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August 30, 2015

bleep my dad says

CBS Cancels '$#*! My Dad Says,' 'Mad Love,' 'The Defenders'

by Jean Bentley, posted May 15th 2011 4:15PM
My Dad Says, William ShatnerWhile Fox, ABC and NBC made much of their programming decisions last week, today brings the first scheduling news for CBS.

The network will not go forward with second seasons for the freshmen series '$#*! My Dad Says,' 'The Defenders' and 'Mad Love,' Deadline reports. The fates of CBS's other first-year shows, 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior,' 'Mike & Molly,' 'Hawaii Five-0' and 'Blue Bloods' are still officially unknown, though the 'Criminal Minds' spinoff is the only one still in danger of cancellation.

Fox, ABC and NBC made much more drastic adjustments to their schedules, canceling most of their bubble shows. CBS still hasn't officially decided on 'CSI: NY' or 'Rules of Engagement,' but things seem to be looking up for the two veteran series. Of course, that could change at any moment until the official announcements are made.

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EXCLUSIVE: Camille Grammer Previews Her '$#*! My Dad Says' Appearance (VIDEO)

by Kelly Woo, posted Feb 16th 2011 3:00PM
Camille Grammer, Bleep My Dad SaysOnce upon a time, before she was one of the 'Real Housewives' and before she famously splitting with husband Kelsey Grammer, Camille Grammer was an aspiring actress.

Now, she's jumping into that world again -- for a little while at least -- starting with a guest-starring role on '$#*! My Dad Says' Thursday, Feb. 17, at 8:30PM ET on CBS. And in this exclusive video, she told us that shooting the role was an "incredible" experience.

"My character Camille is a basically a parody on myself, obviously, from 'Housewives of Beverly Hills,'" she said. "Just making fun of it, you know, making fun of all the quirky things I do and say."

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William Shatner and Craig Ferguson Complain About the Lack of Network Promos for Their Shows (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 16th 2011 4:35AM
William Shatner, 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' '$#*! My Dad Says'William Shatner couldn't have found a better personality to commiserate about a lack of promotion for his show than Craig Ferguson. Ferguson has been lamenting the lack of everything to do with money in regards to 'The Late Late Show' (Weeknights, 12:37AM on CBS) for as long as he's been host.

When Shatner asked him if the network promoted his show, Ferguson responded, "No, no! They're not entirely sure I'm on."

Shatner said he felt the same way about '$#*! My Dad Says.' "I watched the Grammys and I'm looking for promos."

Alas, Ferguson said they needed to promote expensive shows like 'Hawaii Five-0.' When Shatner argued that his show was expensive as well, Ferguson responded, "Well, you. You cost a lot of money."

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William Shatner on Turning 80, 'Major Tom,' and Fighting Lee Majors on '$#*! My Dad Says'

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 3rd 2011 3:45PM
William Shatner and Lee Majors in 'Bleep My Dad Says' - 'Well Suitored'On the surface, William Shatner seems like he'd be one of those "age is just a number" guys, but ask him what his thoughts are on turning 80, which he'll do in March, and his response is surprising: "I'm appalled."

He goes on to talk about winning a saddle and a belt buckle in some recent horse competitions in the discipline of reining, and the Emmy and Golden Globe winner doesn't mince words about the significance of those awards. "I'm competing against 18-year-olds who were born on a horse. Those are two of the most incredible accomplishments of my life, at my age. I got off three hours of riding hard on Saturday and feel limber on Monday and Tuesday. I can't believe this number (80) is coming up."

Shatner has more energy than people less than half his age, and that energy comes through on the screen in his role as cranky Ed Goodson on the CBS sitcom '$#*! My Dad Says.' Tonight at 8:30PM ET, Ed fights for the attention of his neighbor and new love interest, Rosemary (Jean Smart). Who is he fighting? None other than Lee Majors, the 'Six Million Dollar Man' himself, playing an obnoxious millionaire who paid to import a panda from China to San Diego.

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Camille Grammer Heads to '$#*! My Dad Says'

by Chris Harnick, posted Feb 3rd 2011 3:30PM
Camille Grammer'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Camille Grammer will guest star on CBS's '$#*! My Dad Says.'

According to TV Guide, Grammer will play a version of herself in the season finale.

Her character's name is Camille and she's a recently divorced reality star who goes house-hunting with Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) and Vince (Will Sasso) on her reality show, which takes place in the fictional '$#*!' world.

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Ed Has No Idea How to Court a Woman on 'Bleep My Dad Says' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 28th 2011 4:01AM
'Bleep My Dad Says' - 'Ed Goes to Court'Apparently, there is a woman out there that Captain Kirk can't get into bed with a few choice words. And her name is Jean Smart. Well, it's Rosemary, but she's played very charmingly by Jean Smart.

