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October 13, 2015

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention

by Annie Wu, posted Oct 8th 2009 11:03PM
devito rajskub
(S05E04) This week didn't really bring anything mind-blowing, but it returned us to old stomping grounds. With this episode, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia revisited a few familiar themes: gross people from the gang's history and the never-ending quest to bang moms. Mary Lynn Rajskub (remember, it's like "rice cub") made her Always Sunny debut as Dee and Dennis' "garbage pail cousin," Gail the Snail, and successfully joined the McPoyle brothers in that elite league of characters that make viewers feel greasy just from looking at them too long.

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Great Recession

by Annie Wu, posted Oct 2nd 2009 10:00AM
it's always sunny in philadelphia
Something was a little off about this episode. I still can't tell what triggered this reaction. I think it was because I only half-laughed once or twice during the entire thing, or perhaps it was the heavy-handed product placements that were too involved to be casual and excusable. Certainly, it wasn't terrible television; it just didn't live up to the quality that I've come to expect from the show.

If I wanted to be harsh and really ballsy, I could say this was one of the weaker episodes from the series. But I won't. Because I have no balls (I haven't perfected the technology for me to engineer a pair).

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Hits The Road

by Annie Wu, posted Sep 25th 2009 12:22PM
always sunny cast
Although it's interesting to see the individual characters play in their own storylines and schemes every once in a while, there's a lot to be said about the chemistry and rapid-fire interactions when all five members of the gang are stuck together for an entire episode. Doubly so when it's an episode that mainly takes place in a tiny car or cramped U-Haul.

In addition to this, their poor decision-making seems to escalate faster when they're feeding off each other's bad intentions, which means more laughter and delighted points-at-the-screen for us bozos.

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: The Gang Exploits The Mortgage Crisis (season premiere)

by Annie Wu, posted Sep 18th 2009 11:26AM
always sunny cast
(S05E01) It's Always Sunny
is back and it's kicking your ass. Or at least it's threatening you and your wife until you start crying a little bit and agree to partake in the antics, and we wouldn't have it any other way. There were a lot of good moments in the premiere episode, though it didn't really feel like a typical season opener, in as much as it didn't present anything too big and different from the usual Always Sunny episode. Again, it was funny, of course, but it didn't scream "premiere", and perhaps that's the best thing for Always Sunny.

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Suit up like Greenman and tweet your shenanigans!

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 4th 2009 7:07PM

Greenman!With the season five premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia right around the corner (Thursday, 9/17 at 10 p.m. ET), FX is trying to drum up some buzz in a way that some may construe as inciting a mass riot... I like it.

They want people to dress up like Greenman, go out in public (grocery stores, concerts, whatever), and then tweet the resulting pictures or video - just make sure you tag your Twittered exploits with "#Sunnyfx." Right now there aren't too many "entries" on Twitter, but with a few weeks to go until the premiere (and thousands of drunk college students returning to campuses across the nation as we speak), I'm guessing there will be plenty of goofy Greenman antics very soon.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia goes on tour with the Nightman

by Annie Wu, posted Aug 6th 2009 2:01PM
Always Sunny castOne of the most terribly underrated comedy shows on television today is FX's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Here's a hot tip for any Americans that have yet to experience the delightfully atrocious characters from the show: Get on it. Hulu is rolling through all of the episodes and they've just started at the beginning (first five episodes are now available). Perfect time to start, kids.

For those that are already a little more well-versed in the Always Sunny universe, there's fun stuff for you, too. The gang is taking an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia tour to perform a live stage version of one of their most popular episodes, "The Nightman Cometh."

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Get ready to jingle your Christmas bells with the gang from It's Always Sunny

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 3rd 2009 8:01PM

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny ChristmasHere's something I never saw coming: a straight to DVD release of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's very own Christmas special. Frankly, I can't think of anything more inappropriate. I love it.

According to TVShowsOnDVD.com, the 60 min. special is set to be released on November 17th, exactly two months after the comedy's season five premiere on Thursday, September 17th on FX.

So what's it all about? Read on for the description from the official press release ...

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh (season finale) - VIDEOS

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 21st 2008 8:46AM

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh
(S04E13) "Can I do it naked?" - Frank

It's been just a little over a year since "Dayman" took the world by storm (that may be an exaggeration) in the season three It's Always Sunny ep "Sweet Dee's Dating a Retarded Person." Everyone knows the lyrics, there are tee-shirts, cell-phone ringtones, and now Charlie has taken his opus to a new level - musical.

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The guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The TV Squad Interview

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 18th 2008 3:01PM
Cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Starting tonight, everyone's favorite group of misanthropes from the City of Brotherly Love are back to invoke mayhem and generally make the lives of everyone around them miserable. And I can't wait.

