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October 9, 2015

celebrity deaths

James Wall, 'Captain Kangaroo' Star, Dead at 92

by PopEater Staff, posted Oct 29th 2010 10:45AM
James WallJames Wall, who played neighbor Mr. Baxter on the children's show 'Captain Kangaroo,' died at the age of 92.

CBS News reported that Wall, a longtime stage manager for the service, died Wednesday in New York City after a short illness.

The former vaudevillian joined the popular children's show in 1962 as a stage manager before persuading the show's producers to create its first black character in 1968.

He played Baxter and another recurring roll on the show until 1978.

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Tom Bosley, 'Happy Days' Dad, Dead at 83

by Kelly Woo, posted Oct 19th 2010 2:15PM
Tom BosleyTom Bosley, best known as Howard Cunningham on 'Happy Days,' has died at the age of 83.

According to TMZ, family members reported that Bosley died after a staph infection. Bosley's agent, Sheryl Abrams, told the Associated Press that Bosley suffered from heart failure at 4AM Tuesday in a hospital near his Palm Springs home and that he was also battling lung cancer.

Over five decades, the actor appeared in a range of TV shows and specials, movies, commercials and Broadway productions, but he was most famous as the stern, loving TV dad, Mr. Cunningham.

Mr. C -- as the Fonz called him -- was the quintessential sitcom dad that everyone wanted for their own. He made the top 10 of TV Squad's best TV dads ever.

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Barbara Billingsley, 'Leave it to Beaver' Mom, Dead at 94

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 16th 2010 6:51PM
Barbara BillingsleyBarbara Billingsley, known to millions of TV fans as the pearls-wearing housewife June Cleaver on the classic sitcom 'Leave it to Beaver,' has passed away at the age of 94.

A family spokeswoman said Billingsley died of polymyalgia, a rheumatoid disease, at her home in Santa Monica, Calif.

In a statement, her TV son, Jerry Mathers, said, "I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend and lifetime mentor Barbara Billingsley. She will live in the hearts of her fans as a wonderful actress and be remembered by her friends as a gracious lady."

"She will be deeply missed by all of her family, friends, fans and most especially by me."

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Arrest Made in Brutal Murder of 'Thundercats' Writer

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 8th 2010 6:30PM
Lion-o from Florida police have made an arrest in a grisly murder case that took the life of a writer of the cult cartoon classic 'Thundercats.'

Zephyrhills police arrested James "Jimmy" Davis and charged him with first degree murder in connection with the death of comic book writer Stephen J. Perry.

Davis and his wife shared a home with Perry as "roommates." Perry was reported missing last May under what police called "suspicious circumstances." The Davises also went missing at the same time as of Perry's disappearance.

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Corey Feldman Discusses Corey Haim on 'Larry King' (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Mar 11th 2010 12:01AM
Larry King Live, Corey Feldman on Corey Haim's DeathWe were saddened to hear the news of Corey Haim's passing earlier today. Corey Feldman appeared on 'Larry King Live' (weeknights, 9PM ET on CNN) to talk about his best friend. The two co-starred in several projects, including 1987's 'The Lost Boys,' a vampire flick that developed a cult following.

While Feldman appreciates the good wishes of everyone, he wonders where they've been for the past ten years of Haim's life. He also encouraged people to stop jumping the gun on his death.

"They need to stop saying it's a drug overdose, because at the end of the day, until the coroner's report comes out, until we have specific evidence, until we know exactly what the toxicology reports say, nobody knows."

Watch the video after the jump.

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Why Was Farrah Fawcett Left Out of the 'In Memoriam' Last Night?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 8th 2010 12:30PM
Farrah FawcettYeah, they screwed it up again. While it's great that they included the biggies in the 'In Memoriam' tribute (Michael Jackson -- not a big movie star but he did 'The Wiz' and it would have been odd if they left him out, David Carradine, Patrick Swayze, Natasha Richardson), and film industry vets (Army Archerd, Horton Foote), they left out some people, too.

What about Farrah Fawcett? Sure, she wasn't a huge movie star, but she was in several movies and a big name. I'm sure that the Academy thought of her but simply left her out because she was "too TV." But she should have been included, just as Bea Arthur, James Whitmore, and Edward Woodward should have been included. (Actually, Whitmore died over a year ago.)

I think fans would appreciate less time given to each person if they included more people in the montage. They also have to stop filming the 'In Memoriam' the way they do, as Danny and others pointed out earlier today. More closeups of the people and the words on the screen (and not a shot of the screen in the theater!), less singer/songwriter singing a sad tune.

Update: the Academy says they "can't include everybody."

