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August 29, 2015


Costas Closes Olympics with "the Always Enjoyable Giant Inflatable Beaver"

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 1st 2010 8:30PM
Bob Costas is a broadcasting legend and rightfully so. He has a commanding presence and an intellectual curiosity that can never be fed. He has conducted probing and thoughtful interviews with just about everyone who ever meant anything to the news and sports world. But now, he will be forever remembered for uttering a phrase that united the world.

Costas uttered this now immortal phrase during the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics last night, and it set the Internet afire with its "beaver" and "inflatable" Google keyword alerts. It not only appeared all over Twitter, but it now has its own Facebook page with 1,500 members and growing. Someone out there, a lucky businessman, is putting it on a T-shirt, and the world will become just a little bit better for it.

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Stump the King - Still the Beaver

by Paul Goebel, posted Jun 18th 2007 1:02PM

Jerry MathersLet's begin this week's column with another letter from a reader in need.

Howard Kotarski writes ...

"Hi, I am a transplanted NYer who now lives in Tx. I moved in 79, and was a NYPD officer until the layoffs, What I would like to know is what Fire House, and where is it located that Rescue Me is filmed at. It all looks real, or is it a closed Station used for Movies and TV. Also could you advise me the same for the old 3rd watch TV series, for both the PD and FD that were across the street from each othe. I presently am a Deputy Sheriff in Ft. Worth Tx, and still in love with NY. Thank you, Howard K"

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Veronica Mars: Not Pictured (finale)

by Keith McDuffee, posted May 9th 2006 11:28PM
veronica mars(S02E22) Aren't great finales so bittersweet? I'd been excited to see this episode all day, though at the same time I was sad that the season would be over, and we'd have to A) wait until next Thursday to find out if this show is indeed making it to the CW network, and B) wait for the new season to start.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed this season, I have to admit that most of the reveal of this episode was a tad disappointing. Why? Because a bunch of us guessed this would happen long ago. Well, not all of it, but the "big bad" of the season.

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