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September 1, 2015

brad pitt

Right now on Cinematical

by Kona Gallagher, posted Nov 27th 2009 4:04PM
The folks at our sister site Cinematical are working hard to give you news and reviews of the best -- and worst -- the silver screen has to offer. Here are some of their musings on the latest blockbusters, indies, and everything in between:
  • There's a new website called Glyde that lets you buy and sell DVDs quite easily. Now you can get rid of all of those ill-advised Zac Efron purchases that you're hanging on to.
  • Viggo Mortensen is getting ready to star in The Road, the adaptation of the Cormac McCarthey novel. He has some crazy eyes in that movie, which could either be a big plus or a big minus, depending on your stance on the hotness level of dudes with crazy eyes. In any case, Cinematical has an interview with him.
  • I actually had no idea that there was going to be a fourth Shrek movie, but apparently it is, and it's titled Shrek Forever After. It's supposed to be the last film in the series... for now, at least.
  • I was never going to see Old Dogs, but the fact that I was forced to sit through billions of trailers for it while watching ABC On Demand makes me want to find every print and make a giant bonfire. A brave soul at Cinematical reviews it.
  • Fight Club is the film that finally made me love Brad Pitt. Cinematical rewatches it to see how it holds up after ten years.

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What You Missed Last Night: Matt Damon isn't dead and George Clooney isn't gay

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 11th 2009 11:33AM
Matt Damon was on The Late Show last night to promote his new film The Informant! As usual, he did his Matthew McConaughey impersonation for Dave and they also talked about a recent web rumor that Damon had died (really? I guess I missed that one).

This led to Damon telling another story about the Venice Film Festival involving George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and a stripping journalist.

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Kelly Ripa is more popular than Oprah (when it comes to rental home-based surveys anyway)

by Bob Sassone, posted May 27th 2009 3:44PM
Kelly RipaI'm not sure if people were given just a select group of celebrities to choose from or they were allowed to choose anyone they wanted, but a new poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs says that more Americans would like to share a rental home with Kelly Ripa this summer than any other celebrity. After Ripa came the Obamas, then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Oprah, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

That would be a great reality show though: Vacation Home. With those above guests? I'd watch that.

Who would you like to rent a home with?
Kelly Ripa284 (42.8%)
Oprah Winfrey39 (5.9%)
Jon Stewart153 (23.1%)
Stephen Colbert87 (13.1%)
Brad/Angelina61 (9.2%)
Other (say in comments)39 (5.9%)

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Six reasons the Oscars will probably stink - VIDEO

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 23rd 2009 10:03AM
AMPASDo you remember what film won the Oscar for Best Picture last year? (No Country for Old Men). What about Best Actor and Actress? (Daniel Day-Lewis and Marion Cotillard). If you didn't remember, don't feel bad. You're probably like most people. Most of us weren't watching in 2008. Even though they were celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Academy Awards, it was the lowest rated and least watched telecast ever.

As I perused the Academy Award nominations yesterday, I couldn't help but think that this year's broadcast is going to have a hard time drawing a huge TV audience. And considering that the only thing you can usually count on with the Oscars is that they'll run over three hours long, the show will probably leave something to be desired, too.

In fact, here's six reasons the Oscars -- which will be broadcast live on February 22 on ABC -- will probably stink.

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Right now on Cinematical

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jan 3rd 2009 9:00AM
The folks at our sister site Cinematical are working hard to give you news and reviews of the best -- and worst -- the silver screen has to offer. Here are some of their latest musings on the latest blockbusters, indies, and everything in between:

  • So, if in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt starts off as a tiny old-man, why wouldn't he end up as a giant baby? Cinematical has the answer.
  • When we were in high school, my friends and I got together with a VHS camcorder and made Scream 4. It was pretty amazing. What's weird is that even though we didn't get a film deal, Scream 4 is heading to theaters. Neve Campbell needs a job, people.
  • Granted, I've missed a lot of movies in the theaters this year, but I still think The Dark Knight is one of the best films of the year. What do you think? Check out Cinematical's top 10 list.
  • Hey, want to see something really creepy? Jerry O'Connell and his wife, Rebecca Romijn, are putting her maternity leave to good use by making Mystique and Me, a new Funny or Die video. It's quite funny and quite disturbing.
  • As much as I enjoyed The Dark Knight, I don't think Maggie Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale had a ton of chemistry -- at least not enough to make it onto the Cinematical Seven's Best On-Screen Chemistry of 2008 list.

