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August 30, 2015

chris colfer

Chris Colfer Imitates the Weird Voice His French Dubbing Actor Uses for 'Glee' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 7th 2011 5:47AM
Chris Colfer, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'One of the most surreal experiences you can have as a fan of any show is to watch it in a foreign country. Especially if it's dubbed into that country's language. It's always so jarring to hear the voices they seem to think fit the characters.

Chris Colfer ('Glee') was on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM on ABC), and talked about how other countries seem to get it way wrong when casting his character's voice.

"They always get these big guys to do me," he said, mimicking a deep voice, "And then everything is always ten octaves higher than it really should be [with] them trying to do my voice."

Colfer has a naturally high voice, so he showed us how ridiculous it sounds when you try and fake a high voice by doing an impression of his French dubbing actor.

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Chris Colfer Got Revenge on a Real-Life Bully -- With a GPS and a Pile of Cow Manure

by Oliver Miller, posted Dec 7th 2010 2:15AM
Chris Colfer Got Revenge on a Real-Life Bully -- With a GPS and a Pile of Cow ManureOn the musical drama 'Glee,' Chris Colfer plays a gay teenager who must deal with bullying in his high school. But in real life, Colfer was a skinny gay teen as well -- and had to deal with an actual bully. On 'The Tonight Show,' (weeknights, 11:35PM ET on NBC), Colfer told host Jay Leno how he did it.

Chris got paired up with the bully during a class assignment, the goal of which was to find a location using a GPS device. One partner would punch in a coordinate, and then the other partner would have to walk to it. Colfer described his bullying partner as a real "[EXPLETIVE DELETED.]" "Every time I'd walk by him the hall ... he'd say something." So Chris exacted his long simmering-revenge, by hacking into the GPS and programming in a new location -- one that led the bully to the top of a mountain of cow manure.

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'Glee' Christmas: Watch Chris Colfer & Darren Criss Duet, Lea Michele be Adorable

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 3rd 2010 3:00PM
GleeThe countdown has begun, the holidays are upon us! What better way to celebrate than with two performances from the upcoming 'Glee' Christmas episode?

In one, watch the pretty adorable pair of Chris Colfer and Darren Criss sing 'Baby It's Cold Outside' in a Dalton Academy study.

Then -- once you're done swooning that is -- get the handkerchief ready because Lea Michele delivers a somewhat defeated performance of 'Merry Christmas Darling.' It even comes complete with fake snow and a moody winter backdrop!

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'Glee's' Chris Colfer Shows Off His Ninja Skills on 'Conan' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 30th 2010 3:45AM
'Glee's' Chris Colfer Shows Off His Ninja Skills on 'Conan'Actor Chris Colfer can sing and he can dance ... but does he have secret shinobi skills? We'll find out on the latest episode of 'Conan' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS). The 'Glee' star showed up and told Conan O'Brien that he had been studying the ancient "art of ... 'ninja.'" The 20-year-old stuttered as he said that last bit, and okay -- that's not the correct term. As Conan pointed out, "ninjutsu" is the actual name for the martial arts that ninja assassins practice.

Conan seemed skeptical about the whole thing already -- and that was before Chris revealed that his training was inspired by ... the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. "Clearly, you've studied this thoroughly," the host quipped. Which would have been okay, him being inspired by a cartoon like that, but then the dangerous stabbing weapons came out. Which is when things got a little more dicey.

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Britney, Madonna and 'Rocky Horror'? Comic-Con 'Glee' Panel Highlights

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 26th 2010 9:00AM

Although Sunday's 'Glee' panel was lacking in the star power of Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Jane Lynch, some of their super-talented co-stars were more than happy to entertain the crowd in Ballroom 20, spilling a few spoilers for the upcoming season 2 and sharing their thoughts on the series so far.

A bullet-point recap of some of the panel highlights follows after the jump. Beware of spoilers!

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The F-Word on 'Glee' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 25th 2010 11:45PM
The F-Word on 'Glee'What is the 'F-Word"? Well, there's a couple of them. And none of them are particularly awesome. But on 'Glee' (Tue., 9PM ET on Fox), there's an especially bad use of an F-Word, which leads to a major confrontation between the characters.

[Spoiler alert.]

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Olivia Newton-John on 'Glee' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 5th 2010 3:00AM
Olivia Newton-John on 'Glee'First, 'Glee' (Tue., 9PM ET on Fox) had an entirely Madonna-based episode. Now, 'Grease' star Olivia Newton-John appears on the show. It all makes sense, we promise you. Although even if it didn't make sense, seeing Newton-John on 'Glee' would still be pretty cool.

Sue (Jane Lynch) has her "jazzercise" exercise video accidentally released for the entire world to see. Shockingly, the somewhat terrifying image of her dancing to the song 'Physical' becomes an unexpected hit. Then, singer Newton-John sees this remake of her song, and decides to help Sue make a new version of the video. Which is really something that you need to see for yourself.

