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October 4, 2015


Ricky Gervais Will Cameo on 'The Office' Next Week

by Jean Bentley, posted Jan 19th 2011 2:40PM
Ricky GervaisSomeone on 'The Office' set isn't too good at keeping secrets, because the news that Ricky Gervais, creator and star of the original U.K. series, has shot a "top-secret" cameo on the American version of his hit show.

Vulture reports that Gervais will pop up very briefly in the Jan. 27 episode. "It's a little more than if you blink, you'll miss it, but if you don't set your TiVo right, you'll miss it," 'Office' showrunner Paul Lieberstein said. That's just a week away!

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Julianne Moore Returns to 'As the World Turns' on Monday

by Allison Waldman, posted Apr 1st 2010 11:05AM
julianne_moore_close_upWhen it was announced last month that movie star Julianne Moore was returning to 'As the World Turns' for a guest appearance, it sounded like a prank. And the fact that today is April 1 -- April Fool's Day -- maybe you think this is a gag. It's not. Julianne Moore, four-time Oscar-nominated actress -- is really going back to her roots.

On Monday, April 5, Julianne Moore will be on 'As the World Turns' as Frannie Hughes, the character she played from 1985-87 on the CBS soap. She also played Frannie's look-alike British twin Sabrina. She was so good on 'ATWT' that she won the Daytime Emmy in 1988 for Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series. And she was! So often in the soap genre, actors are given the opportunity to play a twin -- evil or not -- and they either rise to the occasion... or crash and burn.

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Lindsey Vonn Lands Bit Role on 'Law & Order'

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 1st 2010 2:09PM
Lindsey_Vonn_cropped_head Was that a real moment between Bob Costas and Lindsey Vonn during the NBC coverage of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Saturday night ... or just a typical cross promotion for the Peacock network? You be the judge.

The gold medal winning American downhill ski champion, one of the darlings of the Vancouver games, appeared with Costas. At the end of the interview, Bob reminded Lindsey that she's the biggest 'Law & Order' fan in the world. Lindsey didn't deny it. She said it was true and the video they showed of her visiting the set and gushing about the show looked very sincere.

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Johnny Depp would love to appear in the 21 Jump Street movie

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 24th 2009 5:30PM
21 Jump St.The first bit of news is that there's actually going to be a 21 Jump Street movie. Jonah Hill is writing a big-screen adaptation of the 80s FOX drama where young-looking cops go undercover to bust bad guys. He wrote a cameo scene for Depp, and Depp thinks such a cameo would be "hilarious." Depp wouldn't be playing his 21 Jump Street character, he'll actually play Jack Sparrow, his character from Pirates of the Caribbean. That's the weird twist to the cameo.

Well, no. Though Hill hasn't said what role Depp would play. I can only assume that he'll be playing the same part as he did years ago, though who knows. He could be playing Johnny Depp playing Tom Hanson, one of those meta "TV-show-within-a-movie" things. Hill does say that the show's theme song will be in the movie.

If you forgot what that theme song sounded like, take a listen after the jump.

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Shatner talks about being left off the new Star Trek flick - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 13th 2007 3:21PM

star trek XIRecently, I hepped you to news that Leonard Nimoy would be appearing in JJ Abrams' Star Trek XI, but that William "Captain kirk" Shatner would not.

The full cast will be announced at Comic Con, which kicks off later this month, so until then we can only speculate on what Nimoy's role will be, if indeed all this Web scuttlebutt is true.

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Shatner out, Nimoy in for Star Trek prequel

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 25th 2007 12:03PM

kirk and spockRumors are still abound as to who is playing whom in the upcoming Star Trek prequel from Lost and Alias creator JJ Abrams, but according to the NY Post, at least one man is out: William Shatner. Despite wanting a cameo role in the prequel, Shatner was not offered one. That's kind of a bummer, but what makes it even moreso, if the rumors are true (and it's the Post, so I'm skeptical), is that Leonard "Spock" Nimoy was offered a cameo role, instead.

Ostensibly, it seems unfair to give Nimoy a brief role and shut Shatner out completely, but having no idea the context of Nimoy's supposed cameo, it's tough to have an opinion about it one way or the other. Perhaps the cameo situation is such that it would only work with Nimoy and not Shatner --some kind of clever inside joke-- but I guess we won't know until the movie comes out.

[via Dark Horizons]

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Stan Lee to make Heroes cameo

by Julia Ward, posted Feb 7th 2007 2:03PM
Stan Lee and Masi OkaMarvel comics icon Stan "The Man" Lee will make a cameo appearance on the Monday, February 19th episode of Heroes. Entitled "Unexpected," Lee will play a bus driver who has an encounter with Hiro Nakamura.

Is it because we have proof positive that Masi Oka was once a nerd supreme - works part-time for George Lucas, on the cover of Time circa 1987 as an Asian-American Whiz Kid - that he gets to have all the geek-out encounters on Heroes? His dad is George Takei. He rides the bus with Stan Lee. Anyone want to start making guesses as to what uber-geek chic run-in Hiro will have next? Frank Miller? Alan Moore? The cast of Firefly? Xeni Jardin? He's got an in with Lucas.

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Lisa Tucker Lands on The O.C.

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 6th 2006 10:37AM
the oc logoAnother spring, another prom on The O.C., but this year there's going to be a special guest. American Idol castoff, and real Orange County, Calif. resident, Lisa Tucker begins work on the set of The O.C. next week.

So far there are no details on her role, but you can bet it'll be relatively small. Like a cameo. Maybe she'll be the prom queen. Or, maybe she'll sing. Yeah, I bet she sings. The episode is called "The Party Favor" and there isn't an air date set for it quite yet.

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Deal or No Deal returns with Donald Trump

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 5th 2006 10:06AM
NBC is doing a little cross-promotion with the King of product placement, Donald Trump. When the game show returns to television at the end of February, Trump will make a cameo appearance to pimp the return of The Apprentice and to assist the contestants in deciding whether to "deal or no deal". Immediately following Deal or No Deal on Monday, February 27th is the season premiere of The Apprentice.

[Via The Futon Critic]

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