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August 30, 2015


Desperate Housewives tries to avoid a Nipplefest

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 16th 2007 7:00PM

Desperate HousewivesAnd before you say anything, that's the word used by show creator Marc Cherry, not me.

At a TCA Q and A (check out the reports from Joel and Kevin here), the Desperate Housewives creator says he spends $100,000 a week just getting rid of nipples that show through clothing because "I've got a couple of actresses who refuse to wear bras, and the Standards and Practices go 'Can't see that'...then I'll turn on Friends and it's a Nipplefest."

It's funny because I was just noticing the other day on a Friends repeat that Jennifer Aniston was, um, showing quite a bit. Personally I would have used the word "Nipplepalooza," but that's just me. Now, who are the actresses he's talking about?

[via TV Tattle]

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Desperate Housewives: We're Gonna Be Allright

by Sarah Gilbert, posted Jan 16th 2006 9:07AM

desperate housewives susan in hospitalWhen I saw Greg Germann sitting there at the bar in the opening scene, I almost jumped up and down with glee. I loved him on Ally McBeal and oh, how I've missed him (turns out he's been doing B movies and such these past several years)! Is he joining the show?

Um, no. He's the very epitome of the bad date, told in one of the most charming ways I've seen recently. Mary Ellen's voiceovers make everything just seem so infused with destiny. It's really a lovely trick and, in this scene, its played to maximum effect.

Susan, she's not loving the boor German plays at all. Much better: the doctor that treats them both for a vicious accidental head-butt. (heh. "in some cultures headbutting is a mating ritual!" heh heh). He's certainly a hotty and Susan proceeds to pursue him in the awkward way that no one but Susan could.

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