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October 9, 2015

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Blade: Death Goes On

by Michael Canfield, posted Jul 9th 2006 1:33PM
Blade(S01E02) In the opening shot of this one we see Detective Boon (Bill Mondy) yanking out one of his newly-acquired fangs and poking his way through the plastic baggie that has imprisoned him. Right away, I know we're in for more twists. Boone was a goner last week, when he awoke bagged and tagged for Aurora testing. Now, why the dude has to pull out his tooth to rip the plastic with it, I don't know. Nor do I know why House of Chthon researchers don't ship their test subjects in fang-proof packaging. Anyway, Boon is back -- doubling the tally of series regulars that are newbie-vampires.

Kirk Jones (the-artist-formerly-know as Sticky Fingaz) doesn't have as powerful a screen presence as Wesley Snipes, and sometimes disappears into the background of the show (and even to get overshadowed by his own leather get-up). But kudos to the creators for going with a guy that has his own style and is no Snipes wannabee. Blade does seem like he is only making cameo appearances in his own show so far. I guess calling it Krista: The Television Series doesn't have the same recognition factor.

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