.
  • Also at 10: TCM has the classic suspense-thriller, Sorry, Wrong Number, with Barbara Stanwyck.
  • At midnight, FUEL has a new The Daily Habit, followed by two new eps of On Surfari

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The Bachelor: Paris: Episode 4

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jan 31st 2006 2:12AM
This time we have two past contestants grilling the girls for the chance for a one-on-one date. They call Tara a drunk, Canadian Sarah is too young etc. but they save their true bitterness for Moana. They say that Moana is there for the wrong reasons. The girls give Jehan the first date and she and Travis go off on a picnic. Travis gives her an Eiffel Tower necklace but their picnic goes sour when Jehan announces she has been married before. I'm not sure why, in our modern age, this is such a big deal for the Bachelors. Travis takes an easy way out, not giving her a rose but asking her to stay until the next rose ceremony. The other girls seemed horrified that Jehan has been married too The fairy tale is alive and well at the Bachelorette chateau.

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The Bachelor: Paris: Episode 3

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jan 24th 2006 2:54AM
The Bachelor has a pair of bonus doctors, Matt and Kevin, chose his dates for him. It occurs to me that it would really be fun to have all three bachelors on the show (or at least offer the girls that get kicked off a backup doctor). Susan gets chosen for the one-on-one date but Canadian Sarah isn't worried because she says Travis will save his first kiss for her. Travis and Susan get lost on their way to Paris. Susan and Travis sample snails. Meanwhile back at the house, the girls speculate over Susan's actress ambitions and how much she is devoted to Travis. Lovely Susan gets the rose and a bit of kissy-kissy from Travis (so much for Sarah's theory).

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The Bachelor Paris: Episode 2

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jan 17th 2006 2:08AM
After a slightly recut Bachelor Premiere do-over, it's time for the second episode and Dr. Bland's dating adventures in Paris. The contestants get to stay in a chateau so charming it might actually be worth the humiliation of dating on national TV. Because Kristin was chosen last she gets the first individual date. Cole, Yvonne, Nashville Sarah, Jehan and Elizabeth go on the first date which is a sightseeing tour through Paris. Yvonne puts herself out there as a material girl saying she has only camped in a Gucci tent (does Gucci even make tents?). Travis takes Jehan up to the top of the arch to canoodle in the rain and gives her a rose which guarantees her stay. Next up is Travis's date with the giggly and effusive Kristin. The other girls don't hold out much hope for Kristin to be coming back to the house (the single dates are elimination rounds). And unfortunately, they're right. When Kristin makes a goofy grin of an orange peel she loses Travis's attention and doesn't get the rose.

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The Bachelor's "Rotten Eggs" Girl Decides To Sell T-shirts

by Deidre Woollard, posted Jan 12th 2006 7:10PM
On Monday, I mentioned the curious behavior of Allie G., a contestant on "The Bachelor" who made a great show of her need for instant reproduction due to the state of her "rotting eggs." Allie G., otherwise known as Allie Garcia-Serra, a 33-year-old oncologist from Florida has already created a website to sell T-shirts based on her slogan. According to posters on the ABC forum, Allie G. has said that she had a bit to much wine that night but she still stands by what she said.  Not giviing up the search for Mr. Right, she also lists her ideal characteristics for a mate on the website. I'm not sure what the market for women who want to advertise their spoiled ovaries across their chests is but if you get embarrassed on national TV you may as well make a profit off of it.

[via Lindsayism]

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Meet the new Bachelor: Paging Dr. Bland

by Deidre Woollard, posted Dec 28th 2005 8:44PM
Another season, another Bachelor. After the goofball charms of brother-to-a-celebrity Charlie O'Connell, I was curious to see what fresh meat ABC would throw at us next. No stunt casting this time. Instead, our bachelor is Travis Stork, a blandly handsome young doctor from Colorado. Nothing against Dr. Stork (after all, we have weeks ahead to scrutinize his every action) but why are our bachelors so white bread? Are there no handsome and accomplished Latin, Asian, Indian or African-American men in America? I highly doubt it since I know a few myself. And why showcase a doctor on this show since, like many reality TV "stars" he will probably ditch the white coat and head to Hollywood for a few years (ala Dr. Will)? The show starts in Paris this time and Paris is a lovely, romantic city perfect for showcasing the fairy tale fiction of The Bachelor which apparently rules out romance for anyone who isn't perfect for landing atop a wedding cake. And yet, I'm still going to watch… it starts on Monday, January 9th at 10 p.m.

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