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August 29, 2015


Ray Rae Forces a Bridesmaid to Pierce Her Ears on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 19th 2011 4:15AM
'Bridezillas'Bridesmaids have to go through a lot to ensure their friend or relative gets through their wedding day in one piece. But Ray Rae put one of her bridesmaids through a completely unexpected ordeal on 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE).

One of the things bridesmaids have to deal with is that edict that you can never look better than the bride. As such, many women find themselves subjected to bridesmaids dresses that don't necessarily flatter their appearance. But they wear them because they love the bride.

Jo Jo, on the other hand, found out that Ray Rae had decided all of her bridesmaids needed to wear matching earrings. The problem was that Jo Jo had never gotten her ears pierced, and seemed quite happy that way. This was completely unacceptable for Ray Rae.

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Wedding Party Takes Down a Drunken One of Their Own on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 12th 2011 3:54AM
'Bridezillas'As a sneak preview of what her wedding day could be like, Kim's experience with groomsman Josh was less than stellar on 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE). Alcohol usually flows pretty freely at a wedding, but people react to it differently.

There are sleepy drunks, happy drunks, silly drunks, angry drunks and even violent drunks. And then there are those people who just completely lose their minds, becoming completely out of control and unpredictable.

Unfortunately for Kim, and Josh perhaps, he's fully in that latter category. As such, he completely lost control of himself, and had to be taken down by several guys much larger than him. Of course, everyone else drinking made his antics look even more outrageous, which is why they decided he needed to be taken down.

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After He Refused to Help, 'Bridezilla' Breaks Her Fiance's Xbox 360 (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 29th 2011 3:38AM
'Bridezillas'Usually when watching 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE) we find ourselves wondering about the crazy antics of these women, and the poor guys that seem saddled with all that crazy. But sometimes, and this is admittedly rare, the women seem completely justified.

Jeremiah was clearly pushing his fiance to see how far he could push her before she broke. After he got home from work, he was playing a game on his Xbox 360 when she came in and told him to come help her put together the wedding favors.

It was his adamant and repeated refusals that saw her escalate from frustrated to incensed with rage. When she picked up the Xbox and threatened to break it, both of them seemed unsure how the next few minutes would go. But Jeremiah bargained on her not trying to break such an expensive object.

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Suzy and Her Mom Take Their Fight to the Streets on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 22nd 2011 3:09AM
Suzy, 'Bridezillas'The communication breakdowns between Suzy and her family just kept coming on this week's installment of 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE). This time around it was over the seating at the reception hall. Suzy's mother and sister had some ideas, but Suzy was very adamant about where the groom's family should be sitting.

All of this is fairly typical stuff for a looming wedding, and a stressful bride is even to be expected. But Suzy is on this show for a reason. So when her sister told her to calm down, she decided she'd had enough and stormed out.

This led to a rather silly sequence with her mom in the car chasing after Suzy on foot. Mom was screaming and cussing for her to get in the car, but Suzy had had enough. Her new attitude about the wedding was "F*** it!" Hopefully, she'll care a little more about the state of her marriage, or she'll soon be a divorced-zilla.

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Suzy's Brattiness Pushes Her Mother to a Breaking Point on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 15th 2011 4:32AM
'Bridezillas'It's possible to be on 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE) without being a bratty child. And yet, Suzy resorted to some of the most immature behavior we've seen from any bride on this show when fighting with her mother.

It's one thing to repeat everything someone says to drive them crazy when you're a child. But to do it when you're an adult, and to do it to your mother? Everything from Suzy's facial expressions to her body language says she's emotionally about eight years old.

We absolutely loved her poor fiance's reaction to the whole thing.

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The Fiancé of This 'Bridezilla' Loses His Cool, Demands the Cameras Leave (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 25th 2011 5:23AM
Jesse and Tricia, 'Bridezillas'This week, we had to contend with both 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE) and a groomzilla, though there's more to this story than we know. Of course, if Jesse gets his way, we may never find out.

First, he followed Tricia to a dance club, causing her to abruptly end her evening early. When she called him about it, he told her they'd talk about it later. So she checked in with her brother, who promised her she was in for "like five hours of talking to do tonight."

There's more wrong than just her going to the club, but when she got there to talk, Jesse started ranting about the cameras being there. He's ready to throw them out for good and end their time on the show rather abruptly.

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Bachelor Party Double-Standard on 'Bridezillas': 'I'm Above Him!' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 5th 2011 1:57AM
Porsha, 'Bridezillas'Do you ever wonder, when you're watching 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), how much of what we see does the groom not know about? In the latest installment our bride was Porsha, and she was very passionate about one thing. Her man was not going to have any strippers at his bachelor party.

"If Byron thinks that he's going to have strippers at his bachelor party," she ranted to the camera. He got another damned thing coming ... and he's possibly gonna be left at the altar."

However, Porsha was going ahead with plans for her own bachelorette party, which her bridesmaids found confusing. When one asked her how she could justify that, Porsha responded, "'Cause I'm the damned bride. I'm above him. It's my wedding. I'm just allowing him to come. It's all about me."