Granted, the good Captain is a little older, and has let himself go in more ways than one on '$#*! My Dad Says' (Thu., 8:30PM on CBS), but he still possesses all the confidence of his younger and more charismatic days.

These days, William Shatner's Ed is a grumpy curmudgeon, but he's also brutally honest at all times, to the point of often reducing one of his sons to tears. That honesty may endear him to us at home, but it doesn't work quite as well when he's making his moves on the ladies.

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John Travolta Turns Down 'Glee' Cameo, Chloe Moretz Books '30 Rock' Role and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 25th 2011 4:30PM
John TravoltaJohn Travolta won't be jumping on the 'Glee' cameo train. The 'Grease' star told 'Entertainment Tonight' he was asked to cameo but turned down the offer.

"They've asked, but when I do musicals I train for six to nine months ... and a show like that is an on-demand thing," Travolta said. "I really have a criteria or a pride that I would wanna knock 'em dead, and I don't think I'd knock 'em dead in a week."

Travolta's 'Grease' co-star Olivia Newton John has appeared on the show twice. Among other high-profile guests, Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow has a recurring role on the series and Anne Hathaway dreamed up her own role and pitched it to producers.

In other casting news ...

'Kick-Ass' star Chloe Moretz will guest on '30 Rock.' The actress confirmed the news via Twitter last night. "So!! Tomorrow I start filming #30Rock bright and early, so you all should expect tweeting to start before the sun shines...oh yes <3 Night!" [Twitter/MovieLine]

'Dallas' without J.R. Ewing? Not if Larry Hagman has anything to do with it. The 79-year-old actor has agreed to appear in TNT's reboot. "I haven't signed any contract but I gave them my commitment verbally," Hagman told TV Guide. "I just told them I'd do it and my word's good!" [TV Guide]

Tila Tequila will guest on '$#*! My Dad Says.' Yep, you needed another reason to groan about this show. The reality star will play Ting Ting, the wife of a rich man, on the Jan. 27 episode. [TV Guide]

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'The Office' Adds New Characters, Lee Majors to Guest on '$#*! My Dad Says' and More

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jan 18th 2011 8:30AM
Lee MajorsLast week we reported that Steve Carell will be leaving 'The Office' early. Now we hear that execs are looking to add some new characters to the cast later this season. And the search is on for an actress to play Stanley's previously unseen adult daughter.

According to TVLine.com, exec producer Greg Daniels has confirmed that casting is underway for the recurring role, which may be expanded to a regular spot. "We're trying to take Steve's departure as an opportunity to shake things up and add some new characters," said Daniels.

He added that Carell's exit will give the supporting cast a chance to shine. "For Michael not to take up the A story in every episode means that a lot of them are getting the A stories now."

More casting news, including Lee Majors on '$#*! My Dad Says' and 'Lost' alum Michael Emerson on 'Parenthood' after the jump ...

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Henry Finds Out Ed's 'Good Friends' Don't Know About Him on '$#&! My Dad Says' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 7th 2011 1:54AM
'$#*! My Dad Says'Ed isn't known for establishing the best relationships on '$#*! My Dad Says' (Thu. 8:30PM on CBS). In fact, he's far better known for destroying relationships. And yet, he's managed to have one with a store owner for twenty years.

"Carl's my good friend, my confidante," Ed explained to Henry, who'd joined him for the first time on a shopping day. "I tell him everything."

"And how do you know Ed?" Carl asked Henry. Clearly not everything. "I didn't know you had a son," he said to Ed, before asking about Root Beer, the dog Vince (Ed's other son) and his wife.

Carl turned out not to be the friend Ed thought he was either. He'd ordered a ball for Ed, but when he found out it was worth twice what Ed was going to pay, he went and sold it to someone else for even more than that.

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The Best and Worst of TV in 2010: 'Breaking Bad,' 'Modern Family,' 'Glee' and More

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 22nd 2010 5:30PM
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston of 'Breaking Bad'During every Festivus season, we here at TV Squad reflect on what's happened during the past year in the world of the boob tube (I'll keep calling it that because "boob flat screen" doesn't flow as well).

We're in the midst of giving you our "12 Days of Festivus," my fellow Squadders have given their best and worst picks, and Mo Ryan has given what she liked and disliked this year.

So, how much more can we talk about? Plenty. 2010 was an active year in the television universe and there is plenty to talk about. As I've done in the past, I'll dispense with the usual "best show/worst show" mishegas and just make up the categories as I go along.


The best season of television that almost no one saw:
The heart-attack inducing third season of 'Breaking Bad.' I've already said that the season, which ended over the summer, was the best season of dramatic television in the past decade, and it seems even better than that in retrospect.

