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October 4, 2015


Thompson gone from NBC, but not TNT

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 3rd 2007 4:01PM

fred thompsonFred Thompson's plans to announce his candidacy for the 2008 presidential race once again brings up the question of "equal time" provisions that are in place to assure a single candidate is not given more airtime on television than anyone else.

Thompson, a Republican and former Tennessee senator, played DA Arthur Branch on NBC's Law and Order for five seasons. NBC, in keeping with the provisions, has stopped airing episodes that feature Thompson, but TNT, whose schedule overflows with Law and Order reruns, will keep airing the Thompson episodes.

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Thompson probably won't return to Law and Order

by Adam Finley, posted May 15th 2007 1:01PM

fred thompsonWhile actor and former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson, who plays D.A. Arthur Branch on Law and Order, has not officially announced whether or not he plans on running as a potential Republican presidential candidate, NBC prez Kevin Reilly says it is "highly unlikely" that Thomson will return for the series' 18th season.

There has been a lot of talk already as to how a Thompson campaign would affect past episodes of Law and Order, considering "equal time" rules and all that.

So does this mean he's actually going to run? Since I can't read Fred Thompson's mind, that's tough to say. But as Hollywood Reporter points out, the threat of a writers strike means many series will begin filming earlier than usual, which means Thompson will have to decide sooner rather than later if he's going to stay with the series.

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Wanted: Host for children's television

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 20th 2006 11:51AM
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As part of its new, five-year initiative called PBS KIDS, the public television network is launching a nationwide search for someone to host its new preschool programming, which begins this fall. PBS describes the right person as someone "who embodies a warm, creative and charismatic approach to life-long learning and child engagement. And don't be too creepy." OK. I added that last line myself. The host will do more than just introduce the next show. He or she will act out language and musical segments and inspire the kids to think about what they're watching. PBS is considering current television talents and people in early childhood education for the job. You can find more information about the job here.

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No sitcom for Sharpton after all

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 21st 2005 10:02PM
Al Sharpton still wants to be president, so starring in a sitcom probably isn't a great idea. Or, is it? At least, he doesn't seem to think so. He's putting to rest rumors that he is going to be in a new CBS sitcom called Al in the Family, which was going to focus on what Al Sharpton is best at: being Al Sharpton. It's not like Al hasn't been on television before (other than presidential debates), he had guest appearances on Boston Public and My Wife and Kids. Of course, Rev. Sharpton gave a great quote about why he won't be doing a sitcom, "I'm not interested in being Archie Bunker, I'm looking forward to becoming George Bush." That sounds like an announcement that he's running in 2008, doesn't it?

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