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October 9, 2015


The Best and Worst of 2007: Annie's list - VIDEOS

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 3rd 2008 6:02PM
Annie's best and worst

I was going to write a long, elaborate intro about how excited I am that it's a new year, but I decided to make this image instead. Look out, Alec and Tina! There's a weeping angel behind you! And check out how Heidi is super excited to be with the not-so-excited guys from Flight of the Conchords. And it looks like David Anders enjoys speaking in big speech bubbles. No, I'm not still buzzed from New Year's Eve, I just have a little too much fun in Photoshop. However, I'm sure some of you are still somehow hungover from celebrating days and days ago, so let's jump right in...

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All-time scariest TV characters -- #3: Weeping Angels

by Annie Wu, posted Oct 24th 2007 12:00PM
Weeping AngelCharacter: The weeping angels
Show: Doctor Who
Episode: "Blink"

A more appropriate title for this episode of Doctor Who would have been "Don't Blink", or even "Let's Prevent Annie from Ever Enjoying the Sculpture Garden of Any Museum Ever, Ever Again. Ever."

The weeping angels were a group of statue-like creatures that "killed" their victims by sending them backwards through time to live out their lives before their birth. The angels would freeze into stone if they were seen, but between blinks or in darkness, they could move extremely quickly to their victims. To prevent looking at each other, the angels would shield their eyes, giving the appearance that they were weeping. The heroes of the episode had to avoid the angels by taking the advice of the Doctor and always keeping an eye on the villains, never blinking.

As someone who usually watches horror films, just to supply obnoxious commentary on the bad effects or acting, and is more likely to get queasy at the thought of student loans than blood, I was surprised to find myself silently peering through my fingers, too scared to move, throughout the entire episode. At certain points, I even felt my eyes water a little bit, only to realize that I had stopped blinking several minutes ago. I think I was most impressed that the angels weren't ruined by cheesy effects or bad costumes, which, to be perfectly honest, aren't exactly rare in the world of Doctor Who. Instead, everything was executed in a way that was simple but brilliant. Between the blinks of a lightbulb, the angels would make their way across the room, arms outstretched and vicious teeth bared.

To tell the sad, geeky truth, I've had a few nightmares about Daleks. Yeah, I said it was sad, okay? But there's no doubt that the Daleks are nothing compared to the angels. Look, there's even been a vote on it! The angels beat the Daleks and The Master by a huge percentage to take the top spot as the Scariest Monster of the latest Who series. The numbers don't lie, folks: Angel statues are super-creepy.

And then, as if to guarantee no one could comfortably turn their back on a statue ever again, the episode closed with this warning:

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The 4400: Blink

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Jul 24th 2006 1:35PM

tom receives cookies, with a dash of therapy(S03E08) A friend and I were talking about a third woman, one who's involved with a volunteer organization. "I want my donation to be therapy for her!" said the friend. This week's episode of The 4400 opens that delicious possibility: the ability to force therapy onto someone. Oh, were it only true! I totally would have stolen that lady's herbs, too.

As it turns out, the therapy isn't always beneficent. Three people commit suicide at the opening of the show, haunted too cruelly by figures from their past. This sends Tom and Diana into a quest to find the source of the hallucinations -- a brand-new street drug called "Blink" -- and quash their own demons, personified by Tom's dead father and Diana's old fiancé.

Speaking of fiancés. The plot took its most delicious turn yet.

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Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica, coming to Sci-Fi

by Keith McDuffee, posted Apr 27th 2006 10:44AM
battlestar galacticaI love the new Battlestar Galactica series as much as the next fan, but could Sci-Fi be banking too much on the series too soon? Among other shows in development, the cable channel has recently announced a new prequel spin-off series, called Caprica, which will take place 50 years before the events of Battlestar Galactica. The series is said to focus on the development of the first cylon while following the familes of the Adamas and the Graystones. I know I'll definitely be catching it.

Other shows in development for Sci-Fi after the jump.

[via AICN]

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