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August 29, 2015

brad falchuk

FX Renews 'American Horror Story'

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 31st 2011 2:15PM
American Horror Story RenewedAfter scoring record ratings for the network, FX has renewed 'American Horror Story' for a second season.

"It's one thing to have the ambition and guts to reinvent a genre in a way that makes it captivatingly fresh for a broad audience -- it's something else entirely to have the craft to back that ambition up," John Landgraf, president and general manager of FX Networks, said in a statement. "Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have hit the trifecta with 'Nip/Tuck,' 'Glee' and now 'American Horror Story,' which will be scaring FX's viewers to death for many years to come."

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'American Horror Story': Ben Gets a Warning About the House He'll Surely Ignore (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 6th 2011 3:45AM
'American Horror Story' - 'Pilot'After much anticipation, 'American Horror Story' (Wed., 10PM ET on FX) finally premiered, and it's about as twisted, convoluted and bizarre as you could hope. Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk seem to be happy to have returned to FX, where they created 'Nip/Tuck.'

'AHS' brings plenty of sex appeal with its horror, which has elements of 'The Shining' and other psychological horrors. Thankfully, they don't appear to have gone the slasher route with this one, preferring to do a lot of their work in the dark and in the mind.

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Consider Yourself Warned: Five Ways 'American Horror Story' Will Be a Train Wreck

by Maureen Ryan, posted Oct 4th 2011 2:00PM
You've probably heard some buzz about 'American Horror Story' (10PM ET Wednesday, FX), the new drama from 'Glee's' Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. That's not surprising; if there's one thing Murphy is good at, it's creating shocking moments that the media likes to gab about.

The thing is, that may be the only things he's good at anymore. It's not that 'American Horror Story' is 100 percent awful, though at times it veers dangerously close to that. But longtime Murphy watchers know that it's only a matter of time before the few promising elements are clobbered to death by the dumb moves his shows inevitably pull.

If you do get pulled in by the show's wildly uneven premiere, trust me, in time, you are bound to be disappointed. Let me count the ways:

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New Promo for FX's 'American Horror Story' (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Aug 27th 2011 6:00PM
American Horror Story'American Horror Story' (premieres Wed., Oct. 5, 10PM ET on FX) is still somewhat of a mystery -- there's a troubled family living in a haunted house, plagued by horrific things -- and FX's previews aren't helping matters any. But boy, are they creepy.

Described as "addictive," "terrifying" and "sexy," the new "Creators" trailer claims that the show has everything you love about a thriller, but nothing you expect.

From the minds of 'Glee' co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, this new psychological thriller is decidedly darker than their song-and-dance-filled Fox hit.

Starring Dylan McDermott as Ben Harmon and Connie Britton as his wife Vivien, the spookiness starts when the Harmons move from Boston to L.A. Rounding out the star-studded cast is Jessica Lange as the Harmon's neighbor, as well as Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare and Frances Conroy.

Also just announced is 'Heroes' alum Zachary Quinto as a gay interior designer who used to own the Harmon's new home.

Curious? Check out the trailers right here and tell us what you think.

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'Glee' Co-Creator Brad Falchuk Says Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are Staying With the Show

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 25th 2011 7:30AM
'Glee' castIs there a little discord over in the 'Glee' camp? Last month Ryan Murphy said that several major 'Glee' cast members would be leaving the show at the end of Season 3. Their characters would graduate McKinley High and be replaced by new characters, just like in a real high school.

Makes sense, right? Well, yes and no. First, some of the actors concerned -- who are still under contract with the series -- expressed surprise at the news, with Chris Colfer saying that he'd found out via Twitter.

Then, last week Amber Riley said that the actors are all fine with the decision, and Lea Michele tweeted that "It's all part of the plan and it's all good."

Now, however, has Murphy's co-creator Brad Falchuk tossed a wrench into the works?

He told a Comic-Con audience that the characters are graduating, but they're not leaving the show: "It was never our plan or our intention to let them go. ... They are not done with the show after this season."

Oh, but he still had bad news for Sam fans: Chord Overstreet is done with the show.

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FX Picks Up Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story'

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 18th 2011 1:35PM
Connie Britton, Dylan McDermottRyan Murphy is back in business with FX. The network has picked up Murphy and Brad Falchuk's 'American Horror Story.'

"We're thrilled to welcome Ryan and Brad back to their original home," John Landgraf, president and general manager of FX Networks, said in a statement. "They have shown an uncanny ability to bring original series to the air unlike any that have come before, and to reconcile 'wildly entertaining' with the 'creatively ambitious.'

"Once again, 'American Horror Story' is a wholly unique and original take on its genre with richly drawn characters. The ability to put together a cast of stars such as Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Denis O'Hare, Frances Conroy and Oscar-winner Jessica Lange speaks to the quality of the writing and storytelling. This series is going to blow audiences back in their seats, and we can't wait to have it on our air."

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'Glee' Announces Comic-Con Lineup, 3-D Movie Preview

by Jean Bentley, posted Jul 13th 2011 5:00PM
Darren Criss, GleeYou'll be seeing a lot more Darren Criss on 'Glee' this fall now that the actor has been made a series regular, and his first official duty as a full-time cast member is to hit up the crowded California chaos center known as San Diego Comic-Con.

