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October 7, 2015

becki newton

Ugly Betty: Zero Worship

by Erin Martell, posted Jan 11th 2008 12:15AM

Mark Indelicato and America Ferrera

(S02E11) Many weeks ago (man, it's been a while since we've had a new episode) I shared my dream of a Dixie Carter-Vanessa Williams showdown. This week, Amanda visited a psychic played by another Designing Women cast member, the wonderful Annie Potts. So close! It's great to have Ugly Betty back, at least for now. The sad truth--that there are only two episodes left--is beginning to sink in. Who's panicking?


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Ugly Betty: Bananas for Betty

by Erin Martell, posted Dec 7th 2007 12:01AM

Alec Mapa, Betty White, and Vanessa Williams

(S02E10) Even with her Mode days behind her, Wilhelmina had another Betty to contend with. The fabulous Betty White was on hand to take advantage of Wili's bad PR and contempt for the elderly. There were no St. Olaf stories, but it was still one of the funnest Ugly Betty episodes I've seen in a while! I mean, come on--Betty White and a paintball war? It's like Christmas came early!


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Ugly Betty: Giving Up the Ghost

by Erin Martell, posted Nov 23rd 2007 10:00AM

America Ferrera and Eliza Dushku

(S02E09) Thanks to the Medusa X virus, Wilhelmina Slater nearly changed Mode and Ugly Betty forever. Wili's plans for Slater magazine didn't come to fruition this week, but something tells me that she won't stop trying to destroy Mode. While Wili was busy trying to get money from her father, Alexis, Daniel, and Betty were trying to honor their dead parents. I guess we all have different priorities around the holidays!


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Ugly Betty: I See Me, I.C.U.

by Erin Martell, posted Nov 16th 2007 12:40AM

America Ferrera, Mo'Nique, and Christopher Gorham

(S02E08) There have been a lot of sad episodes of Ugly Betty this season, and this week was no exception. Don't let the above photo fool you; the wacky antics were few and far between. For the most part, "I See Me, I.C.U." dealt with the fallout from the disastrous Meade-Slater wedding. Guest star Mo'Nique (as the cleverly named L'Amanda) did her best to lighten the mood, though.


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Ugly Betty: A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding

by Erin Martell, posted Nov 9th 2007 2:02AM

Victoria Beckham

(S02E07) This week's Ugly Betty was all about the lavish, star-studded Brad-elmina wedding. Fashion guru Vera Wang was on hand for Wilhelmina's final dress fitting, and Posh herself nearly stole the spotlight from poor Wili. Back in Queens, Ignacio was preparing for a ceremony of his own. The Suarez sisters' inability to keep secrets nearly ruined both events.


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Ugly Betty: Something Wicked This Way Comes

by Erin Martell, posted Nov 2nd 2007 12:56AM

Freddy Rodriguez, Eric Mabius, and Marlo Thomas

(S02E06) Ugly Betty made it to Broadway this week! Half the cast went to a performance of Wicked, Betty and Henry ended up onstage, and Justin broke out his collection of Playbills. That boy snapped out of his delinquent phase just in time. Wili and Marc busied themselves with wedding arrangements, and Hilda got a surprising new job. The biggest surprise? Gio made another appearance and managed to be less abrasive.


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Ugly Betty: A League of Their Own

by Erin Martell, posted Oct 26th 2007 12:36AM

America Ferrera and Christopher Gorham

(S02E05) Love was in the air, courtesy of Ugly Betty's newest phony website, bachelosity.com. Betty found a date, Amanda found a new way to tease Betty, and someone from Christina's past found her. Even Marc found romance! While some characters made significant progress, others (thankfully) went back to basics. Alexis remembered what being a Meade is all about, and Justin's dreaded rebellious phase is officially over! I just hope he didn't throw out his old clothes.


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Ugly Betty: Grin and Bear It

by Erin Martell, posted Oct 19th 2007 12:40AM

America Ferrera and Victor Garber

(S02E04) I felt like I was watching a bizarro version of Ugly Betty this week. Betty was a cheater, Justin belched, and the guy from Dawson's Creek was an insensitive jerk! What's next--Hilda dressing conservatively? There were several unpleasant surprises in this episode, but Gio's absence probably made some of the viewers happy. It's always difficult to watch the episodes where obstacles are set up for each character, but how else can there be a happy ending later on? Still, it took a while to get over the shock of seeing Justin wearing his Dad's leather jacket and hearing him say things like "Whatevs."

