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October 9, 2015

bruno tonioli

He's Hairless and Soft; It's Bruno Tonioli on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 21st 2010 4:18AM
'Jimmy Kimmel Live''Dancing with the Stars' judge Bruno Tonioli may have just found a new intro. On his appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM on ABC) after the season premiere of his show, he and Kimmel found themselves discussing a rather nude picture of Tonioli.

As can often happen when Tonioli makes appearances, things got goofy in a hurry. Before anyone knew what was happening, Tonioli was unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his hairless physique. "I am naturally hairless," he said. "And I have very, very soft skin."

"He's hairless and soft," Kimmel agreed. We think Tonioli should be introduced like that from now on. "He's hairless and soft, it's Bruno Tonioli!"

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Kelly Ripa Talks 'Dancing,' Imitates Bruno Tonioli on 'Late Night' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Apr 14th 2010 4:23AM
Kelly Ripa Talks 'Dancing' on 'Late Night'Jimmy Fallon found a fellow 'Dancing with the Stars' addict in Kelly Ripa. On 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), they compared notes -- and impersonations of the contestants and judges.

Fallon admitted that seeing Kate Gosselin's robotic effort to "Paparazzi," "makes me feel good about myself. I go, 'I'm not that bad.'" Following on his hilarious impression of her routine last week, he again unleashed the Kate within for Ripa.

She then countered with a flawless Bruno Tonioli impersonation, complete with a dramatic review: "If you were going through a divorce, I would make looove to you!" And after further dissection of the season's competitors, Ripa revealed her annoyance with a particular male contestant. Who could it be?

Watch the video after the jump.

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Steve Carell and Tina Fey's Kissing Technique in 'Date Night' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 8th 2010 1:00PM
According to Steve Carell, his kissing scenes with Tina Fey in the movie 'Date Night' were anything but romantic. Instead, Carell and Fey kissed with their mouths tightly closed, and even whispered acting directions to each other while locking lips, he said on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated).

"There were no tongues involved. No tongues were injured," Carell said of his technique while kissing Fey. "We did a four-and-a-half minute kiss for the end credits, and, so, we were, like, whispering things to each other ... [like], 'Okay, lie down. Now, roll over.'"

Watch the video after the jump.

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Pamela Anderson and Kate Gosselin Premiere on 'Dancing With the Stars' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 23rd 2010 2:42AM
Dancing With the Stars, Kate Gosselin, Pamela AndersonTwo TV divas premiered on 'Dancing With the Stars' (Mon., 8PM ET on ABC), and each made a splash in her own way.

Pamela Anderson was all about the sex appeal, ripping her partner's shirt open and dancing like she was having a ... you know. She made Tom Bergeron feel like he was twelve years old.

But Kate Gosselin was much more serious, and said she needs to get over her own insecurities and nervousness on the dance floor. Then again, she looked like she wanted to smack Bruno Tonioli when he said, "It looked like Tony was pushing a shopping cart around." He probably didn't mean to play off her housewife role ... or, who knows, maybe he did.

Watch the videos after the jump.

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Recap: Dancing with the Stars - Performance 10

by Michael Pascua, posted Nov 24th 2009 1:52AM
Mya hopes her Paso Doble can win her over.(S09E20) It's the finals of Dancing with the Stars and the trophy was placed in front of the judge's table. Tom announces that three couples have three new dances; technically Mya was part of Team Paso Doble in week seven.

The second round was the megamix, and I would rather have them return to the group dance-off format. The three couples dancing at the same time was too much to handle. I missed individuality.

I was very disappointed with the Freestyle round. There's free reign and it didn't seem like anyone even took it. I was expecting Kelly to rock out and Mya to pull off a tasteful hip-hop piece. Alas, I got neither.

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Recap: Dancing with the Stars - Performance #7

by Michael Pascua, posted Nov 3rd 2009 2:22AM
Mya and Dmitry end their performance with a silhouette.(S09E14) It's week seven of Dancing with the Stars, and the pressure is on. Lacey Schwimmer was the victim of a cold; Anna Trebunskya has stepped in to help Mark Dacascos. The other victims tonight were the professionals who were forced to wear costumes designed by the celebrities. While it worked for Kelly, it backfired on Joanna.

You know that there will be longer commercials between performances when you get a professional opening sequence. Five professionals and one woman who wasn't named performed a tango and paso doble. The dance was supposed to be an example of teamwork, but the paso and tango was also not as synchronized as I expected.

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Recap: Dancing with the Stars - Performance 6

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 27th 2009 12:42AM
Lacey drags a lifeless Mark across the dancefloor.(S09E12) Dancing with the Stars had the Waltz or Jitterbug for individual dancing, but the big twist tonight was the Mambo group competition. All the couples will dance the mambo at the same time. The judges determine the elimination: as the couples dance, Len holds up a paddle and that team is eliminated. The first couple cut gets two points while the last team standing earns ten.

As the contestants walk down, both Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower trip on the way down. It's a bad omen and never a good way to start the show.

