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October 9, 2015


Five Channels You've Probably Never Heard Of

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 5th 2010 2:00PM
Investigation Discovery It's hard to keep up with what's what in regards to TV networks. There are new channels launching left and right, getting renamed and even merging all the time.

Take a look through your program guide and there is probably at least one channel you've never watched/heard of. You're not alone.

I was excited to find out new programs were coming to Investigation Discovery and when I shared the news with some other TV Squadders, people said, "Huh? That's a channel?" Yes it is and I love it.

Did you know there's a whole channel just for babies? Of course. Check out the rest of the channels that we weren't too familiar with.

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What are your Top 15 channels?

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 24th 2007 12:01PM
channelsAccording to this report in the NY Daily News, the average household gets more than 100 television channels. Even with all the choices, viewers pretty much stick to about 15 channels. Obviously, that grouping of channels varies by viewer. I'd be interested to know what the most popular channel on television is and what is least popular (probably cable access or C-SPAN).

That number actually sounds about right to me, although I would say my range is more like 20 channels. I've listed my Top 15 below, in order of most-watched... what are your top channels?

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Where to find your favorite shows online

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 1st 2006 12:01PM

cable and dslReader Rod wrote to us recently asking for a comprehensive list of all the television programs that can be downloaded or streamed online. That's a pretty tall order, and I'm sure I'll forget a few, which is why I'm asking our faithful readers to fill in any gaps left due to my ignorance or plain forgetfulness. I'm going to focus purely on legitimate downloads and not such things as peer-to-peer downloads or torrents. I'm not going to list specific shows, because obviously as the television schedule changes, so do the programs.

I encourage you to add this post to your Favorites, as I'll be updating it every now and then.

(Last updated on 01/21/07)

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Watch many popular TV channels online for free, illegally?

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 22nd 2006 11:45AM

tvOur fearless editor Keith hepped us to a site he found via Digg that claims to offer free online feeds of over 150 channels. That's true, sort of. First of all the site seems to be running intermittently, so you may be able to see something and you might not. Second of all, some of the content, such as Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1, is simply a link to those networks' free broadband content. It also appears that many of the channels aren't the American versions. In other words, it's probably not as cool as it sounds, and even then the question is whether or not you'll be able to see the programs. Some of the comments on Digg suggest that, despite the free content, the video quality is rather weak, anyway. So feel free to check it out, but that other video device in your home called a "television" has content on it all the time, and there's very little load time.

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How much would you pay for EVERY CHANNEL?

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 19th 2006 7:12PM
directvAre you super rich? Do you love television? DirecTV has come up with what our pals over at Engadget call "the ultimate couch potato package". And I couldn't have said it better. The new package offers everything. HBO, Showtime, Sports, HDTV, Adult programming, and PAY PER VIEW... and no fewer than ten DVRs to spread around your pad. And, it's all for less than the monthly cost of a new Mercedes (assuming you don't put any money down)!

The cost is about $625/month or $7,500 a year.

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More people watching online video

by Adam Finley, posted May 26th 2006 8:06AM
cableMore and more television networks and stations are going online with their content. I think some do it better than others, but ultimately it's nice to see that television isn't blind to what the Web can offer and the reach it has. The question is, though, how many people are actually watching video online? According to a recent analysis by comScore, the number is increasing. Between October 2005 and March 2006 users watching online video increased 18 percent. Of course, "online video" covers a lot, not just what's being stuck on the Web by different TV channels. Nevertheless, it does show that there's an audience slowly building for this kind of content, which hopefully means we'll see more and more of it. 

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How to save money on cable

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 10th 2006 9:55AM
fccThe FCC just released a report that says Americans would save up to 13% on their cable bills if the cable companies would just let us buy channels individually. That can't be making the cable companies happy, which insist on not only pushing channel packages on us, but also on raising their rates as much as 6% each year.

Channels I'd dump if I could buy cable a la carte:

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