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October 13, 2015

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Now Courtney Cox-Arquette wouldn't mind a Friends reunion

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 26th 2006 3:59PM

Friends castFirst Jennifer Aniston says that she would be open to a Friends reunion special, and now Courtney Cox-Arquette says that she would be open to getting the old gang back together too. Says Courtney: "I haven't gotten a call, but I wouldn't be opposed to the idea."

I wouldn't mind seeing a reunion special either, but here's what I don't want to see: 1.) the whole cast sitting around the Monica and Rachel's apartment, reminisicing about the good old days, or 2.) massive changes in what has happened to the characters: Monica and Chandler separated, Phoebe divorced, Joey now smart, etc. Just have the show be like a regular episode: well written and funny.

What do you think the reunion special should be? Maybe Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe find out that Joey is trapped in a bad spinoff sitcom in Hollywood and decide to fly out there to convince him to come back to NYC?

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