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September 1, 2015


Betty White Co-Hosts 'Regis and Kelly,' Brings Bevy of One-Liners (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 14th 2011 12:15PM
Regis Philbin and Betty White on 'Live With Regis and Kelly'If you've been suspecting that Betty White has an evil plot to take over television, you got some confirmation Tuesday morning when she co-hosted 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated). Sitting next to Regis Philbin at the table where Kelly Ripa usually sits, the first thing she said was, "Well, I finally got rid of Kelly. It wasn't easy."

During the usual morning conversation, White played the role of charming comedienne to perfection. Regis asked if White was still dating, and warned her against the old geezers that might come calling. "They're not that old," quipped White. Had she heard about the Anthony Weiner controversy? "Heard about it? I had his picture framed."

As for the one role you'd think White wasn't offered, 'Spider-Man' on Broadway, White said she turned down because it was too dangerous. "I have great legs, but not enough of them," she joked.

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Betty White Offers Tips for Living a Long, Healthy Life in Letterman Top Ten (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 14th 2011 3:04AM
betty white lettermanIf anyone out there has found the secret to aging with grace and wit, it has to be Betty White.

The former 'Golden Girl'-turned-'It' girl dropped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) to deliver her personalized Top Ten List: 'Betty White Tips for Living a Long and Happy Life.'

Surprisingly, the 'Hot in Cleveland' star managed to restrain herself from hitting on Letterman, but she took a few shots at some other newsworthy celebs, including LeBron James and, of course, Representative Anthony Weiner ("Number Six: Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts.")

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Betty White Signs Two-Book Deal

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 19th 2010 2:30PM
Betty White is quickly becoming the most productive octogenarian since Benjamin Franklin.

After a scene-stealing turn in 'The Proposal' and a Super Bowl commercial sparked renewed interest in the 88-year-old actress, she's having one of the busiest years of her career. She's already got an Emmy nomination for her memorable 'SNL' performance, the hit new sitcom 'Hot in Cleveland' and a ubiquitous presence across the Internet. Now she's signed a two-book deal with Penguin's Putnam Books imprint.

The former 'Golden Girl' must have already had a memoir sitting around, because the first book is slated for publication in early 2011. The memoir is titled 'Listen Up!' and relates lessons White has learned about "life, love, sex and celebrity" over her seven decades in entertainment. There will no doubt be some juicy, odd details in the book since White has proven she doesn't blush at lewd material.

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First Look: Betty White 'SNL' Promo (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 26th 2010 2:28PM
Betty White, Hollywood's newest and oldest "it girl" is heading to 'Saturday Night Live' on May 8, and she owes it all to the Internet.

In the first promo for her hosting gig, White thanks the Internet for getting her on the show and addresses some rumors.

It makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't Betty White nab the sexy, younger man? She's pretty much the queen of America at this point.

The special Mother's Day episode of 'Saturday Night Live' will also feature Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch.

Are you excited for Betty White's hosting gig?

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TV Land Picks Up 'Retired at 35'

by Sharon Knolle, posted Apr 19th 2010 11:45AM
Catch that new show on TV Land?

No, this isn't a trick question: According to Variety, the purveyor of classic TV has ordered nine episodes of the original scripted series 'Retired at 35,' set to launch during the first quarter of 2011. The episodes will reportedly air during the network's "TV Land Prime" time slot.

George Segal ('Just Shoot Me') stars in the comedy series, about a party-loving retiree whose 35-year-old son David (Johnathan McClain) decides to quit the rat race and move into his Florida retirement home with him. Casey Wilson ('Saturday Night Live'), Jessica Walter ('Arrested Development') and Tony winner Christine Ebersole co-star as Segal's character's daughter, ex-wife and potential love interest, respectively.

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Betty White Gets 'Hot' June 16

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 7th 2010 11:15AM
Betty WhiteIf audiences have made one thing clear over the past few months it's this: Betty White is hot.

Well, the Emmy-winning actress is about to get even hotter -- her new TV Land sitcom, 'Hot in Cleveland,' premieres June 16.

Valerie Bertinelli
, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves play three women from Los Angeles who get stuck in the Ohio city, then decide to stay when they realize the locals think they're hot. White plays the caretaker of the home in which they rent and share. According to Variety, the show -- which is produced by Sean Hayes and penned by 'Frasier' writer Suzanne Martin -- will run for 10 episodes throughout the summer.

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Seven Possible Recasts for Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 7th 2010 9:03AM
Charlie Sheen, 'Two and a Half Men'While nobody wants to see him go, of course, in practical terms we must consider the possibility of a 'Two and a Half Men' without Charlie Harper. While the show has been renewed through the next two seasons, Charlie Sheen has expressed interest in leaving; his contract is up this season. Even if it's just a negotiating ploy, CBS is probably considering how the show could continue without him.

Tiger Woods was immediately interested in doing the show after he'd heard how many different women Charlie has slept with, but he backed out when he found out it was all acting on the show. Luckily, the PGA welcomed him back with open arms mere moments before the entire sport collapsed.

Conan O'Brien was briefly considered, but NBC said no before they even heard what it was. When advised that he probably wouldn't be needed until next September, when the network's hold over O'Brien expires anyway, they relented. "At least," no one from NBC actually said, "...it would keep him the hell away from 11:30."