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Art Imitates Life on '$#*! My Dad Says' as Henry Sets Out to Write About His Dad (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 29th 2010 2:44AM
'$#*! My Dad Says' - 'You Can't Handle the Truce'CBS's other Thursday comedy is still coming together creatively, but it's starting to find its voice. It also, apparently, is giving a shout-out of sorts to its own genesis. 'S#*! My Dad Says' (Thu., 8:30PM on CBS) is based on a real Twitter feed, and now book, written by Justin Halpern about living with his father.

As the series is based on his life, maybe it was inevitable that Henry (Justin's TV counterpart) would reach a point where he would start writing about his experiences living with his father. On 'Seinfeld,' they eventually had the character Jerry pitching and working on a sitcom pilot for NBC, mirroring the comedian's real life experiences creating that show.

We're not sure taking things that far would work for 'S#*! My Dad Says,' as it would completely change the current family-based tone of the series, but maybe if the well starts to run dry they'll consider it.

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A Guy-on-Guy Kiss on '$#*! My Dad Says' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Oct 22nd 2010 12:09AM
A Guy-on-Guy Kiss on '$#*! My Dad Says' On '$#*! My Dad Says' (Thu., 8:30PM ET on CBS), husband Vince Goodson (Will Sasso) makes the mistake of interrogating his wife Bonnie about her past lovers. You should never ask a question if you're not ready for the answer.

Vince quickly learns more than he bargained for -- including the fact that Bonnie once swapped spit with Josh (Preston Jones), a local paramedic. Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) protests that it wasn't really a big deal, and that Josh was a horrible kisser: "It was like kissing a dead fish!" But Vince has to learn the truth for himself.

[Warning: Spoiler alert.]

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From URL to DVR: Is TV Ready for More Internet-Based Ideas?

by Ryan McGee, posted Oct 8th 2010 5:30PM
William ShatnerIt's one thing to have scripted television based on existing franchises. Fans who demand original ideas in their evening televised entertainment may not be thrilled by the remakes of 'Hawaii Five-0' or 'Nikita,' but at least those properties have striven in their early episodes to use the previous incarnations as things to jump off of rather than simply trace over. But it's quite another for fans to see the Internet picked over like a worldwide flea market to locate the next hit show. And yet, that very act is happening more and more often.

The first foray into this less-than-brave new world? '$#*! My Dad Says,' the critically trounced yet ratings (semi)-hit for CBS. Networks are ignoring the reviews and looking at the Nielsen ratings, which is the only explanation for learning that the website 'Awkward Family Photos' has also landed a production deal. As difficult as it was to fathom the translation (and, let's face it, execution) of Twitter feed to sitcom has been, it's even more difficult to project how a series of admittedly amusing photographs will translate to the small screen. (One has to assume it won't be a weekly montage of pictures set to cheekily relevant music.) Throw in the critical and financial success of 'The Social Network,' and one can easily see a veritable stampede of 'net-related projects flooding Hollywood's studios.

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'$#*! My Dad Says' Moment - Ed Gets the DMV Guy Fired... Again (VIDEO)

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 8th 2010 10:45AM
Ed gets the DMV guy fired again on 'Bleep My Dad Says' on CBS'$#&! My Dad Says' is starting to show some very faint signs of life in the creativity department. Granted, a lot of it still needs work: Jonathan Sadowski needs to realize that staring off into space and yelling your lines does not constitute acting, and the producers need to either cut Will Sasso and Nicole Sullivan loose or not write them as if they're starring in a completely separate show.

But the writers are starting to figure out what works, which is why we now have William Shatner's Ed hanging out at the Pancake Corral, a place he doesn't realize has changed a bit over the years. And it's why we'll likely be seeing more of Tim, the DMV guy that helped Ed pass his drivers' test in the pilot.

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'$#*! My Dad Says' Moment: Ed Really Doesn't Want the Internet in His House (VIDEO)

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 1st 2010 10:20AM
William Shatner and Jonathan Sadowski in No matter how atrocious a sitcom's pilot is, I always tend to give it a couple of weeks for it to find its comic footing. After all, how many people tuned out after 'The Big Bang Theory''s pilot only to return later that season when the show improved?

Granted, the pilot for '$#*! My Dad Says' was much worse than 'Big Bang''s. But I'm keeping an eye on it to see if the KoMut guys and Justin Halpern can make it into something.

Based on the second episode, though, I'm not holding out much hope. There were a couple of moments that were chuckle-worthy, but most of it was as big a mess as the pilot. And a scene where William Shatner's character Ed holds a shotgun to the cable guy is indicative of why the show needs help.

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