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October 7, 2015

big bang theory

Jim Parsons Says Watching 'Real Housewives' Makes Him Really Uncomfortable (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 13th 2011 7:45AM
Jim Parsons, 'Late Late Show'Craig Ferguson was grilling Jim Parsons about his TV viewing habits on 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS) when he discovered that the 'Big Bang Theory' star is not a fan of reality TV shows.

Parsons said he can't watch 'Real Housewives,' for example, because "I find it very upsetting. ... It makes me really uncomfortable."

Ferguson's obviously not a 'Real Housewives' fan either, referring to it as "a really terrible product." However, it doesn't seem to provoke the same remote-grabbing reaction from him. Parsons' dislike of the show is so great that even if he's just walking past a TV showing it, he just has to change the channel immediately.

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Johnny Galecki Discusses 'Roseanne,' 'Big Bang' and 'Entourage' on 'Good Day LA' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 18th 2011 2:25PM
Johnny Galecki talks about 'Roseanne,' 'Big Bang Theory,' and 'Entourage' on 'Good Day LA'Johnny Galecki has fond memories of 'Roseanne,' that predate his role on the show. He reminisced on 'Good Day LA' (weekdays, 9AM PT on Fox) about watching the first episode with his family, and also talked about what he's been doing in the offseason before filming begins again for 'The Big Bang Theory.'

Galecki said his 'Roseanne' role started as a one-episode deal when he was 16, but stretched to three episodes and then three years when Roseanne Barr asked him to join the cast permanently. He still keeps in touch with Sara Gilbert, and would love to have her back on 'Big Bang' if she could find the time. "She was on 'Big Bang,' I think she did maybe a half a dozen episodes in the last couple of seasons," he said, "and we'd love to have her back but she's busy with 'The Talk' right now."

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Comic-Con Plans for 'Supernatural,' 'Fringe,' 'True Blood' and 'Chuck' Announced

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jun 21st 2011 3:15PM
The Winchesters have hit the big time.

Warner Bros. TV, the studio that makes the CW show, announced that 'Supernatural' would make its first-ever appearance in Hall H, San Diego Comic-Con's biggest venue, on July 24.

This year Comic-Con takes place from July 21-24, and dozens of shows from many networks will have panels at the annual nerdfest. 'Chuck' will occupy its usual Saturday morning slot in Ballroom 20, which will also host appearances from the casts and creators of 'The Big Bang Theory,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Fringe' and 'Alcatraz,' the new Fox series co-created by 'Lost' veterans J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff.

For more details on various shows going to Comic-Con -- including 'True Blood, 'Game of Thrones' and 'Mythbusters' -- read on.

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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 24 (Season Finale) Recap

by Mike Moody, posted May 20th 2011 9:45AM
the big bang theoru s04e24['The Big Bang Theory' – 'The Roommate Transmogrification']

'The Big Bang Theory' ended its fourth season by indulging in a bit of bedroom scandal, relationship drama, and 'Star Trek'-themed sex jokes. The show played it safe and sleazy, and it left us laughing and scratching our heads with a strange and shocking cliffhanger ending. And it worked! The finale, despite its flaws and severe "WTF?"-ery, was a funny and compelling nugget of nerd fluff. And it was all over way too soon.

Like most of the good episodes this season, this one wasn't particularly innovative or clever -- actually, the jokes and situations were mostly pure stock -- but it was still enormously entertaining. There was a lot of out-of-the-blue insanity here that mostly rang false, but who cares? This is one of the silliest sitcoms on the planet. What matters are the jokes, the delivery and the performances. And, as usual, all of that stuff -- the important stuff -- was on-point here.

The big shocking developments of the night didn't really make any sense, and they all felt unearned and tacked on to raise the stakes and to throw everything into season finale cliffhanger mode. Priya is moving back to India and she didn't tell Leonard! Bernadette is making Howard feel more insecure than ever! Raj hooked up with Penny! Wha? Drama! Awesome, ridiculous, manufactured sitcom drama. Love it or leave it. Me? Love. It.

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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 21 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 29th 2011 11:15AM
the big bang theory s04e21['The Big Bang Theory' – The Agreement Dissection']

And Sheldon is the odd man out. Again.