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Five Great 'SNL' Hosts That Will Never Happen

by Danny Gallagher, posted Apr 6th 2010 6:29PM
'SNL' logoA host can make or break an entire episode of 'Saturday Night Live.' In fact, the mere presence of some celebrities like Chevy Chase, Milton Berle and Frank Zappa have turned their slice of Saturday late night into the lowest moments of "Must-Miss TV."

However, things are looking good this season. A preliminary list of hosts includes Oscar nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, former 'SNL'er and '30 Rock' star Tina Fey and 'Golden Girl' actress and new found Internet champion Betty White.

However, some pop culture icons, nay legends, will never get to prove their celebrity power by hosting this comedy powerhouse simply because they never got an invitation, the show wasn't around in their time or they physically couldn't go to the studio. These hosts would have made for the best shows if the laws of time and space went on a week-long coffee break.

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Atticus Shaffer on Working with Betty White (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 30th 2010 5:20PM
Atticus Shaffer on Working with Betty WhiteLegendary 88-year-old actress Betty White appeared on the season finale of the ABC sitcom 'The Middle,' alongside 11 year-old star Atticus Shaffer. And so, as a guest on 'The Bonnie Hunt Show' (weekdays, syndicated), Shaffer got the question: Since you're so young, do you even know who Betty White is? The precocious actor handled the question with aplomb. "I like to know who I'm working with, so I looked her up... she's like an icon, basically."

Shaffer also recognized White from a recent "Snickers" commercial, which is great. But truly, we hope that the younger generation doesn't only remember White for her one-time job selling candy bars.

Watch the video after the jump.

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No Love for Abe Vigoda?

by Nick Zaino, posted Mar 29th 2010 7:02PM
Abe Vigoda takes a sack for SnickersEveryone loves Betty White, and with good reason. She's always had a sense of humor about herself, and been willing to play off her supposedly more conservative, dignified character. So it's no surprise that there was a groundswell of support for her after her Super Bowl commercial, where she gets pounded into the mud during a pick-up football game.

White was the focus of a spontaneous effort on the part of fans to get the powers that be at 'Saturday Night Live' to ask her to host, which was successful (she's scheduled to host May 8).

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Ellen DeGeneres Gets Gerard Butler to Wear a Kilt With Her Face on It (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 24th 2010 4:58PM
Ellen Gets Gerard Butler to Wear a Kilt with Her Face on ItEllen DeGeneres is really good at embarrassing her guests. Just this past week she made Betty White submit to a male stripper lap-dance. And on the latest episode of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated), she made hunky star Gerard Butler put on a kilt.

For the record, Butler is actually Scottish and has worn kilts before. Still, he seems a little bemused at DeGeneres' request -- and at the bizarre kilt that she wants him to wear. "It's like the Argentina [flag] with your face on it," he says. To add insult to injury, DeGeneres then gives him a pair of skimpy underwear with her name on it. Yikes!

Watch the video after the jump.

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Betty White on Sandra Bullock: 'Let Her Work It Out' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 23rd 2010 9:37PM
Entertainment Tonight, Betty White, Sandra BullockBetty White has lived a lot of years and weathered a few storms along the way. So we should probably listen to her wise words about pal Sandra Bullock's marital woes.

"We're all deeply, deeply saddened," White said on 'Entertainment Tonight' (weekdays, syndicated). "At such a high point in her life, it's tough ... I love her with all my heart. That's one of the greatest human beings on the planet ... but the less other people have to say about it and let her work it out ... the better."

Will the tabloids leave it alone? No, but the best we can hope is to give Bullock and husband Jesse James space to deal with things on their own.

As for her thoughts, Bullock says, "There's so many different ways to cheat ... I think it's sometimes far worse to emotionally cheat." Look for that interview on 'Entertainment Tonight' tomorrow.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Betty White Gets a Lap Dance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 22nd 2010 6:55PM
Everything is coming up Betty White these days. Thanks to an energetic Internet campaign, the star of 'The Golden Girls' will host 'Saturday Night Live' on May 8. And this Monday, White appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' where DeGeneres attempted to prep her for any comedy surprises that 'SNL' might throw her way.

Things started off slow, with DeGeneres just wearing a pair of googley novelty eyeglasses and a pair of fake teeth. But then she upped the comedy ante by bringing on a male stripper. The stripper did a bump and grind for White, giving her a lap dance as the audience shouted their approval. At the end of the dance, White had this to say: "Do I get to take him home?"

Oh, Betty. We love you. You can have whatever you want.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Betty White Calls Sarah Palin a Crazy Bitch (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 18th 2010 3:42AM
Larry King Live, Betty White, Sarah PalinIf anyone can save the mediocrity that is 'Saturday Night Live,' it's Betty White, who appeared on 'Larry King Live' (weeknights, 9PM ET on CNN) to talk about her upcoming hosting duties, which she says "came out of nowhere."

White also put her previous comment that Sarah Palin is "a crazy bitch" in context. It was on 'The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson,' and they were doing a sketch in which she called Palin the B-word. Ok, we'll go with that, Betty.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Betty White Is 'Hot in Cleveland'

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 16th 2010 10:15AM
Betty White88-year-old Betty White continues her career resurgence today with a full-time return to television.

She's already set to host the Mother's Day (May 8) episode of 'Saturday Night Live' (thanks to that Facebook fan campaign and, of course, her own delightful ways), and she's guest starring in the May season finale of ABC's freshman comedy hit 'The Middle.'

Now, she can add a regular role in TV Land's summer sitcom 'Hot in Cleveland' to her Emmy-winning resume.

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