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October 7, 2015


EXCLUSIVE 'Tori & Dean' Sneak Peek: Can Tori Juggle Motherhood, Work & Another Baby On the Way?

by Maggie Furlong, posted Nov 28th 2011 5:30PM
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood'Tori & Dean' are back for a sixth season (premieres Tues., Nov. 29, 10PM ET on Oxygen), and their sweet Hollywood home is busy as ever, with a new business and baby #3 on the way.

The previews show Tori doing her best to hide her baby bump from the press -- including an awesome scene of her writhing around on the closet floor, trying to get her Spanx on -- while Dean is trying his hand in the culinary arts. (I can't wait for the inevitable episode where Tori compares sharp knives and mandolines to racing motorcycles, Dean's last swiftly-nixed hobby.)

In our exclusive clip from this season, little Liam is acting out and playing rough with mama Tori in the middle of a photo shoot (fun takeaway: even Tori's cropped 'do is all extensions!), forcing Tori to finally admit that her good cop role to daddy Dean's bad cop can't last forever.

Watch and tell us: Do you think Tori is a better mom than her mom was?

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Gus, Trust and Gale: Thoughts on the 'Breaking Bad' Season Premiere (VIDEO)

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jul 18th 2011 11:15AM
I can't promise I'll be recapping 'Breaking Bad' every week -- with Comic-Con and other travel commitments looming, it would be foolhardy promise that -- but I wanted to share a few thoughts about 'Breaking Bad's' masterful season premiere.

I wrote in my season 4 review that 'Box Cutter' was one of the finest season premieres I'd ever seen, and the word that kept coming to mind as I watched it was 'trust.'

There isn't any between Gus and Walt, but trust was nevertheless evident in every frame shot in the Superlab.

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Jacee Badeaux Struggles With 'Idol' Hollywood Image (VIDEO)

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Feb 16th 2011 10:45PM

They say hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately for the groups on this season of 'American Idol,' no one realized that a star was being born in the chubby, unassuming Jacee Badeaux.

Although easily a fan and judge favorite, Jacee Badeaux had a horrible time trying to find a group that believed in his talents.

It was looking almost like the end of the road for Jacee before he connected with a group who desperately need a day-two member.

Although the judges made it pretty clear that people who flubbed words during their performance would go home, they let Jacee slide, making the bumpy group auditions worth the 'Idol' ride for this early fan favorite.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on Fox.

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'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 10 Recap

by Ryan McGee, posted Nov 30th 2010 12:30AM
['Chuck' – 'Chuck Versus the Leftovers']

For those of you who wish Thanksgiving would never end, 'Chuck' had just the recipe for you tonight. However, 'Chuck Versus the Leftovers' was, shall we say, undercooked. All the ingredients were there for a solid episode -- Mama Bartowski, Alexei Volkoff, Morgan Grimes as John McClane -- and yet, very little of it came together. Toss in the emphasis of the season's most annoying story line, and you had an episode that left a slightly bitter taste in one's mouth.

Volkoff -- upset that Chuck survived the blast in Stephen Barktowski's basement -- ordered Mary to send a trio of hit men (The Three Assassamigos?) in order to finish the job. Even though Chuck's only fighting lessons consist of the same ones that Carmen Electra no doubt teaches, Sarah and Mary manage to save his hide once again. If it's a Mary episode of 'Chuck,' then it's probably an episode in which Chuck behaves childishly, and therefore annoyingly, until the bitter end of the hour. And tonight followed that pattern slavishly.

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Bill O'Reilly Finds His Words in Glee's 'Rocky Horror' Script (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 28th 2010 3:57PM
Apparently, 'Glee's' writers have read Bill O'Reilly's latest book, 'Pinhead's and Patriots.' On 'The O'Reilly Factor' (weekdays 8PM ET on Fox News), O'Reilly pointed out that in this week's episode of 'Glee,' Meatloaf's 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'-hating newsman character used the phrase "secular progressive agenda."

"Of course, the secular progressive agenda is a theme in my book," O'Reilly bragged. "So I"m glad to see the 'Glee' people are reading it."

O'Reilly didn't offer any comment on the fact that 'Glee' was mocking the way O'Reilly characterizes people he disagrees with as having a "secular progressive agenda." But that's probably because he seemed so excited to see Meatloaf onscreen. (And who can blame him for that.)

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Suspect Drives Like a Stuntman During 'Out of Control Drivers' Pursuit (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 28th 2010 7:08PM
We're all accident voyeurs, aren't we, junkies for car chases and police pursuits, waiting for the crash that signals the end of the race.

In this segment from 'Out of Control Drivers' (Sun., 9PM ET on TLC), the Oklahoma Highway Patrol makes repeated attempts to nudge the rear-end of this speeding criminal in a vain attempt to spin the blue car out of control. But this suspect is either incredibly lucky or a hotshot driver -- he pulls off some unbelievable maneuvers to keep one step ahead of the law.