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Exotic Dancer Panther Knows How to Make Even 'Bridezillas' Happy (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 27th 2011 6:53AM
Panther, 'Bridezillas'The girls who put together Gabrielle's bachelorette party know how to calm the wild 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE). The prescription for Gabrielle was an exotic dancer named Panther. Who can scream and yell and throw fits when they're too busy giggling gleefully and getting nipped on the behind.

Panther had a wide range of moves he tried on Gabrielle, and all of them elicited the same jubilant responses. It made us wonder if he and others in his trade wear ear plugs. That many screaming women in such a confined space has to get loud when it's echoing in your eardrums.

"I'm gonna remember this forever and always," Gabrielle said of the Panther experience. These girls [laughs], they really came through."

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Sisters Take Screaming Match to the Street in 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 12th 2011 11:22PM
bridezillasErica, a not-so-blushing bride to be, got into a nasty war of words with her little sister Jamika the night before her bachelorette party on 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE).

The screaming match, which later turned violent (shocker!) and spilled out onto the street for the entire neighborhood to witness, began when Jamika announced that she was too busy studying to help Erica with her party favors.

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'Bridezilla' Accuses Husband of Infidelity at Wedding Reception (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 8th 2010 6:05AM
Angel Accuses New Husband of Infidelity on 'Bridezillas'On 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), Angel and her husband have been married just a few hours when she accuses him of cheating on her. During the reception, she pulls him into a side room, but their mics are still on.

"I know you have something going with her!" she says. He replies, "I was dancing!" She counters: "Yeah, with the person that I know that you've had sex with!"

The groom says, "You're doing this right now at our wedding -- right now? You think I would invite someone like that, here?" He has a point, but she only changes the subject when dragging him into the women's bathroom and demanding: "You're going to help me piss right now." He makes a deal to help "if you give me a kiss and tell me you love me."

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'Bridezilla' Makes Male Bridesmaid Clean Litter Box (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Nov 1st 2010 9:30AM
Male Bridesmaid Cleans Litter Box on 'Bridezillas'Travis' temper tantrum in last week's episode of 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE) got him ousted from Tasha's wedding party. The big day hasn't arrived yet, though, so he does some manual labor to be re-instated as her male bridesmaid.

Tasha directs him to the litter box and commands that he "scoop up some turds." Travis is horrified, having never changed cat litter because his "hands are very delicate."

As traumatic for him as such penance seems, it gets worse when he discovers a hole in the plastic bag he's using -- and holes in all the other bags.

"Before Travis arrived, I purposely put holes in all of the bags, so that when he put the poop in there it would fall out," revealed Tasha. "And I was hoping he would pick it up with his hands." Nice.

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'Bridezillas': Dramatic Male Bridesmaid Gets Ousted from Wedding (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Oct 25th 2010 8:20AM
Man of Honor Causes Drama on 'Bridezillas'On 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), it's bridesmaidman Travis who's causing all the drama, not bride-to-be Tasha. The final straw? He throws a tantrum over not getting the grand entrance he desires ("the side door with the groomsmen?!").

Tasha grabs his purse, shoves him out the door and tells him not to show up on the wedding day. "He's done nothing productive this whole week that he's been here," explains Tasha. "I feel like he's dead weight."

Travis says that if she doesn't think he'll attend the ceremony "after I've known her since 10th grade, she's out of her mind." And if his being there causes a scene, he'll make it "a better wedding."

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A 'Bridezilla' Gets Mad at Her Bridesmaids For Eating, Looking Like "Grapes" (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 20th 2010 4:00AM
A 'Bridezilla' Gets Mad at Her Bridesmaids For Eating, Looking Like 'Grapes'On 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), we have to deal with a supremely evil bride-to-be named Gloria. What are Gloria's crimes against humanity? Let us count the mean things that she does:

1) After her bridesmaid Leslie goes to the hospital for dehydration, Gloria calls the woman up and yells at her. Apparently, Gloria doesn't "believe" in dehydration as a medical condition: "They have things to fix that nowadays: Gatorade, Powerade."

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Groom's Sister Physically Attacks the Bride on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 13th 2010 8:00AM
Ayanna Is Attacked on 'Bridezillas'On 'Bridezillas' (Sun., 9PM ET on WE), it's Ayanna and David's wedding day. While the bride is getting ready, her soon-to-be sister-in-law is having a breakdown elsewhere in the hotel. Her bridesmaid shoes haven't arrived yet.

Ayanna attempts to calm her down over the phone, but she threatens to drive off and not be in the wedding at all. So the bride decides to go to her hotel room and smooth things over off-camera. She's still wearing a mic, though.

When Ayanna enters the room, David's sister pounces -- literally. The physical attack gets pretty aggressive. (It sounds that way, at least.) The yelps, slaps and punches lead to a phone call to the police.

The bride bursts into tears and says, "Who wanta get in a fight on their wedding day, ruin their hair!? Out of all days, this is the day of unity, bringing families together."

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Mother and Bride-to-Be Have a Slap Fight on 'Bridezillas' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Aug 23rd 2010 3:30PM
You may now slap the bride! On 'Bridezillas' (Sun, 9PM ET on WE), a playful fight between a future bride and her mother turns ugly during the bachelorette party. After all, there's no better wedding present than a drunken slap fight.

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