It's hard to fault 'The Big Bang Theory' for revisiting the "let's annoy Sheldon" well for the hundredth time this season. Who can resist cracking up at the sight of Jim Parsons being forced to dance the Cha-Cha or burning his taste buds while chewing on icky lamb kabobs (or "little cubes of charred meat that taste like sweat!").

Sheldon joined Team Anti-Priya on this week's episode, which featured all of our regular cast members clearly ceding the ground to Parsons.

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'The Big Bang Theory' Season 4, Episode 19 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Apr 1st 2011 11:45AM
the big bang theory episode recap['The Big Bang Theory' – 'The Zamecki Incursion']

And we're back. Praise Kahless!

It's been three weeks since CBS aired the last new episode of 'The Big Bang Theory.' Three weeks! I was already starting to feel withdrawal symptoms, like an online gamer with a busted Internet connection, which, I suppose, is appropriate, since this week's ep referenced the life-sucking virtual vortex that is 'World of Warcraft.'

I was eying Penny as Sheldon's 'WoW' crook at the start of this week's episode. (Remember how she became a Dorito munching, stained sweatpants-wearing game addict a while back?) But I couldn't have been more wrong. Penny showed up as soon as she heard about The Mighty Sheldor's missing battle ostrich, offering her condolences and day old cheesecake.

You'd never see Priya doing that.

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Johnny Galecki: Kaley Cuoco 'A Wonderful Muse' for Make-Out Scenes (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 10th 2011 3:00PM
Johnny Galecki talks about making out with 'Big Bang' co-star Kaley Cuoco on 'Rachael Ray'When 'Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco was on 'Rachael Ray' (Weekdays, Syndicated), she talked about how much she loved making out with Johnny Galecki on camera. Ray had Galecki on the show today and played him a clip of the interview as he sat looking somewhat embarrassed, hiding his face in his hands.

Ray then prompted Galecki to say something nice about Cuoco. "How many shades of red are you trying to make me right now?" he said. "She's a wonderful muse when it comes to make-out scenes. She's a beautiful, beautiful girl and a fantastic actress." His kind words weren't just flaterry: Cuoco recently revealed that the two had a secret off-screen relationship for two years.

When Ray pointed out Galecki's smooth answer, he tried to look suave, casually applying chapstick to his lips. Ray then told him that looked sexy, and warned that she might make out with him during the break. So be glad you're watching this clip from the comfort of your own computer and weren't in the studio audience to witness that spectacle.

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TV 101: TV's Most Dateable Characters

by Dr. Ryan Vaughan, PhD (no, seriously), posted Feb 9th 2011 1:00PM
Penny, Big Bang TheoryEvery Valentine's Day, the deluge of complaints about how "Valentine's Day is just created by the people at Hallmark and Hershey and KY and walk-in clinics to sell products and services" is overwhelming, and I have just one thing to say to that: So?!

We live in a country that dedicates an entire day to getting laid, and we're going to complain about it? I can think of plenty of worse things to manufacture a holiday around, like Amputation Day (created by pirates to sell more peg-legs).

In the spirit of embracing Valentine's Day, here's a list of TV's most dateable characters. In the event that you spend the day alone, you can flip on your television or pop in a DVD, open that bottle of wine and pretend to have a date with a fictional character until you fall asleep making out with a pillow.

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Jessica Walter to Guest on 'Big Bang Theory,' 'Dollhouse' Star Heads to 'Community' and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 10th 2011 4:00PM
Jessica Walter'Arrested Development' and 'Retried at 35' star Jessica Walter is heading to CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' for a guest role.

According to TVLine, Walter will play Barbara, a donor whose grant to the science department hinges on Leonard. Walter will also reprise her role on FX's 'Archer' this season.

'West Wing' veteran Josh Malina will also appear in the February episode as university president Arlo Seibert.

In other casting news ...