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Top TV Stories of 2009: People we lost

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 13th 2009 4:03PM
So we come to that time of year when we list all of the TV celebrities that have died over the past year. We hear about these people passing away at various points of the year (sometimes a few the same week), but it's really odd to see them all listed together at once like you'll see after the jump.

It's like 40% of pop culture dies every year.

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Review: 30 Rock - Stone Mountain

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 30th 2009 1:15AM
Betty White
(S04E03) "I met JJ Abrams once, and I don't know what this means, but he said that the island was just Hurley's dream." - Jenna

In a typical 30 Rock episode, not all of the plots always work. While the A plot will be great, B and C will be lame. If A and B are great, then C will be lame. If A and C are great, B will be lame. Sometimes A is great and B is fair, but C will be really unnecessary and forced. Sometimes there will just be an A and it's great, and there will be dashes of B and C. I don't know where I'm going with this because I was terrible at algebra.

Oh yeah: tonight A, B, and C all clicked, and that made for a very good 30 Rock.

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Michael Jackson Memorial Service Highlights

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 7th 2009 5:25PM
Michael Jackson memorialFrom his sequin-gloved brothers carrying Michael Jackson's coffin into the memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to the finale performance of the Jackson-penned 'We Are the World' and 'Heal the World,' we've gathered the most touching (and bizarre) moments from today's televised Michael Jackson tribute.

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Michael Landon's Oldest Son, Mark Landon, Dies at 60

by Kim Potts, posted May 12th 2009 12:41PM
Michael LandonActor Mark Landon, who was directed by his father Michael Landon in the 1991 TV movie 'Us,' was found dead Monday at this home in Los Angeles. No cause of death has been determined, but a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County sheriff's office says no foul play is suspected.

Mark Landon was the oldest child of 'Little House on the Prairie' star Michael, who adopted the boy after Michael married Mark's mother, Dodie.

Michael Landon, who died in 1991 after a battle with pancreatic cancer, was as prolific a papa off-screen as his Charles Ingalls was on-screen: Landon had nine children with his three wives, including another adopted son; a stepdaughter; another actor son, Michael Landon Jr.; and daughter Leslie, who starred as teacher Etta Plum on 'Little House.'

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Top TV Stories of 2008: People we lost

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 29th 2008 3:02PM
Bernie MacThis is always the most depressing end-of-year list -- the TV people (in front of and behind the camera) who died during the past year. This is a big list, but if we forgot anyone, let us know in the comments (and check out the obituary category for more).

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TV Obits: Schaefer, Wyse, Mathews

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 12th 2007 6:22PM

The FlintstonesA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

  • Will Schaefer: He wrote background music for a number of TV shows over the years, including The Flintstones, I Dream of Jeannie, Hogan's Heroes, The Jetsons, The Tonight Show, Disneyland, The Super Friends, The Phil Silvers Show, Barnaby Jones, and The Flying Nun. He also did music for over 700 commercials (!). He died of cancer near Palm Springs, CA at age 78.

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TV Obits: Sills, Randolph, Hutt

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 5th 2007 3:02PM

Boots RandolphA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

  • Boots Randolph: He was a renowned sax player best known for his early 60s hit "Yakety Sax," which was later used as the theme song on Benny Hill. Randolph recorded dozens of albums and played in many bands, and was part of the Million Dollar Band on Hee-Haw for many years. He died after suffering a brain aneurysm and falling into a coma two weeks ago. He was 80.

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TV Obits: Powers, Abernathy, Glynn

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 14th 2007 2:32PM

Mala PowersA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

  • Mala Powers: She was probably best known for playing Roxanne in the 1950 film version of Cyrano de Bergerac, but she also made a ton of guest appearances on TV shows, including Murder, She Wrote, Perry Mason, Ironside, Charlie's Angels, Here Come The Brides, Bewitched, Mission: Impossible, The Wild, Wild West, Rawhide, Thriller, 77 Sunset Strip, Maverick, and many more. She died of leukemia at age 76 in Santa Monica.

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TV Obits: Wyler, Frazier, Philippe

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 8th 2007 1:06PM

Gretchen WylerA roundup of TV people from in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have passed away.

  • Gretchen Wyler: She was a veteran TV, Broadway, and film actress and animal rights activist. On TV she had regular stints on Dallas and On Our Own, and guest starred on many series: MacGyver, Charlie's Angels, Judging Amy, Providence, Designing Woman, Who's The Boss, Falcon Crest, Remington Steele, Benson, St. Elsewhere, The Wonderful World of Disney, Hart to Hart, Naked City, and a ton more. The show I'll always remember her for is Friends. In the episode where Monica and Phoebe catered a funeral, she was the widow who wouldn't pay them and sang a song. She died at age 75 of complications from breast cancer.

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