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October 8, 2015

casey abrams

Casey Abrams Acknowledges He Was Too Weird for 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Sep 28th 2011 5:00PM

'American Idol' fan favorite Casey Abrams checked in with 'Good Day LA' (weekdays, 9AM PT on Fox) to talk about the 'Idols Summer Tour' and perform a very 'Casey' interpretation of the Rob Thomas/Santana song 'Smooth.'

He reported that all of the former 'Idol' contestants were getting along well on the tour. "More than you'd imagine," he said. "James Durbin got us into wrestling ... watching it, we weren't doing it."

Casey's eclectic style, which is a little rock and a lot of jazz, got him all the way to the Top 6 in Season 10, but he didn't connect with everyone. When Dorothy Lucey asked him if he thought he was too weird for 'Idol,' he concurred. "I feel ... yes, yeah. A little too much, you know?"

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Casey Abrams and Jack Black Like 'Fat Bottomed Girls' on 'American Idol' Finale (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted May 26th 2011 1:27AM
Jack Black & Casey Abrams, 'American Idol' finaleThroughout his time on 'American Idol' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX) this season, Casey Abrams was always memorable and always a little ... unique. With his quirky sense of humor and no-holds-barred attitude on stage, there was really only one performer that could match him in personality and stage presence.

A lot of people don't realize that Jack Black first came into the public eye as one half of musical duo Tenacious D. The pair tackled Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls,' and it was as silly and fun as you'd expect.

We don't know if Abrams has any acting ability, but if he can bring the same kind of charisma and charm he brought to the stage every week, we could see him making fun spot appearances in comedy films. The performance also made us wish we could get a new Tenacious D project before too long.

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Casey Abrams Talks 'Idol' Elimination on 'Regis and Kelly' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted May 2nd 2011 1:30PM
Casey Abrams Talks 'Idol' Elimination on 'Regis and Kelly'Former 'American Idol' contestant Casey Abrams performed his rendition of Nat King Cole's 'Nature Boy' on 'Live With Regis and Kelly' (weekdays, syndicated). In addition, Abrams spoke about narrowly avoiding elimination earlier in the season and his final elimination last week.

Abrams said he "didn't expect" to be spared weeks ago by the judges during the top 11 results show. And, although he was happy to be given a second chance, this probably wasn't immediately apparent to viewers because he was "shaking a little bit too much" from shock.

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Who Was Voted Off 'American Idol'? (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 29th 2011 5:00AM
Casey and Scotty on 'American Idol'And then there were five. Thursday night's 'American Idol' (Thu., 8PM ET on Fox) was an elimination night, and it came down to Casey Abrams and Scott McCreery in the bottom two. McCreery had chosen to sing 'You've Got a Friend' by James Taylor, and Abrams a more obscure tune, 'Hi-De-Ho' by Blood, Sweat, & Tears, in the elimination round.

Song choice could have made the difference, as Abrams, ever the fuzzy individualist, was sent packing. But he went out in style, singing 'I Put a Spell on You,' a song originally written and performed by the highly theatrical Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Abrams hugged the judges, played to the audience, and directed some of the song to Haley Reinhart, which should only serve to feed the rumors that the two are romantically linked. Hopefully Abrams will now find a record deal that will allow him to grow in his left-of-the-mainstream tastes and impressive musical talent.

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'American Idol': Casey Abrams Kisses J.Lo, Gets Steven Tyler F-ing Excited (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 21st 2011 1:06AM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Jennifer Lopez may have found it a little 'Harder to Breathe' when Casey Abrams surprised her with a kiss during the Maroon 5 hit. The always-surprising 'American Idol' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX) contestant gave a rocking performance. But as he approached the judges' dais, he slowed it down until he was inches from Lopez' face on the final lines.

In that moment, he stole a quick kiss on her temple before finishing up, as she blushed and smiled in surprise. "See now, Casey's not playing fair," she said.

Steven Tyler was so worked up about the performance that he forgot he was on live television. "There [are] millions of people in America that are really angry, because you pissed them off because you're so f****** good!" he shouted.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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Were Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart Hot for Each Other in Their 'Idol' Duet? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 15th 2011 4:19AM
Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'While the Internet continues to rumble with rumors that 'American Idol' (Thu., 8PM ET on FOX) contestants Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams are more than just friends, the two of them showed real sparks of chemistry on Thursday night's results show.

Paired for a duet, they dusted off a track from Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. The song had them both 'Moanin'' and scatting and staring deep into one another's eyes as the music appeared to transport them both someplace else entirely.

It was as if we were witness to a private session between the two of them, and easily one of the strongest performances either one of them had ever given on the show. Definitely, it was a more confident vocal than they gave on their respective songs the night before.

