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October 10, 2015

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'Doctor Who' Season 6, Episode 6 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 6th 2011 2:25PM
doctor who the almost people['Doctor Who' –'The Almost People']

It sure was nice to see all of this "Flesh" and "Gangers" business finally lead to something truly shocking and intriguing for our time-traveling TARDIS crew on the latest 'Doctor Who.' Now -- for those of us who didn't skip ahead, of course -- begins the longest week ever: The wait for the eagerly anticipated 'Doctor Who' mid-season finale, 'A Good Man Goes to War.' Can. Not. Wait! Torrents. So. Tempting! Damn you, Memorial Day weekend!

OK ... where were we now? Oh, yes, 'The Almost People.' Right. Let's get to it then ...

The latest 'Doctor Who' double-episode arc began with a fun and insane gothic horror creepfest, 'The Rebel Flesh,' and things only got creepier and "more insanerer" with 'The Almost People.' This week's episode offered more horror and suspense -- and more disturbing questions about human perception and identity -- before delivering a brain-rattling freak-out of an ending. I mean, did you see what happened!? It was just so ... barmy!

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'Doctor Who' Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted May 8th 2011 10:10AM
doctor who s06e03['Doctor Who' – 'The Curse of the Black Spot']

The Doctor set sail on a limey, low-budget adventure on this week's episode of 'Doctor Who.'

'Curse of the Black Spot,' while funny and genuinely rousing in places, felt like a letdown coming after the epic and cinematic two-part series six opener.

But, to be fair, almost anything that followed that brilliant, brain-searing opening arc was gonna feel like a letdown. Still, pirates? Yeah, OK ...

The Doctor and his companions landed on a 17th century pirate ship after the TARDIS picked up a distress call. Armed with his wits and trusty sonic, our man with the bow tie went up against a glowing sea siren, or, as he dubbed her, "a stroppy, homicidal mermaid trying to kill all!"

It was fun trying to figure out the mystery of the creepy siren/mermaid/demon thingy, but the most amusing thing about 'Black Spot' was watching The Doctor locked in a mini power struggle with Captain Henry Avery (guest player Hugh Bonneville).

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'Doctor Who' Season 6, Episode 2 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted May 1st 2011 4:30PM
doctor who day of the moon['Doctor Who' – 'Day of the Moon']

Last week's 'Doctor Who' series 6 premiere left us with a million questions, and this week's conclusion left us with a million more! Brain...melting! Confusion...winning! What. Is. Happening!?

Steven Moffat and crew hurled us straight into the deep end after leaving our heads spinning with the first half of this thrilling two-part adventure. We landed right in the middle of the story, three months after we witnessed Amy shooting the little girl in the space suit and revealing her pregnancy to The Doctor.

Amy, Rory and River Song were desperate and running from both The Silence and from Canton Delaware and his gun-toting G-men. Their bodies were covered with 'Memento'-ish marks and, of yeah, they all died in the first act. Died! Shocking, right? Sure, but not as shocking as the image of The Doctor sporting a wild Sam Beam beard.

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British 'Skins' on DVD Giveaway

by Jean Bentley, posted Jan 11th 2011 5:30PM
SkinsYou're probably well aware that MTV's version of the U.K. hit 'Skins' premieres on Monday (what with the ever-more-frequent promos hitting the web). But before you inevitably become obsessed with the exploits of a hard-partying group of American teens, why not catch up with their British predecessors?

These U.K. high schoolers tackle normal teen issues like relationship woes and college admissions, but they also find themselves dealing with some more intense problems like mental illness, homelessness and prison. You know, the usual.

Today marks the release of 'Skins' Volume 4, the second half of the second-generation cast's adventures. The school year gets off to a bad start for the teens when a classmate commits suicide at a popular club while high, but believe it or not, that's not even the most shocking thing they deal with during the fourth season.

To get you caught up with the entire series, we're giving you a chance to win all four volumes on DVD.

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The Stig Speaks! An Interview With Former 'Top Gear' Driver Ben Collins

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 4th 2010 3:00PM
Racing driver Ben Collins and The Stig from BBC's 'Top Gear'Some say The Stig fell to Earth from a speeding meteorite and landed behind the wheel of a Koenigsegg CCX before the producers of the successful BBC car show 'Top Gear' chose him to be their mute racing driver.