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Jennifer Aniston likes being naked on the cover of GQ

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 11th 2008 5:00PM
Jennifer Aniston is nekkid on the cover of GQFirst off, welcome to all of you who were searching for "Jennifer Aniston" and "naked."

The former Friends star/former wife of Brad Pitt/30 Rock guest star is on the cover of the January issue of GQ, which I always forget stands for Gentleman's Quarterly because it's a monthly magazine. It's probably like how we're supposed to forget that KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken. It's just GQ now.

Anyway, she's pretty much naked on the cover of the issue, except for that tie of course (she's also nude inside the issue). The cover has a certain 'deja vu' quality though (at least for me), and after a little digging I found out why.

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All of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes are there for you - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 25th 2008 8:10AM
FriendsThere are many Thanksgiving traditions we all enjoy: the turkey, the stuffing, watching football, fighting over the drumstick to see whose wish comes true, and putting up with family members you avoid 363 days of the year (you see them at Christmas too).

There's another tradition, this one TV-oriented: Friends!

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Right now on Cinematical

by Kona Gallagher, posted Oct 17th 2008 4:25PM
The folks at our sister site Cinematical are working hard to give you news and reviews of the best -- and worst -- the silver screen has to offer. Here are some of their latest musings on the latest blockbusters, indies, and everything in between:

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Forbes picks the 100 most powerful celebrities

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 16th 2008 8:05AM

HeiglLike most red-blooded Americans, I love lists. We do a lot of them here at TV Squad and you'll see them at many sites every single day of the week. But I think that sometimes the lists go too far. I mean, what's the point of listing the top 50 or top 100 of something? Isn't that a little bit too many spots? Instead of getting down to the nitty-gritty (say, a top 10 or top 25), you ended up not only listing the best, worst, most, least (or whatever the list's topic is), you're just listing all of them.

Case in point, this Forbes list of the 100 most powerful celebrities.

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American Idol: Idol Gives Back 2008

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 9th 2008 7:45PM
Miley Cyrus(S07E29) Well, this is what you've all been waiting for, right? What's that? Finale? Yeah, I guess that'll be cool, too. But if you've listened to Ryan all season then you know TONIGHT is really what it's all about! If you're looking to find out who got eliminated by vote last night you're going to have to wait until tomorrow. But if you're looking for two-and-a-half hours of entertainment chock full of celebrities and song and charity, then you're looking for "Idol Gives Back."

Last year's inaugural edition was very good, and Kristin's report of the Idol Gives Back taping from this past Sunday was also very positive. We don't have any pesky (non) eliminations to deal with like last year, so just kick back, donate and enjoy. And, if you want, join us online and chat about it in real-time with other giving Idol fans.

You can join the chat starting just before 7:30/6:30pm CDT by following this link. Look for the full episode review right here later tonight.

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Out of the Blogosphere

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 2nd 2007 3:35PM


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Who will be the new He-Man?

by Adam Finley, posted May 11th 2007 8:03AM

he-manVia Digg comes news that Legendary Pictures has its eyes on both Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler (300) for the role of He-Man in yet another movie version of the popular '80s half-hour toy commercial animated series.

The original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe aired from 1983 to 1985, but He-Man first appeared in DC Comics and as a line of action figures. In 1987, a live-action film was made with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor. Updated versions of the original He-Man cartoon aired in 1990 and 2002.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- A look at the pilot script

by Brett Love, posted May 8th 2007 3:03PM
The cast of Mr & Mrs Smith
ABC had garnered a fair amount of press over this one because of the obvious tie-in to the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie. The big news is that the creators of the movie are back for the TV show. Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Swingers) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand) have signed on to try and transform their movie to the small screen.

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Out of the Blogosphere

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 24th 2007 11:02AM

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David Arquette felt "beat up" after being on Stern - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 15th 2007 12:05PM
David ArquetteAfter yesterday's Q&A session for In Case of Emergency, I decided to ask David Arquette a question or two about his appearance on Howard Stern's show last week, where he talked a little about what broke up the Jennifer Aniston - Brad Pitt marriage (hint: she has bee-stung lips and a couple of adopted kids) and Aniston's subsequent relationship with Vince Vaughn, most of which made the tabloids.

Did he come out of the Stern show knowing he said things that were going to become news? "You definitely think, 'What did i say that they can twist?' because they do twist it. You kind of feel beat up when you get out of there." He went on to say, "I just don't want anyone to get the wrong impression, because I love all those people."

When I asked him how Stern is able to get information like that out of people, Arquette said, "He just asks crazy questions, and you kind of want to answer them truthfully. You don't want to lie."

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