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October 7, 2015


Jon Stewart rips CNBC a new one, then rips CNBC's new one a new one - VIDEO

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 6th 2009 8:06AM
Note to self: if I ever have the honor of making a guest appearance on The Daily Show, do not, repeat, DO NOT CANCEL.

I don't care if my flight to LaGuardia has a ton of water that can be dumped by pushing a button and it's flying over my mother's house, which is on fire. That would be probably waste fuel and, therefore, 12 seconds of flight time.

Sorry, mom, but if that's the case, it's either lose your home or your oldest son. And stop taking so long to make up your mind.

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Someone fetch me my cane: Apple's "1984" ad is 25 years old today - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 22nd 2009 5:03PM
Original MacintoshTwo things about Darren Rovell's CNBC.com story about the famous Apple Macintosh Super Bowl ad shocked me:

  • That it aired for the first and only time (at least as an ad, not a cultural icon) 25 years ago today, during the broadcast of Super Bowl XVIII (when the Los Angeles Raiders crushed the Washington Redskins, for you sports fans); and
  • That the Super Bowl was once played as early as January 22.

The NFL season has slowly gotten longer and longer, hasn't it? Anyway, Rovell has an interesting interview with Mike Murray, Apple's marketing manager for the then-brand-new Mac. The best thing to come out of the interview was the fact that Apple's board of directors hated the completed ad, which was inspired by George Orwell's novel 1984, and never wanted it to air. But they couldn't sell back their 60-second spot and had nothing else to put there.

So, basically, a lack of productivity on the part of Apple's marketing department allowed us to see what became the most famous Super Bowl ad ever. You can see the ad after the jump.

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More craziness on CNBC - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 16th 2009 5:02PM
I think we're going to start a new weekly feature here at TV Squad: "This Week In CNBC Crazy." We've had Dennis Kneale wondering if Steve Jobs has PMS, we've had Charlie Gasparino and the incredibly odd what have you got video, and now we have another weird moment. And, yes, it features both Kneale and Gasparino, going after each other.

This one has the comedy duo talking about Citigroup. At one point, Gasparino accuses Kneale of being a bad reporter, leading Kneale to say that one CNBC reporter shouldn't be saying something bad about another CNBC reporter. Anchor Larry Kudlow had to break it up. Thankfully, they weren't in the same studio (though a fist fight on CNBC might actually be kind of funny).

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CNBC anchor wonders if Steve Jobs has PMS - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 6th 2009 9:15AM
As MacWorld opens today in San Francisco, people are talking about the statement released by Apple CEO Steve Jobs yesterday concerning rumors about his health. Jobs has gone through a rather obvious loss of weight and people have speculated that he had a serious health problem, perhaps related to the cancer scare he had a while back. But in the statement, Jobs says that the weight loss was caused by a hormonal imbalance and that he is undergoing treatment to solve the problem.

Also, he doesn't have PMS.

That's the little joke that CNBC anchor Dennis Kneale made on the network yesterday, in a report about Jobs' statement and the price of Apple's stock. While throwing to another reporter, Kneale asked if "all of this was about PMS, something like that?" Kneale apologized for the remark (which he called "word play") after the report. I don't think Jobs should be offended, though I bet some women will be.

It seems like something weird happens on CNBC every day now.

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Top TV Stories of 2008: The economy's effect on the TV industry

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 23rd 2008 9:02AM

As the economy falls so goes televisionUm, I don't know if anyone has told you yet, but the economy of the United States, and the world, is in the crapper. Seriously, I saw it one day while doing my business. It was just floating there ... one step away from being flushed into the world of depression. I had to get it out with a piece of toilet paper, and it's now drying on my bathtub ledge. Gosh, I hope it's okay.