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Ugly Betty: Betty's Wait Problem

by Erin Martell, posted Oct 12th 2007 12:15AM

Michael Urie, America Ferrera, and Becki Newton

(S02E03) I've been waiting all season for it (OK, just three episodes), and it finally happened. Gio, the rumored new love interest for Betty, made his way into the Mode offices and Betty's heart. While it wasn't love at first sight, Gio made a strong impression on our green girl. Lunch will never be the same! Let's save the juiciest development for last, though. On to the rest of the Mode-Suarez saga!

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Ugly Betty: Family/Affair

by Erin Martell, posted Oct 5th 2007 12:45AM

Vanessa Williams

(S02E02) The photo says it all, doesn't it? The humor, campiness, and wickedness were back in full effect. There were some sad moments left over from Santos' death, and I'm worried about Justin's newfound interest in basketball, but apart from that the episode was perfect. I'm suddenly hungry for a Naomi Campbell Tuna Meltdown.

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Ugly Betty: How Betty Got Her Grieve Back (season premiere)

by Erin Martell, posted Sep 28th 2007 12:28AM

America Ferrera and Christopher Gorham

(S02E01) Betty's back! The season premiere was an excellent bookend to last season's finale. While the finale ended on a sad note, tonight's premiere let the characters confront their problems and look ahead to the future. This episode was all about letting go of the past and starting fresh, something that many of the characters desperately needed to do.

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My seven and a half heterosexual girlcrushes (TV edition)

by Annie Wu, posted May 29th 2007 11:02AM
Wilhelmina SlaterBack in January, Jay Black put his hetero-manliness on the line to confess his five mancrushes, and he is to be commended. Honestly, I've been kicking around a list of my own heterosexual girlcrushes for a really long time but I never got around to putting it into a The Five post because I couldn't narrow it down. So, instead of taking the psychoanalytic path and trying to figure out what this dilemma indicated about my subconscious, I ignored the issue and left my unusually long list to collect dust. Ah, but now TV Squad has grown and we can make lists as long as we want! So, I will.

It still took me a long time to narrow this down to a respectable number, but I've finally succeeded... Ladies and gentlemen, this is the list of my seven and a half heterosexual girlcrushes (TV Edition).

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Ugly Betty: Punch Out

by JJ Hawkins, posted Apr 20th 2007 12:21PM

Betty Speaks with Author of Tell-All Meade Book(S01E19) This episode we found Daniel Meade reverting back to his old womanizing, irresponsible ways, but did he really ever change? Last thing I remember, he was bedding [fill-in-the-blank-random-model]. Oh, but this time he bedded the wrong random model, didn't he? Eh, I guess that counts as personal change.

While Daniel worked on spreading his genes, Betty, as usual, worked on keeping Mode together and chasing down her boss. Is it just me or is Betty's true secret love really Daniel? She's constantly stalking him, keeping tabs on who he's sleeping with (or not), and treats him like he can't pee without her holding his goods.

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Ugly Betty's wicked co-workers used to be lowly waiters - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 14th 2007 7:41PM
Ugly BettyActing is a funny business; one day, you're anonymously playing a waiter or waitress in a silly commercial, and the next day, you have a major supporting role in a new hit series. The interesting part is when the struggling and non-struggling phases of that actor's life collide on the screen, and you begin to recognize the actors in those previously-anonymous bit parts.

Many people have already noticed that Becki Newton, who plays the mean-but-vulnerable receptionist Amanda on Ugly Betty, plays a waitress on an Olive Garden commercial that's currently in pretty heavy rotation across the dial (heck, the ad was shown during a Betty episode where Newton played both Amanda and a Betty look-alike). But, did you know that Michael Urie, who plays Marc, Amanda's partner in cattiness, also played a waiter in an ad?

An explanation, and the video of Becki's Olive Garden ad, is after the jump.

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Ugly Betty: The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 26th 2006 10:29PM
Ugly Betty: The Lyin', the Watch and the Wardrobe(S01E05) One of the issues I've had with Ugly Betty since it started is that, beyond Betty and Daniel, the show hadn't given viewers any reason to care or invest themselves in any of the characters, including the ones in Betty's Queens neighborhood.

This week's episode starts to remedy some of that; it does a good job of giving some previously unsympathetic characters human characteristics, but it fails to do a good job with deepening others. And the characters that fall into that latter category may surprise you; at this point, I'm starting to like the Mode crew better than the Queens crew, which is something that I'd never thought I'd say.

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