Others said he was actually a clone combination of seven race car drivers, chemically and genetically designed to drive everything from a fully-tweaked Lamgorgini Murcelagio to a gas-powered snowmobile down a steep ski jump ramp.

But Jeremy Clarkson, the colorful and outspoken 'Top Gear' host, called him a "greedy twat."

Ben Collins, the Formula Three circuit, British GT Championship and Le Mans Series racing driver, was revealed as The Stig thi ssummer thanks to a British high court ruling. Collins finally got to speak of his time as The Stig in a new book called 'The Man in the White Suit,' which hit bookstores in the States this week.

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MTV's 'Skins' Preview: Creator Talks Remaking the British Teen Drama

by Sandie Angulo Chen, posted Nov 2nd 2010 4:30PM
Skins MTVFans of the edgy British teen drama 'Skins,' which airs in the U.S. on BBC America and is also available on DVD, probably already know that the hit series is being adapted for American audiences by MTV and producer/creator Bryan Elsley.

But what even smug "original fans" may not know is that, like the U.S. version of 'The Office,' the U.S. edition of 'Skins' will not feature one-for-one copies of the U.K. show's cast or story lines.

We spoke to Elsley about what current devotees of 'Skins' should know before the MTV version premieres in 2011.

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Five British TV Shows to Catch on DVD

by Nick Zaino, posted Oct 3rd 2010 1:30PM
British TV is definitely more visible in America these days. BBC America reaches about 68 million homes, according to its press site, and features a few shows every TV fan probably recognizes, like 'Doctor Who' and 'Top Gear.' But it's still behind some of its basic cable brethren.

According to TV By the Numbers, the April premiere of 'Doctor Who' series 5 set ratings records for the network with 1.2 million viewers. That's a lot of people, but dwarfed in comparison to the 5.3 million who watched the 'Jersey Shore' season 2 debut in July.

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Check Out the New Promo For BBC's Modern-Day 'Sherlock'

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 19th 2010 8:00PM
bbc sherlock Get ready for a brand new take on Sherlock Holmes (again!). 'Doctor Who' mastermind Steven Moffat has recast The World's Greatest Detective as a sharp, modern-day crime fighter in the new BBC miniseries 'Sherlock.'

The miniseries, starring 'Atonement's Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and 'The Office (UK)' vet Martin Freeman as Watson, transports Arthur Conan Doyle's classic characters to contemporary London, where they'll search for a clever killer who makes his murders look like suicides.

Head after the jump for the BBC's slick new promo to get an early taste of the new Holmes in action.

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Hungry? 'Come Dine With Me' Preview

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 7th 2010 2:30PM
Come Dine With MeDinner parties can be either the best of nights or a really, really big drag. The host is one factor that can turn a mediocre night into the time of your life.

On BBC America's series 'Come Dine With Me' (Wed., July 7 at 9PM ET), four hosts per episode will be judged on their party-throwing skills. Guests will rate the host based on the atmosphere, entertainment and the three course meal (appetizer, main course and dessert).

Each episode is set in a different town with four amateur chefs hosting a dinner party and secretly grading one another. The winner receives a $1,500 prize.

BBC America is currently working on an American version of the series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new version is filming in New York this summer and will air in early 2011.

Check out two video previews of the series then tell us about your bad dinner party story. Come on, you know you have one ...

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Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Four (U.S.)

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 24th 2009 3:31AM
torchwood, ianto, jack, day four, bbc

OK folks, let's pull ourselves together now. Yes, this was Torchwood's darkest hour, but tonight is ass-kicking time, right? Right?

Honestly, I'm not really sure how it's all gonna end, but that's what I'm loving about Children of Earth. The miniseries has kept me guessing from the start, and it's kept me on the edge of my seat all week with damn fine storytelling and some great performances. (Please, Internet, tell me a full season order is in the can for next year!)

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Torchwood: Children of Earth: Day Two (U.S.)

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 22nd 2009 1:56AM
torchwood children of earth day two

Gwen is a badass. And that Ianto sure is one clever boy. With Captain Jack busy growing back his body parts, Torchwood's non-super-powered players took center stage in Children of Earth's fast and furious second hour.

Day two started out with a rush of action movie awesomeness as Gwen blasted her way out of a scary situation. I don't remember the danger ever feeling so immediate and real in Torchwood. The opening minutes were edge-of-your-seat tense, and the swift pace rarely let up.

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