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Casey Abrams Rejects the Pop Star Mold with a Jazz Standard on 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 13th 2011 11:30PM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'It was a night of rejecting authority as several of the contestants on 'American Idol' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX) decided to forge their own destinies. Casey Abrams turned down Jimmy Iovine's suggestion that he change up his song choice, sticking with Nat King Cole's jazz standard 'Nature Boy.'

With the upright bass by his side again, he kept it mostly smooth, though he couldn't keep the creepiness out of some of those facial expressions. It was a risky move on what's proven to be as much a popularity contest as a singing competition.

The judges loved it, but this season that doesn't mean much either. It was a song most people won't be familiar with, and a very mellow departure from Abrams' usual fare. But was it too much of a departure?

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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Casey Abrams Struggled With His 'Idol' Save Even After the Cameras Stopped (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 1st 2011 12:17AM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Last week, when the judges chose to save Casey Abrams on 'American Idol' (Thu., 8PM ET on FOX), there was no one who looked more stunned than Abrams himself. This week, we got to see just how much the move impacted him.

Even after the show finished taping, Abrams was wobbly and struggling to come to terms with the gift he'd been given. So much so that at the urging of his doctor, he had to go and lie down for a bit.

When he finally reunited with the contestants, he told them, "I was ready to just be watching you guys at home."

Thankfully, Abrams instead returned to the 'Idol' stage this week and redeemed himself with a heartfelt performance. In response, Ryan Seacrest told him he'd be proud if he knew how many votes he got this week.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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Casey Abrams Tones It Down and Sings Beautifully After His 'Idol' Save (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 30th 2011 11:59PM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'After earning the only "Judges' Save" of the season last week, Casey Abrams needed to prove himself worthy of it with his performance tonight on 'American Idol' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX). For the past few weeks, he seemed to drift further and further away from that magical element in his voice that made us first fall in love with him.

This time, he reined it all in with Elton John's 'Your Song.' Sitting on a stool by a piano, it was all about the vocals.

He showed a tenderness we hadn't seen in a very long time, without losing that growl and edge that has become his signature style.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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Casey Abrams Sings for the Save on 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 25th 2011 12:00AM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Every season there is at least one elimination that shocks everyone. That's the primary reason that 'American Idol' (Thu., 8PM ET on FOX) added the "Judge's Save." It allows the panel to save one contestant from America's bad choices. And this week, they were put to the test.

It came down to Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams for the final slot in the Bottom 3. Haley, who's been there the past two weeks, and Casey, who's been a favorite since the beginning. Shock spread across the studio when Haley was sent to safety.

It went from shock to horror when it was announced that Casey was the one who received the least votes and would be sent packing, unless the judges used their "Save." With only one per season, it's rarely seriously considered this early. Certainly Casey didn't expect it.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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Casey Abrams Is 'Fearless' in Taking on Nirvana for 'American Idol' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 17th 2011 12:14AM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Casey Abrams has proven himself willing to do anything on 'American Idol' (Wed., 8PM ET on FOX). This week, he pushed himself into uncharted territory by taking on Nirvana and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.'

Kurt Cobain was such a singular and unique voice, it's almost impossible to successfully pull off covering his music, but Abrams wasn't afraid to try. Unfortunately, it wasn't Abrams' strongest vocal to date. But we'll give him credit for matching Cobain on one point: We couldn't understand a word Abrams said either.

"I like that you're fearless," Randy Jackson said of him tackling Nirvana. "That's what we need!"

Steven Tyler praised his perfect mix of crazy and talent. "That's the goop that great stuff is made from," he told the singer.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8PM ET on FOX.

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'American Idol': Jennifer Lopez Tells Casey Abrams He's Sexy; Will Redefine the Show (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 2nd 2011 12:19AM
Casey Abrams, 'American Idol'Hey may have left the upright bass at home this week, but Casey Abrams was no less sexy in his big stage premiere on 'American Idol' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX). At least, according to Jennifer Lopez.

"She said it!" he shouted gleefully. "I'm so happy!"

It's difficult not to get pulled into Abrams's soulful performance of Screamin' Jay Hawkins' 'I Put a Spell on You.' Of course, it's difficult not to get pulled into all of his performances. There's just something about Abrams that's irresistible.

Not to mention he did this performance only hours after a stint in the hospital.

'American Idol' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays (and sometimes even Tuesdays) at 8PM ET on FOX.

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'American Idol' Finalist Casey Abrams Hospitalized

by Catherine Lawson, posted Feb 24th 2011 8:55AM

Casey Abrams on 'American Idol'Stand-up bass player Casey Abrams missed last night's 'American Idol' after being rushed to hospital with severe stomach pains.

According to TMZ, the 19-year old began to feel sick during rehearsals at CBS Television City. He was hospitalized overnight Wednesday and doctors have not yet commented publicly on his condition.

Abrams was considered to be an early front-runner in the singing competition and wowed the judges in the Austin auditions with his melodica playing. Now that he's been struck down by illness, is the show over for him?

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