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October 4, 2015

black hole

Sundays with Seth: Farts, the Worst April Fool's Gag of All Time and More Farts

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 12th 2010 4:53AM
'Family Guy' - 'April in Quahog'
I don't know if you've heard. But, apparently, the bird is the word.

'Family Guy' snuck in a nice callback to the season seven episode, 'I Dream of Jesus,' when Peter burst out with "Surfin' Bird." We got just a taste of Peter's classic dance and performance, but it was enough to bring back the laughs from that excellent episode.

Luckily, the night didn't need to rest on its past glories, as Seth MacFarlane returned to Sunday night dominance. With the failure of 'Sons of Tucson,' FOX dusted off 'American Dad' and brought the series back early to pinch-hit with new episodes. While 'Family Guy' didn't bring us the promised crossover event -- that was apparently an April Fool's joke on us -- they did play the cruelest joke you could imagine on their cast: they told them all they were going to die.

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'House' - 'Black Hole' Recap

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 16th 2010 5:22AM
Chase (Jesse Spencer, R) and Taub (Peter Jacobson, L) remove a small section of inflamed brain tissue from their patient, Abby (guest star Cali Fredrichs, C), in the HOUSE episode
(S06E15) I couldn't find a really good quote to transcribe or even characterize this week's episode, because the whole turn of events are a jumbled lump of clay in my head.

Normally, a show that goes by so fast that I need a drag chute just to figure out what's going on would turn me away from it, but the dramatic tension that 'House' creates kept me velcroed in front of it all the way to the end.

Sure my head still hurts from trying to understand the science of it all, but the dramatic and even comedic angles makes for some fine-tasting Advil.

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Actually, it IS possible to move an entire island

by Bob Sassone, posted May 13th 2008 5:19PM

LostSo in the most recent episode of Lost, Christian Shephard told Locke that the only way they can save the island from the invaders is if they, um, move it. Yeah, that's right, move the island. Thanks Doctor Shephard, I'll get right on that.

But viewers thinking that this was some crazy thing that could only happen on television and in the movies are...well, probably right. But in this Popular Mechanics article, the author of the book Physics of the Impossible says that it actually could be done. Michio Kaku says that it sounds like they're going to use the electromagnetic properties of the island and the Casmir Effect to "open a transferable wormhole to different points in time and space."

(Hold on a second while I go take two Advil.)

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