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September 1, 2015

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Things I Hate About TV: Counting Americans in a tragedy

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 2nd 2009 3:31PM
Air France disasterI'm sure most of you are glued to your TVs for news of what happened to Air France flight 447, which disappeared over the Atlantic yesterday while en route from Buenos Aires Rio to Paris. Not only is any major accident like that a fascinating, newsworthy event, but the added mystery of the plane's disappearance makes the story even more compelling.

Some of you reading this may have friends or family among the 228 people on the flight, which makes this a personal tragedy for a lot of people. But if you listen to the news media, it seems like most of the people who have been potentially lost on the flight aren't such a big deal. After all, "there were two Americans" on that flight, you see, and, as far as the U.S. media is concerned, their loss is more of a tragedy than the loss of any of the others.

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The Mole: Episode 10

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 5th 2008 1:22AM
the mole august 4(S05E10) "You go down the street and take a left at Jesus." - street directions to find the solution to a challenge

At first I thought this was the season finale of The Mole. Then I found out that it's actually next week where we found out who the Mole is and who wins the money. According to the preview for next week, we'll also have a reunion of the executed players and we'll find out how the Mole sabotaged the game and what clues the show laid out for us. The latter sounds great, but a reunion? I can't remember what the finales for the first two seasons of The Mole were like (the ones hosted by Anderson Cooper), but did they have a reunion finale too? If I remember correctly, the game didn't end on a test and we found out who did best and who won the money, it was actually another challenge that revealed the winner and the Mole (I think one finale challenge had them opening various doors to see who was behind it, or something like that?).

Anyway, let's get to what happened in this episode.

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The Mole: Episode 8

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 22nd 2008 1:01AM

The Mole(S05E08) I was always terrible at math in school, which probably explains why I'm typing this right now. So this episode of The Mole, at least the first half, is rather tense for me. I like to follow along with the questions and the clues and try to figure out stuff myself in this game (as much as you can in an edited format), and all of the questions involving math problems in the first challenge confuse me. Still, I knew the answer to that one question was 455, and I couldn't understand why Clay was insisting it was a number it couldn't possibly be. Could he be screwing up the numbers on purpose because he's (insert dramatic music)...the Mole?

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