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September 4, 2015

christmas episode

New 'Glee' Christmas Album Will Feature Two Original Songs

by Chris Harnick, posted Oct 25th 2011 5:45PM
Glee Christmas AlbumChristmas is coming early for Gleeks! 'Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2' will hit shelves Tues., Nov. 15.

The new 'Glee' Christmas record will feature two original songs, 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' and 'Christmas Eve With You.'

'The Glee Project' contestants Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell can be heard on 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' One of the season's winners Damian McGinty will be featured on 'Blue Christmas,' while fellow winner Samuel Larson can be heard on 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town.'

Check out the full track list below!

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'Leverage' Christmas Episode Recap

by Danny Gallagher, posted Dec 13th 2010 11:10AM
The cast of TNT's ['Leverage' - "The Ho, Ho, Ho Job"]

Every December, our eyeballs are bombarded with holiday-themed episodes and specials. Usually, the only thing that is remotely special is a guy pretending to be Santa or some cranky curmudgeon learning the true meaning of Christmas.

Bah humbag, how many times does a TV character have to learn that giving is better than getting before my TV realizes I already know that?

'Leverage' seemed to realize most of the pitfalls of turning their crew loose during the holidays with last Sunday's mid-season opener and did a good job of avoiding them, only to fall for the honey-baked ham dangling over the biggest hole of them all.

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The Big Bang Theory: The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 16th 2008 12:34AM
bbt 0211
It's as though the folks behind The Big Bang Theory have been listening to me. This episode had everything I've been wanting: a bigger part for Wolowitz and Raj, acknowledgment of Penny and Leonard's relationship, and a good amount of Sheldon, without making the episode Sheldon-centric.

I don't recall if BBT had a Christmas episode last year, but if not, they should be sure to do one every year, because this is one of the best of the season. Penny finally got out of the laundry room and was front and center, when she not only decided to give Sheldon a Christmas gift, but took up with the hot new physicist at the university.

I'm kind of surprised that Sheldon succumbed to the social obligation of gift giving. I would have figured he would just refuse to participate in such an antiquated ritual. But since he did decide to participate, the generic girl gift of bath items was a perfect choice.

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Supernatural: A Very Supernatural Christmas

by Brett Love, posted Dec 14th 2007 9:04AM
Merrilyn Gann and Jensen Ackles - Supernatural
(S03E08) "Oh my goodness me! Somebody owes a nickel to the swear jar." - Madge Carrigan

After three Thursdays without a new episode to watch, it was great to see Sam and Dean back with the last Supernatural for 2007. There were no revelations about Ruby, no progress on getting Dean out of the deal, and not a hint of Dark Sammy to be found. And that's ok. It was the big Christmas episode, and even the most impatient of fans can set aside those stories in the spirit of the holidays.


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I'm dreaming of a Pale Force Christmas

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 22nd 2006 4:03PM
Pale Force ChristmasThe third and final installment of Conan O'Brien and comedian Jim Gaffigan's "Pale Force" animated Christmas episode can now be streamed online, and it's a classic. Not only does it manage to satirize every single pop culture manifestation of this most precious of holidays, it also throws in a dig about the Eurocentric depiction of Christ, gives us an animated Andy Warhol and poses the question, "What would the world be like if Conan weren't pale?"

The number of sly references in the three-parter is dazzling as are such jaunty songs as "Not Going to Get Me Down This Year" and "Christmas is the Palest Time of Year." So, move over Scrubs' Charlie Brown Xmas and SNL's "Dick in a Box," the "Pale Force Christmas" episode has entered the favorite holiday viral race.

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Rainn Wilson interviewed

by Brett Love, posted Dec 16th 2006 1:00PM
Rainn WilsonI look forward to PopCandy every day, and not just because Whitney is so darned adorable sitting there in her Chuck Taylor's. While that is certainly a better way to start your day than getting a gander at my ugly bearded mugg, she also has some cool content. Like this interview she did with Rainn Wilson from The Office, for example.

Wilson made Whitney's top 100 list again this year, coming in at #17. A deserved ranking I think. The Office hasn't managed to find those glory days Must See TV ratings numbers yet, but it's a great show getting all kinds of good press, largely in part to Wilson's Dwight. They talk about this week's big Christmas episode, the Dwight and Angela relationship (I really want to see the two of them outside the office), and his upcoming projects, among other things. It's a fun read for fans of The Office, or Wilson.

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Everybody Hates Chris Xmas episode causing small backlash

by Joel Keller, posted Dec 23rd 2005 6:19PM
Everybody Hates ChrisApparently, Everybody Hates Chris has a bigger family audience than either Chris Rock or UPN imagined. The network had to field a "handful" of complaints after the show's Christmas episode, in which Chris' little sister Tonya is shown by brother Drew that Santa Claus doesn't exist. The complaints were from parents who had to explain the episode to their kids, who were also watching. Remember, this is a show that has been gently exploring race issues the entire season; the "n-word" was even said a few times in the first few episodes. But what gets all the attention? The episode that says there is no Santa Claus. Even the show's co-creator couldn't escape criticism; Ali LeRoi's 6-year-old son was also upset at the holiday exposé.

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