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Chris Colfer Talks About Meeting Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 29th 2010 10:15PM
Chris Colfer Talks About Meeting Lady GagaHow would you act if you ran into Lady Gaga? On 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated), 'Glee' actor Chris Colfer describes his meeting with the pop superstar. One of the problems that he had: he didn't know what to call her. "Lady"? "Gaga"? Neither? Both?

Watch the video after the jump.

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Chris Colfer on the Whirlwind World of 'Glee'

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 27th 2010 3:05PM
Chris Colfer as Kurt in 'Glee'If there is any character amongst the kids on 'Glee' that's poised for a breakout, it's Kurt Hummel, mainly because of the confident acting of Chris Colfer.

A self-professed theater nerd, the 19-year-old Colfer has been having a ball playing Kurt; but along with all the fabulousness, he's also been doing a good job of making Kurt a multi-dimensional character in his limited screen time.

Colfer is featured in tonight's episode, 'Home,' where Kurt schemes to get closer to Finn by pairing up his single father Burt (played by Mike O'Malley) and Finn's mother. The results backfire a bit, pointing out yet again the difficulties Kurt has of being the gay, musical-theater-loving son of a guy who's more comfortable talking about Tim Tebow than Stephen Sondheim.

Colfer sat down with me last week to talk about the whirlwind that's been 'Glee's' first year, going to visit Oprah and the White House, if he's afraid of a backlash, and the weirdest place he's seen the paparazzi.

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'Glee' Wins an Award (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Apr 26th 2010 2:45AM
'Glee' Wins an AwardAttention, Gleeks! Your favorite musical drama 'Glee' has just won a major prize. The show received the 'Future Classic Award' on the '8th Annual TV Land Awards' (Sun., 9PM ET on TV Land). Presenter Paula Abdul handed out the honor. Abdul said this about the show: "It's totally reinvented the musical for a whole new generation."

Watch the video after the jump.

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'Glee' - 'The Power of Madonna' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 21st 2010 8:09AM
(S01E15) "I thought I smelled the cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves who live in your hair." - Sue to Will

After being hyped to the max, did the Madonna episode of 'Glee' deliver the goods? Yes! It did! Not only were the musical numbers fun, inspired, and darn creative, but the storylines about sex, strength, confidence, independence, and individuality all blended well into the theme.

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Good News for Gleeks

by Stephanie Earp, posted Apr 13th 2010 3:29PM

I think I have established in my previous columns that I don't like 'Glee.' But here's the thing: you do. Or at least a great many of you do. Oprah likes 'Glee,' Ellen likes 'Glee,' even Michelle Obama likes 'Glee.' I have decided this week, in honour of the show's return on Tuesday, to put aside my own distaste and bring you, my readers, as much good news about 'Glee' as I can.

1. More Music

According to the producers, the second half of the first season will be even more loaded with musical numbers, jumping from 3-5 numbers to at least 5 numbers per 1-hour episode (some episodes are closer to 10 songs).

What other 'Glee'-ful things are in store? Read more after the jump!

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'Glee' Season One, Part Two - An Early Look

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 12th 2010 3:10PM
The cast of 'Glee;' they come back to FOX April 12
Hey, folks! Did you hear? 'Glee' is coming back on Tuesday! Wow, Fox really kept that comeback under wraps, didn't they? Gone for four months, they seem to be bringing the show back without a lot of fanfare.

Too bad sarcasm doesn't translate very well in electronic print, but, believe me, I was rolling my eyes the whole time I wrote the last paragraph. Between the interviews, the appearance on 'Oprah,' the performance at the White House, the Rolling Stone cover, the weird 9:28PM ET time slot after 'American Idol,' and pretty much everything else going on, you couldn't avoid the comeback of 'Glee' if you tried.

But is the show coming back in good shape? Fox sent out the next three episodes out for review, and the answer is: yes and no. It really depends on what your favorite part of the show is.

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10 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About 'Glee'

by Marina Zogbi, posted Apr 12th 2010 3:00PM
Cast of 'Glee'

As the nation -- well, a good chunk of the television-viewing public -- gears up for the April 13 premiere of the second half of the first season of 'Glee,' we at Inside TV are equally caught up in the anticipation.

To help celebrate the return of one of the most original, entertaining and hilarious shows on network TV, we bring you a list of things you probably didn't know about 'Glee' and its cast members (though we realize that seriously hardcore Gleeks have vast stores of knowledge about everything 'Glee'-related. We humbly ask them to indulge us).

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More Sue, Songs and General Excitement: New 'Glee' Promos!

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 25th 2010 4:00PM
GleeLast season it would've been hard to describe any show as a "phenomenon" without having it be a stretch. However, this season the TV gods -- or you could just thank Fox -- gave us 'Glee.'

The hit musical series is back in less than month and Fox has been releasing new promos and special videos in an effort to wet the nation's collective appetite.

New segments of "Sue's Corner" have hit the Internet and commercials featuring new music and scenes are hitting Fox's airwaves, readying us for what we hope is a triumphant return on April 13 at 9PM EST on Fox.

Check out the new videos after the jump.

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