The Warblers leader will head up the 'Glee' panel alongside fellow full-time newbie Harry Shum Jr. (also known as Mike Chang), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Dot Marie Jones (Coach Bieste). While Ryan Murphy will be M.I.A., TVLine reports that co-creators Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, executive producer Dante di Loreto and choreographer Zack Woodlee will be in attendance.

The panel, which will be held in Hall H on Sun., July 24 at 10AM, will be moderated by TVLine's Michael Ausiello and will also give fans a sneak peek at the 'Glee' 3-D concert movie.

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'Glee' Finally Gets a Writing Staff

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 17th 2011 10:35AM
Glee'Glee' has finally gotten itself a writing staff! While more cooks in the kitchen generally doesn't equal a better product, we have hopes for this staffing change, especially with the talent they're bringing on board.

According to Deadline, 'Glee' co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan will be joined by 'Chuck' producer Allison Adler as co-executive producer.

Comic book scribe and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa will serve as co-producer and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' veteran Marti Noxon and writer/actor Michael Hitchcock will be consulting producers.

Matt Hodgson, formerly a script supervisor on the Fox comedy, and Ross Maxwell will serve as staff writers.

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Three Ways 'Glee' Could Be Helped By Ryan Murphy's New FX Show

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 21st 2011 5:30PM
Brad Falchuk and Ryan Muphy of 'Glee' hold their Golden Globe for the showWhen word came down from the folks at FX that 'Glee' impresarios Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy (pictured at right) were going to return to the cable net with a new drama entitled 'American Horror Story,' I'm sure many fans of the FOX musical mega-hit were wondering what that would mean for their favorite show.

It's not a misguided thought; Murphy's fingerprints are all over 'Glee,' which would make sense because the writing staff consists of Murphy, Falchuk and Ian Brennan. The theme of how it feels to be a high school outcast has been, by his admission, very near and dear to him; it's not a stretch to say, for instance, that the breakout character of Kurt is a thinly-veiled version of Murphy as a teenager. With Murphy and Falchuk splitting time between the two shows, will it lose what makes it 'Glee?'

I don't think it will. In fact, Murphy and Falchuk splitting their time between the two shows might be the best thing that's ever happened to the show, for three pretty good reasons.

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FX Orders Pilot From 'Glee' Creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 17th 2011 4:45PM
Brad Falchuk, Ryan MurphyApparently 'Glee''s production schedule isn't crazy enough for co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, because FX just announced it has ordered a pilot of the duo's new drama project, 'American Horror Story.'

According to Deadline, the horror show's plot is being kept under wraps for now. Here's what we do know: The pilot will be shot in April, the episodes will be an hour long, casting has already begun, and ... yeah, that's about it.

In a press release, Murphy said he and Falchuk had been working on the project "for a while. [FX president and general manager] John Landgraf and I have maintained a wonderful relationship since 'Nip/Tuck' ended its run, and he gave me an open invitation to develop a new show for the network."

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'Glee' Coach Dot-Marie Jones Talks Pro Arm-Wrestling Days and Beating Leno (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 5th 2010 4:30AM
Dot-Marie Jones Arm Wrestled Jay Leno on 'Tonight Show'Dot-Marie Jones owes her role in 'Glee' to a shopping trip to Whole Foods. Seriously. McKinley High's new football coach ran into 'Glee' co-creator Brad Falchuk at the grocery store. The two had worked together before, and he told her about his latest venture.

"I love that show! ... I wanta be on there -- tell Ryan [Murphy], you guys write me somethin'!" she told Falchuk. "I wasn't kidding, I had him in a choke-hold," she joked on 'The Tonight Show' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC). A few months later, she got the call.

But before Jones started acting, she was a professional arm wrestler. Seriously. After winning her 15th world title in 1997, she appeared on 'Tonight' and soundly beat the late-night host in her trade. Jay Leno had the proof.

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'Glee' Co-Creators Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan Meet the Press and Spill the Beans

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 9th 2010 9:00AM
In anticipation of the Tuesday, April 13th premiere of Fox's musical hit 'Glee,' two of the co-creators, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, met with the press via a conference call the other day. TV Squad was in on the call and you'll be thrilled with some of the big news coming up in the last nine episodes of this award-winning first season. There were some insights revealed when the cast and the other co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy were on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' yesterday, but Gleeks want more, and that's what this is all about.

Among the highlights – for all you who need encouragement -- Jane Lynch does "Vogue" in the Madonna musical episode. Kristin Chenoweth was not paired up with Idina Menzel, but Kristin's episode (the third one back) is supposed to be wonderful. And if you liked Puck's performance of "Sweet Caroline," wait till you see him do a song like a member of the Rat Pack. For all the details, read on.

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'Glee' Co-Creator Brad Falchuk Inks Two-Year Deal With 20th Century Fox TV

by Michael D. Ayers, posted Dec 2nd 2009 1:26PM
Fox is about to give Brad Falchuck something else to sing about.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 'Glee' co-creator has just inked a two-year, seven-figure development deal with 20th Century Fox. The deal will allow him to create new projects for the studio, while continuing to work on 'Glee.'

Along with 'Glee' co-creators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, Falchuk takes on writing and directing duties for the hit show, and most recently directed the past three episodes. Falchuk first met Murphy through his other series, 'Nip/Tuck.' From there, they went onto develop the series 'Pretty/Handsome,' which made it to pilot status but was never picked up. He also wrote episodes of the Canadian sci-fi series, 'Earth: Final Conflict.'

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