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'Bachelorette' Spoilers: Who Will Ali Choose?

by Laura Prudom, posted Jun 23rd 2010 6:00PM
Ali Fedotowsky - ABCAlthough we're still weeks away from the conclusion of Ali Fedowotsky's 'Bachelorette' season on ABC, the blogosphere and tabloid magazines have been buzzing with spoilers and speculation regarding our lovely lady's final pick. Two clear favorites have already emerged, but everything can change in the blink on an eye on our ridiculous but addictive reality show, and 'The Bachelorette' still has some surprises up its sleeve.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve has, up to this point at least, successfully predicted every show twist and elimination on 'The Bachelorette', including the upcoming scandal that will rock next week's episode. This is due to a number of well-placed sources and the fact that the 'Bachelorette' finished filming in May, which means that Ali's final decision has long been made.

Would you like to know how (we're 99 percent sure) 'The Bachelorette' ends this season? Join us after the jump and BEWARE OF HEAVY SPOILERS FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON -- they can leave bruises, you know.

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Tate Donovan and Christina Chang Take Flight From 'No Ordinary Family'

by Laura Prudom, posted Jun 3rd 2010 4:40PM
Seems like the future isn't looking too super for two members of the 'No Ordinary Family' cast. According to the Ausiello Files, series regulars Tate Donovan and Christina Chang are leaving the ABC superhero drama as a result of post-pilot retooling.

"It was strictly a story-line-related decision," an unnamed 'Ordinary' source told Ausiello, maintaining that producers of the show hope to bring the pair back on a guest-star basis, depending on their schedules.

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Glenn Beck Apologizes for Mocking the President's Daughter (VIDEO)

by Harley W. Lond, posted Jun 2nd 2010 5:20PM
Commentator Glenn Beck -- who's always been very big on not dragging a politician's family into the political debate -- stepped over the line last week by mocking President Obama's 11-year-old daughter, Malia. He came in for flack from the usual cast of suspects, but criticism always rolls off his back -- unless it comes from his wife.

Beck took a minute of time during Tuesday's 'Glenn Beck' show (weekdays, 5PM ET on FNC) to credit his wife with making him see the error of his ways. After she heard his on-air comments, she quietly asked him why he had "made fun of the president's children."

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'The Bachelorette' - Season Premiere Recap

by Laura Prudom, posted May 25th 2010 9:26AM
(S06E01) Hold on to your roses, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for season six of 'The Bachelorette,' AKA, 'That Show Where You Must Forsake Your Livelihood And Home To Pursue Twoo Wuv, Or Be Forever Branded A Workaholic.'

In case the last season of 'The Bachelor' and the numerous previews, 'After the Rose' specials, opening credit voiceovers and multiple Chris Harrison interviews during the episode didn't quite give you the whole story, allow us to remind you that Ali Fedotowsky almost won Jake Pavelka's heart last season on 'The Bachelor,' before her mean old employers were meaniefaces who told her to stop frolicking about on a reality game show and get back to work, or risk getting fired.

And because Ali was a workaholic shrew, she chose her career over love and broke poor Jake's heart -- for shame! Much weeping and hand-wringing ensued for the rest of the season, and in subsequent tabloid columns, just to remind us that one should never choose career stability and a steady paycheck over a dreamy hunk of Texan man who can fly planes to like, anywhere!

But now Ali is back, and she's learned her lesson! She's quit her job and moved out of her apartment in her quest for romance, so let's just hope that none of her potential suitors have recently quit their jobs and are living with their parents, since that could get awkward. Oh, wait ...

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On the Set: 'Rockville, CA'

by Maggie Furlong, posted Mar 17th 2009 9:00AM
Rockville, CAThe latest show from 'The O.C.,' 'Chuck' and 'Gossip Girl' creator Josh Schwartz won't be showing up on your TV -- it'll be playing right here on the Interwebs.

TheWB.com's 'Rockville, CA' (premieres Tues., March 17) revolves entirely around one of the things Schwartz's hit shows are known best for: killer soundtracks. Taking place at fictitious Club Rockville, the web series' cast consists of a bevy of easy-on-the-eyes twenty-somethings, including the club owners, their friends and, of course, the music fans.

AOL TV hit the set at real-life venue the Echoplex in L.A. to chat with the stars and Schwartz's music guru, Alexandra Patsavas. Then, just like that, we were treated to an awesome live performance by the episode's featured band, Travis. It's all in a day's work, folks ... -- By Maggie Furlong

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America's Next Top Model ads pulled in Santa Monica

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 28th 2007 4:09PM
ANTM Season TeaserThe city of Santa Monica, located in western LA County, has been considered so far to the left politically and so paternalistic in its ordinances that some travel guides refer to it as The People's Republic of Santa Monica. Helping bolster that image are moves such as yesterday's announcement that America's Next Top Model ads were to be removed from city buses due to complaints made by residents.

What exactly was so offensive about the ad, which featured Tyra and the show's contestants in bathing suits against a waterfall? The city's director of transit services said that most of the complaints came from people who felt that the city was endorsing a show that was disrespectful to women. Whether you find ANTM disrespectful to women depends a great deal on whether or not you think the entire modeling industry is disrespectful to women. I find ANTM's labor practices more offensive than I do the content of the show, and almost all advertisements turned into a big, blurry morass of noise for me back in the mid-90s. Regardless, do as you will Santa Monica residents (and ANTM contestants). To paraphrase wordsmith and raconteur Bobby Brown, it's your prerogative.

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