Yes, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back for its fourth season on FX, and they're going to be around awhile, as the network picked them up for 39 additional episodes after this season's run of 13 are over. In addition, series creators Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney will be working on a comedy for FOX called Boldly Going Nowhere, which is described as "Star Trek meets The Office." Imagine that: these guys are building an empire, all on episodes like this season's opener, where Mac and Dennis hunt down Cricket and Charlie and Dee become cannibals. You'll just have to watch it to get what I'm talking about.

I talked with Day, Howerton, and McElhenney about the upcoming season, the popularity of "Day Man / Night Man," their new show, and how co-star (and Rob's fiancee) Kaitlin Olson broke her back. Interview is after the jump.

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'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Interview With Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney

by Patricia Chui, posted Sep 12th 2008 6:00AM
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"You don't want to smell my mailbox." -Charlie Day

With their cult-hit FX comedy 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' (premieres Thurs., Sept. 18, 10PM), writer-producer-stars Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton have proven that nothing's taboo -- be it religion, slavery or cannibalism.

When we caught up with them at Comic-Con '08, we learned that for the 'Sunny' crew, nothing's taboo in an interview, either.

Read on for a wild three-way about the upcoming season, their new FOX show and some things that would make your grandmother blush (and then slap you).

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Sunny's funny Season Four production blog launches

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 27th 2008 12:00PM
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Can't get enough It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia? The irreverent FX comedy is back September 18th (10/9 Central) for a fourth season of shenanigans unlike anything live action non-sketch television comedy has ever given us. Except for those other shows you are about to fill the comments with. If you're anxious for the show to start, and want more of Charlie, Mac, Frank, Dennis and Sweet Dee then have I got a treat for you.

Okay, well that's not fair. I really didn't have anything to do with it. But show writers Patrick Walsh and Sonny Lee aren't here to take credit for it, so we'll just say it's all me. That's right, come check out Paddy's Pub, the new production blog for the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny. It features cast interviews as well as excerpts from Dennis' erotic memoir and even an advice column written by Frank. Now there isn't much there right now, but it only launched August 26th. I mean seriously, what the hell do you people want from me ... I mean from staff writers Patrick Walsh and Sonny Lee.

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Who needs Olympic medals when you can have a golden dumpster baby?

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 22nd 2008 12:37PM

The Golden Dumpster BabyFile this one under awesome. To help promote the upcoming fourth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX is launching a traveling game show where fans can test their Sunny wits in a trivia challenge. The tour kicks off today at the University of Colorado and spans the country making stops at other campuses like UC Berkeley and Hofstra University.

The contest will feature five rounds of questions as well as a bonus spin wheel where fans can walk away with DVD sets, apparel, and yes - the grand prize - The Golden Dumpster Baby. Everyone remembers that episode, right?

I suppose this is a pretty good idea. For the most part, the audience FX is targeting (college males who like fart and boob jokes) probably already know the show returns on September 18th. So for a lot of people, this is just a really cool bonus.

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FX going back to Philly on Sept. 18th - VIDEO

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jul 8th 2008 5:40PM

Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, and Glenn Howerton
It's coming. The return of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. With the season three DVD set to be released on September 9th, FX has lined up season four to premiere on Thursday, September 18th. I've gotta say - between this, The Shield, and Sons of Anarchy, FX has one helluva fall schedule. No word on whether or not the first few weeks will be double episodes as they did the past few seasons, but I would imagine they will be.

To prep for the season, FX has been airing promos like crazy (I embedded a great one featuring "Day Man" at the end of this post), but if you haven't been poking around the It's Always Sunny... website, you probably missed this: they made a music video.

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Characters I'm missing right now

by Erin Martell, posted May 15th 2008 1:23PM
Charlie DayThe writers' strike forced some of my favorite shows into an unexpected, summer-long hiatus and delayed the return of others. I'm grateful that shows like Lost still have new episodes, but the second half of this TV season hasn't felt the same. I especially miss the promising new series that were cut short.

It feels like other shows have been on hiatus forever. Flight of the Conchords was supposed to return this year, but had its premiere pushed back until 2009. I miss Bret, Jemaine, and their strange circle of friends. I've been wondering about the fates of several absent characters lately. So many storylines were left unresolved.

Here's a short list of some of the faces I can't wait to see again:

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It's Always Sunny... in space?

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Mar 14th 2008 1:18PM

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Huge news for fans of the FX comedy It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Not only was the show recently renewed for a 13 episode fourth season, but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show's creators have a new pilot in the works as well. Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, and Glenn Howerton (first, fourth, and fifth from the left in the above picture respectively) have been tapped by FOX to write and executive produce a new sitcom about everyday life on a spaceship called Boldly Going Nowhere.

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