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Dancing with the Stars: Performance 1 Results

by Michael Pascua, posted Sep 24th 2009 1:10AM
Ashley Hamilton and his partner Edyta Sliwinska

(S09E03) Two nights, two eliminations, and a lot of unnecessary crap until the eliminations. Thus is the Dancing with the Stars elimination process. And we're live. Unfortunately, no outbursts from Macy Gray tonight.

Encore performance Kelly & Louis – Viennese Waltz – One thing that I loved about the performance was the way that they incorporated the dress into the performance. It still brings Sharon chills.

After a quick recap of the women's performance last night. The eliminations begin with the men first. The first two couples safe are Louie & Chelsie and Aaron & Karina.

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Dancing with the Stars: Performance 1 Part 1 (season premiere)

by Michael Pascua, posted Sep 22nd 2009 12:38AM
Dancing With the Stars
(S09E01) We begin the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars with a men's professional routine. As good as all the men are, it's just not as compelling as women's flowing (or non-existent) dresses. Tom and Samantha welcome us to the show and reminds us that there are minor twists, including extra double eliminations. Our first twist is the Relay: basically a rehashed group dance.

We welcome our dancers for the first time down the stairs. While the women aren't performing tonight, they descend and sit in the audience. Macy Gray wanders down the stairs totally confused to as where she is.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 11

by Michael Pascua, posted May 19th 2009 12:38AM
Dancing with the StarsWe're finally at the end of the season with the three strongest dancers. After ten weeks, I have no clue how Belinda Carlisle did back in week one. At this point, you could tell me that Nancy O'Dell was eliminated in week two and I would believe you. The mirror ball trophy was placed in front of the judges table and the judges seem excited about the competition. Unfortunately, we got some more disappointing freestyle performances.

The interesting thing about the three competitors is that their strengths are in different categories. Shawn is probably the quickest learner and can technically perform. Gilles is best with Latin, and Melissa is best with Ballroom. Melissa probably has the biggest hill to climb, coming from third place and stuck with a Latin performance.

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Dancing with the Stars: Expendable judges?

by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 30th 2009 10:55AM
Lil Kim gets the support of Len GoodmanThis week on Dancing with the Stars, Len ruffled some feathers by announcing that Ty should go home and that potential professional dancer Mayo was too tall. Both proved him wrong. This caused an uproar from several viewers that Len is too old, stuffy, biased, or mean. This led me to wonder if the judges are expendable.

The show shouldn't go the way of American Idol and add a judge, because the time allotment would go bonkers and the scores would confuse viewers (getting a 30 is a lot easier than getting a 40). Let's take a look at the positives and negatives of our three judges.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 5

by Michael Pascua, posted Apr 7th 2009 1:16AM
Melissa Rycroft on Dancing with the Stars(S08E08) With the passion of the Paso Doble and the grace of the Viennese Waltz, most of the contestants have proven that they deserve to be here. Even Steve-O has improved leaps and bounds since week one.

Carrie Ann was on the attack the whole night. She had to be angry at her hairdresser and took it out on the contestants. This week was one of those weeks where the lift continues to be debated. She accepts Shawn for being artistic, but penalizes Melissa for a flub. More analysis after the jump.

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Dancing with the Stars: Week 2

by Michael Pascua, posted Mar 17th 2009 2:14AM

(S08E02) - "We all know what Bruno wants." - Chuck

The show was a little off this week with the random sound cue during Ty's judging, the frozen video with Lawrence, the new judges paddles and Steve-O, but the performances were a lot better than last week. Most of the weaker dancers improved, and the rest basically stayed in the same scoring bracket. After the jump, an overall look at all the performances.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 The Finale

by Brett Love, posted Nov 26th 2008 12:15AM

Lance Bass, Brooke Burke, Warren Sapp - Dancing With The Stars
(S07E21) In the grand tradition of Dancing With The Stars, everyone came together for the glorious task of turning 3 minutes of results into a two hour ratings bonanza. If you have seen the finale before, you know how it all went down. Take a couple of musical numbers, interviews or dances with all the eliminated contestants, and add in a whole lot of replays as the show looks back at all that has gone on. It's not the greatest recipe for a two hour show, but after 20 episodes of top ten numbers, I suppose they've earned it. I'll not spoil the big surprise before the jump, so hit the link for a brief look at all that went on, and to find out who took home the mirrorball.

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 The Finals

by Brett Love, posted Nov 25th 2008 12:10AM

Dancing With The Stars Finalists
(S07E20) After two and a half months, and nineteen episodes, it all comes down to this. Our remaining three couples made their way back to the ballroom for what Tom called, "The most closely contested finals ever." That was an apt description after what we saw in the semi-finals. With Lance & Lacey wrestling the lead away from Brooke & Derek as we neared the end of the season, it really looked like season seven could go to anyone. How would it play out? Would it all come down to the big freestyle numbers? And, oh yeah, which dancing kids team won? The answers to all of those questions, and a look at the rest of the finals performances, after the jump.

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