Anyhoo, things are bad out there. And, not just for us working peons. This recession is affecting everyone, from the muckity-muck CEOs of the soon-to-be bankrupt corporations, to the hot dog vendor outside of Penn Station whose wieners are spending longer and longer amounts of time in their hot water bath. Somewhere in the middle of this are the television networks. Buffeted by both good and bad news, these former stalwarts of the economy are getting knocked around, as well. The meaning, for us poor schlubs, is a restructuring of television as we know it.

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Five shows I've been watching (and you should check out too) - VIDEOS

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 19th 2008 2:05PM
Whatever, MarthaI think that in the most grossly general way, TV shows can be separated into three groups: the shows that get a ton of viewers and everyone knows about (American Idol, Two and a Half Men, Lost, etc), shows that don't get quite as many viewers but are well-known anyway (30 Rock, Burn Notice, Mad Men, The Shield), and a third category of shows that are more niche. They're probably on cable or public television and may even be on at odd times. They have their fan base, but a lot of people probably don't even know they exist.

That's what this list is, the five shows that I've been enjoying lately, away from the more mainstream shows that I watch every week (The Mentalist, 30 Rock, Lost, Mad Men, Burn Notice, Chuck, Heroes, The Simpsons, 60 Minutes). They're quirky, interesting, and they're probably shows you should check out too.

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Weird TV moment of the week: CNBC and "what have you got?" - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 31st 2008 11:55AM
CNBC logoThere was a time when I watched CNBC all of the time. I got to know the anchors and the reporters, memorized many of the company symbols flying by at the bottom of the screen, and even watched Power Lunch every single day at noon. I don't watch it that often anymore, though it has been fun to tune in here and there during the current Wall Street crisis (and by "fun" I don't mean the crisis has been fun, I mean the coverage of it).

But I'm not sure that even die hard fans of the network would be able to explain the video after the jump. It's from a segment the other day with Charles Gasparino, Dylan Ratigan, and Melissa Lee. Ratigan and Lee, on the floor of the stock market, are trying to get Gasparino, in the studio, to talk about Merrill-Lynch. But Gasparino can't get the phrase "what have you got" out of his head and just keeps talking about it, as Ratigan and Lee try to get him to move on. It's all very strange, but those are the best kinds of live TV moments, right?

And remember: "what I got is not what I have." Someone make a t-shirt or bumper sticker with that phrase and sell it on CafePress.

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CNBC's Cramer speaks out, then apologizes

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 22nd 2008 11:00AM
Jim CramerCNBC analyst and Mad Money host Jim Cramer has been in a few controversies lately, from comments he made about what we should do with our stocks to picks that he has made. Now Cramer has said this:

"We should hound them in the supermarket, we should hound them in the ball park, we should hound them everywhere they are. We should make fun of them and we should point fingers at them and we should tell them that you have no shame."

I know, you probably think that Cramer is talking about reality show contestants, but he's not.

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The forecast for NBC's Weather Plus: darkness (because, you know, it's being shut down)

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 8th 2008 6:00PM

The extended outlook for Weather Plus is phase outThis was bound to happen. When NBC Universal decided to purchase The Weather Channel earlier this year I'm sure there were some questions as to how this would affect the network's Weather Plus operation. You mean you don't know about Weather Plus? Sure you do! It's the 4-year old digital content operation that paired the network with their affiliates to air its content on their digital channels. It's also what MSNBC and CNBC have been using the last few years during times of severe weather.

Well, the answer to if both Weather Plus and The Weather Channel would be run simultaneously has been answered: they won't. NBC News President Steve Capus said Weather Plus operation would be phased out in stages through the end of the year, affecting both on- and off-air staff. There is no word if any of the Weather Plus technology or staff will be integrated into other aspects of the News division or into TWC in general.

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Ratings, not ad revenue, are up for CNBC and Fox Business Channel

by Richard Keller, posted Oct 7th 2008 9:10AM

If you're like me, the first thing that you do after you wipe those crusty things out of your eyes is turn on CNBC, Fox Business Network or Bloomberg to see how much more the economy is in a tailspin. Sometimes you watch to see how far oil has fallen. Other times you watch just to see if another bank or investment firm failed. Still, other times you watch to shake your fist and scream in anger to no one in particular.

