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October 4, 2015


The Daily Show: June 7, 2006

by Annie Wu, posted Jun 8th 2006 2:55PM
The Daily ShowAfter last night's powerful gay marriage debate with Bill Bennett, Jon was asked what went on between commercial breaks. "He asked me out. I would have gone, but I'll tell you why I'm not going to go... 'Cause... I don't know how to salsa dance," he tearfully admitted.

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Things I Hate About TV: sex in parked cars

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 5th 2006 6:33PM
Smart CarI'll be quick about this. When precisely did it become unbelievably easy to have sex in a parked car without any interruption? I'd like to think that I've had my fair share of late-night encounters, but never was it convenient to just go at it in the back of the car. Take last night's finale of The Sopranos. There was that one scene where Christopher and Julianna were getting it on in the passenger seat with the ferocity of a couple rabid dogs. But they were right in front of the diner's window! No one says anything. Everyone just continues to eat their greasy food and ignores the make-shift porno ten feet away in the parking lot. Maybe I'm just not adventurous enough. But something tells me that the second I decide to buy into this fable television has spun for me, I'll be spending my night in another place that TV has depicted as being incredibly easy to have sex in - a jail cell.

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Pimp My Ride pimps again

by Annie Wu, posted May 24th 2006 7:18PM
Pimp My RideMTV announced that Pimp My Ride will return for an all-new season on June 15. Musician Xzibit returns to hosting duties, popping collars along the way, but instead of West Coast Customs, the garage taking charge will be Galpin Auto Sports (GAS). According to the press release, some of the makeovers will include a limo and an ice cream truck.

I have conflicting feelings about this show. Occasionally, there will be something genuinely cool, like a really unique paint job. The rest of the time is just absolutely craziness -- like, beyond "let's throw in a pool-table"-craziness. Sometimes this is part of the fun, but it gets to be a little too much after a while. "We heard you like bunnies... so we turned your truck bed into a petting zoo! WHOO!"

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Comedy Central's threeway

by Adam Finley, posted May 10th 2006 2:03PM
Comedy Central has ordered a pilot episode of a new improvisational comedy which will spoof shows such as American Chopper and Monster Garage. The new series, which is being compared stylistically to Reno 911, will take place in an automotive garage in suburban Phoenix. Assuming the pilot gets picked up, it will air this fall. The series is called American Body Shop. It is actually one of three new pilots the network is looking at, including a series called Mark and Mike, which will focus on Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank, the two "stars" of American Movie who will try to secure distribution for his new horror film. The series begins where American Movie left off. The third pilot is an untitled comedy and variety show featuring stand-up comic DeRay Davis.

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My Name is Earl: Lost His Father's Car

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Mar 17th 2006 11:06AM

It would not be a stretch to say that fathers and sons have complicated relationships, Yes, I know, so do mothers and daughters and fathers and daughters and mothers and sons. For the purposes of this discussion, let's agree to accept that first premise.

As we've seen during the season, Earl Hickey's past has disappointed many people, not too mention his parents, especially his father Carl (played by the great Beau Bridges). We saw in an earlier episode the many times Carl had to bail his son out of jail for his petty crimes, so it would be fair to say that Carl is not that enamored of his oldest son. (Randy isn't exactly the star of the family either, but he seems to have a longer leash than Earl.)

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