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October 13, 2015

cindy sampson

Supernatural: Dream A Little Dream Of Me

by Brett Love, posted Feb 8th 2008 8:39AM

Jim Beaver - Supernatural
(S03E10) Ya know, it's times like this when I miss the old TV Squad episode rating system, because here is one that I could have given the coveted 7 out of 7 to. The Supernatural team delivered on all counts this week. There was the usual humor, with some terrific one liners (Brad Pitt?), a good bit of the creepy, a big step for Dean's ongoing story, all the Bobby you could ask for, and one more reason to be really frickin' annoyed with Bela. Really, what more could you want out of your Thursday night? We don't need no stinkin' ghostbusters with jacked up vacuum cleaners.

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Supernatural: The Kids Are Alright

by Brett Love, posted Oct 12th 2007 7:00AM
Jensen Ackles and Cindy Sampson - Supernatural
(S03E02) There aren't a lot of things that freak me out more than evil children. Maybe clowns, and bugs give me the wiggins, but when done right, a gaggle of evil rugrats is just creepy as hell. And I thought the Supernatural team got it just right here. That story alone made the episode worth watching, but we also got so much more. Does Dean have a kid? Just who is the mysterious Ruby? Have we put that whole Sam is special thing behind us? Will that little scene from last season where it seemed that Mary knew the demon come back into play? The answers, and my review, after the jump.

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