Should any of these reasons be the case, you are not alone. Fact of the matter is you are part of an growing audience for these business channels. Over the last few weeks networks like CNBC and FBN have been racking up the viewers, with many of them jumping on the disaster bandwagon in the last half of September. For instance, when the Dow Jones Average plunged 778 points on September 29th, CNBC's average total viewership reached an all-time high of 726,000. Fox Business Network, which has only been around for about a year and isn't on nearly as many cable systems, garnered an average of 91,000 viewers on that same day.

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Five people I'd like to see moderate a debate

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 2nd 2008 10:02AM
Katie CouricSo we've had the first Presidential debate, and the Vice Presidential debate takes place tonight at 9pm ET (on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, PBS, CSPAN, probably The Weather Channel and Noggin too). While newspeople involved in the debates range from good (Jim Lehrer, Anderson Cooper, Bob Schieffer) to bad (Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos), there are several journalists who never seem to be involved in the debates for one reason or another. Maybe the debate committees and the campaigns don't want them, or maybe the anchors don't want to do a debate, but I can think of a few people I'd like to see moderate these things.

After the jump, my top five.

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NBC's big plan for the Olympics

by Brett Love, posted Jul 9th 2008 9:39AM
Alicia Sacramone - U.S. Gymnastics Do you ever watch Deadliest Catch and ask yourself, "How do they stay up for three days straight, pulling pots?" It would be good to know if you are a fan of the Olympics, because NBC is going to have some 3,600 hours of coverage from the games between TV, online, and mobile. The main network alone will have 225 hours over the 17 days.

On TV, there will be seven networks combining for the coverage, including NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, Telemundo, Universal HD, and Oxygen. All 34 sports will get airtime, and 75% of that will be live on the east coast. Apparently all that coin they dropped to get the games gave NBC the stroke to get most of the key finals scheduled in the morning in Beijing, which will be prime time on the east coast. That prime time selection will include all 32 finals for swimming, four nights of gymnastics (featuring Alicia Sacramone, pictured), beach volleyball, and the marathons.

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Morning Joe's Joe should be back soon

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 2nd 2008 3:40PM
Morning Joe SHave you been wondering where Joe Scarborough has been on Morning Joe the past few weeks? The titular star of the show has been off the air, missing all the doings with Senator Hillary Clinton suspending her campaign for president and Senator Obama Barack becoming the presumptive Democratic candidate.

For months and months of the primaries, Joe and the Morning Joe team were in the thick of it every morning ... and then Joe was gone.

Well, the reason for Scarborough's absence is due to a family illness. In May, Joe's wife Susan gave birth to their son Jack. Unfortunately, Jack wasn't due to arrive until August. He was severely premature, weighing just 2 lbs., 3 oz. He had to be kept at the hospital in an incubator and fattened up. As of this Monday, his weight was up to 4 lbs., 10 oz. and the doctors declared he was ready to go home.

Morning Joe regulars Willie Geist and Mika Brzezinski went on the air Tuesday with the story and assured viewers that Joe will be back on camera soon. I wish the Scarboroughs well and hope baby Jack continues to thrive.

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Out of the Blogosphere

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 28th 2008 12:00PM

John OatesWhat's happening on other blogs via the interweb.

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How many money honeys does it take to screw in a light bulb?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 9th 2008 2:25PM

Bianna GolodrygaWho would have thought that there would be on television this category, this trend of personality known as the "money honey?" They're the beautiful girls who give us the financial news and stock numbers on the cable news networks.

It all started with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo (who actually trademarked the "money honey" title a while back) and now it has extended to others as well. There's ABC's Bianna Golodryga (that's her in the pic), who is being touted as the big new money gal, MSNBC's Erin Burnett, Fox Business Network's Alexis Glick, and...well...the entire on-air staff at the Fox Business Network, actually.

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