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October 4, 2015


Terrifying clown commercials

by Nick Zaino, posted Jan 27th 2010 3:01PM
Walmart Clown CommercialClowns are scary. I've known people who wouldn't flinch to kill a man with their bare hands who would run screaming at the first site of one of Bozo's children. Their faces are painted in permanent smiles, their hair is never a natural color, and they are always wearing a one-piece suit, which is mysterious. How'd they get in there?

The fear is immediate, which is what makes clowns so effective in commercials. Just have a few seconds to communicate something scary? Send in the clowns. Here are a few currently or recently in circulation.

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The Simpsons: Homie the Clown

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 11th 2006 10:41AM

simpsons(S06E15) This episode opens with Krusty the Clown's signature bicycle trick in which he rides in a loop and swallows the tiny bike in the end. The kids go crazy for the stunt, but Krusty has other things on his mind, like spending all the money he's making. He tells his assistants to hire Kenny G to play for him in the elevator, to put flowers on Bea Arthur's grave (he doesn't know she's not dead) and to purchase him a new house since his old one is dirty.

His MC Hammer-style of spending money concerns his accountant, who tells Krusty he's broke. The only way for Krusty to make money again is to open a clown college that will train men to pretend to be Krusty and appear at parties and openings the real Krusty wants nothing to do with.

Cut to Homer driving down the highway, excited that it's the first of the month and the new billboards are finally on display. Ever the obedient consumer, Homer obeys every billboard he reads because they each have to do with food. He ignores Krusty's clown college billboard, however, because, "you can't eat that."

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Stephen King's IT to be adapted for television (again)

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 8th 2006 2:09PM

stephen kingIn 1990, when I was in middle school, ABC aired a two-part miniseries based on Stephen King's gargantuan novel IT. I had a television in my room, so I had a place to watch shows my parents didn't want to watch, so I stretched out on my bed and watched the movie. Perhaps I was just a wuss (and I was) but the movie scared the living crap out of me. Fast forward to college, and my then girlfriend and I decide to rent IT, which I had not seen since those two nail-biting nights in my room back in 1990. I have to say I didn't have the same reaction as before. I found it to be rather mediocre, and mildly frightening at best. Also, by that time I had actually read the book, so I knew what most fans of King's work already know, which is that movie and television adaptations of his work can be very hit and miss, but mostly miss.

But that's not going to stop them from trying it again. Peter Filardi, who already adapted 'Salem's Lot for TNT and is helming "The Road Virus Heads North" segment of the upcoming Nightmares and Dreamscapes series, told Fangoria he's developing IT for the SciFi Channel. Originally he was to make a two-hour version of the novel for TNT, but will instead stretch it out to a four-hour movie for SciFi. The article further states that the adaptation will tell the story "through the eyes of the character of Beverly Marsh."

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