Melora Hardin is returning to 'The Office' as Jan. Hardin will appear in a number of episodes, the first one airing in February. In the episode titled 'Threat Midnight,' Michael Scott finishes his screenplay and films it. Hardin's character Jan plays Jasmine. [TV Guide]

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey will guest on 'Hawaii Five-0.' In the February episode, Minnillo will play Susan, a deckhand whose cruise ship is taken hostage by pirates. Lachey will play her fiancee, Tyler. [PEOPLE]

Adrian Pasdar is heading to 'Castle.' The 'Heroes' star will play an Eric Fallon, an FBI agent who assists the NYPD during a terrorist threat. Look for Pasdar in the Feb. 21 and 28 episodes. [TVLine]

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'The Big Bang Theory' Writers to Hide Kaley Cuoco's Broken Leg

by Catherine Lawson, posted Oct 13th 2010 6:45AM
Kaley CuocoKaley Cuoco has returned to work on 'The Big Bang Theory,' but despite the fact she's still wearing a cast on her badly broken leg, her injury won't be written into the show.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres Cuoco laughed that "They're not writing it in ... [And] I'm not going to question it. I was kind of shocked. I thought they were going to, but they're just going to be hiding me kind of like when you're pregnant."

So that means Cuoco's character, waitress Penny, will be getting a new role at the Cheesecake Factory in order to hide her cast and limp: "They're going to have her as a bartender now."

Cuoco also revealed the shocking news that at one stage doctors thought they might have to amputate her right foot.

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First Look: 'Big Bang Theory' Fires Up 'Star Trek' Transporter (VIDEO)

by Maureen Ryan, posted Sep 16th 2010 6:15PM
Big Bang Theory'The Big Bang Theory' is breaking out the big guns for its impending move to Thursdays. Or rather, the big 'Star Trek' homages.

Not only is George Takei guesting on an upcoming episode, in this brand-new clip promoting the show's Sept. 23 return, Sheldon employs technology that 'Star Trek's' Scotty would be proud of.

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'Big Bang Theory' Cast Members Successfully Negotiate Major Raises

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 15th 2010 4:45PM
'The Big Bang Theory'After months of negotiation, the three main cast members of 'The Big Bang Theory' have signed contracts increasing their pay by more than $140,000 per episode. According to Deadline Hollywood, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons will now earn $200,000 per episode for season 4 of their hit CBS show.

The trio was previously making $60,000 each (a paltry sum, considering the show's success), but decided to renegotiate after the series became a ratings hit. Their new deals will see a $50,000 per episode pay raise each season and a percentage of the show's back-end profit, which adds around $50,000 to each episode's paycheck.

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Talking TV Podcasts: 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Glee,' 'Big Bang,' 'Mad Men' and more

by Maureen Ryan, posted Sep 14th 2010 11:45AM
There's big news on the podcast front: We've finally defeated a sound-quality problem that has affected the podcast since it began.

My podcasting partner Ryan McGee and I are proud to say that the 'Talking TV with Ryan & Ryan' podcast has never sounded better.

We aren't any smarter, but hey, at least it won't hurt your ears!

Feast upon the audio quality of this week's two podcasts:

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'Chuck,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'House' Hit Season Lows

by Chris Harnick, posted May 4th 2010 1:45PM
ChuckNot even an organized Twitter assault could help NBC's 'Chuck' find viewers.

According to the Hollywood Reporter's Live Feed, 'Chuck,' 'House' and 'Big Bang Theory' all hit record season low ratings. Fans of NBC's 'Chuck' did their best to drum up interest in the bubble show, from trying to organize a flash mob to a Twitter campaign, but it didn't work.

'Chuck' dropped 10 percent compared to last week and with 5.9 million viewers the episode tied with the lowest-rated episode ever.

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Blossom Has a 'Big Bang Theory' on Love

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 29th 2010 9:25AM
At last, Sheldon Cooper is getting a girlfriend, and she's a very familiar face to TV fans.

'Blossom' star Mayim Bialik has signed on for a recurring role on CBS' 'The Big Bang Theory,' in which she'll play a potential love interest for the socially backward, but adorkable Sheldon (Emmy nominee Jim Parsons).

Bialik's character, Victoria, will be introduced in the May 24 finale of 'Big Bang.' Victoria is described as the female equivalent of nerdy Sheldon, and the potential love match is made when the two meet on eHarmony.

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