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October 8, 2015

college humor

'South Park' Creators Apologize for Ripping Off CollegeHumor

by PopEater Staff, posted Oct 25th 2010 6:20PM
'South Park' creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have apologized for accidentally plagiarizing the website CollegeHumor.

As we reported last week, CollegeHumor writer Dan Gurewitch blogged about the similarities between an Oct. 20 'South Park' spoof of 'Inception' and one that he co-created with David Young. Gurewitch included a line-by-line comparison.

Parker and Stone then confessed to lifting the material, though unconsciously, CNN reports.

"We thought their joke was that a lot of those lines were actually in the movie, showing that the 'Inception' characters didn't even know 'Inception.' That was a mistake, and it was an honest mistake," said Stone. "We're stupid and we just threw it together."

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Did 'South Park' Rip Off College Humor?

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 22nd 2010 5:20PM
Is it us or does it seem like comedy has run out of ideas? 'SNL' was accused of ripping off 'Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!', '30 Rock' was accused of ripping off 'The Sarah Silverman Program.' And now 'South Park' is accused of lifting a concept from College Humor.

On Wednesday night's episode, Trey Parker and Matt Stone spoofed the summer blockbuster 'Inception.' The characters tried to explain the dream level plot, yet only seem to further confuse things. It may seem familiar because we've seen dozens of 'Inception' spoofs and jokes since its release.

However, senior sketch writer at College Humor Dan Gurewitch argues the bit seems familiar because it was copied nearly line for line from his video.

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The 'Jersey Shore' Role Playing Game (VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 6th 2010 7:00PM
Ed Hardy Shirts are +10 Charisma points in College Humor's (for now) fictional 'Jersey Shore' role-playing game, which finally answers the question of what an 8-bit game based on MTV's most popular show would look like.

In case you didn't already guess, the player's mission is to fight and smush in an effort to fill the hot tub with pretty ladies.

The game would (we wish it truly existed) allow players to make decisions as 'Jersey Shore' guys.

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'Two and a Half Men' Gets a Groan Track

by Danny Gallagher, posted Feb 23rd 2010 9:28PM
Laugh tracks always amaze me. Just what kind of easily-amused simpletons do the networks hire to laugh at crappy sitcoms? I imagine it does something like this. A bunch of actors are wrangled into a studio and are told to pretend to be an interested audience. They are each given a secret dose of thorazine through a hidden syringe in their seats. Nitrous oxide is pumped into the studio. And just before the curtain goes up, they are each whacked across the face with a cast-iron shovel. Then they turn on the applause sign.

College Humor has taken this weird TV tradition and turned it on its head by providing a "groan track" to CBS' neverending sitcom 'Two-and-a-Half Men'.

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Amy Sedaris explains blogs - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 12th 2009 7:02PM
Amy Sedaris"B as in bandits. Who rob. And what do they rob you of? Logs. A blog is something that's contagious. It festers here and it eats away at the planet."

That's Amy Sedaris, explaining what blogs are. She's part of the new, six-part PBS documentary Make 'Em Laugh, which starts airing Wednesday night at 8pm (you can also buy the DVD in stores tomorrow). Amy not only explains the blogs, she also tells us what the internet is in general (like a big cave you drive out of). And "vlog" comes from the Latin for "head cheese."

This portion of the show is after the jump. Looks like PBS/WNET is going the VH-1 route and getting all hip with this documentary, having various experts on comedy sit off to the side of the screen, talking about comedy and making funny remarks, a la I Love The 80s or...well, 22 other shows.This looks like a fun documentary though. Besides Sedaris we'll hear from people like Dick Van Dyke, George Carlin, Carol Burnett, Chris Rock, Will Ferrell, Sid Caesar, Richard Belzer, Joan Rivers, Roseanne Barr, Billy Crystal, Michael McKean, and others. They're also going to feature many online humor, including College Humor, Funny Or Die, and zefrank.

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College Humor reveals the truth behind the ATHF fiasco in Boston - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 13th 2007 4:03PM

aqua teenWhatever your feelings are on the recent kerfuffle spurred by Turner's Aqua Teen promotion in Boston, you have to admit that flashing signs is probably the worst idea a terrorist could come up with. I mean, it might attract attention, but it's not exactly boss, ya know? Although, it would be nice to live in a world where the only acts of "terrorism" were completely innocuous: they make flashy signs, we retaliate with skywriting over Afghanistan that reads, "Osama has poopy pants." We could hire kindergartners to head our counter-terrorism efforts, leading us into the great I Know You Are But What Am I? Insult War of 2012. My god, it would be beautiful.

Anyway, College Humor has an idea of how this whole mess in Boston got started. I think they might be onto something. Check out the video below.

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Dick in a Box - Live on stage!

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 8th 2007 2:38PM

TimberlakeJustin Timberlake has taken his "Dick in a Box" video one step further, onto the New York stage!

His Saturday Night Live partner in crime Andy Samberg joined him onstage the other night during Timberlake's Madison Square Garden performance. They both had wrapped boxes on their genitals and sang the song. There also seems to be a third person who has a box on his, um, dick. Maybe he's singing part of the song? Did Samberg sing the original song with Timberlake or just mouth the words?

Here's the video at College Humor. It's a bit shaky and you can't hear the song incredibly well over the screaming fans, but you get the idea.

[via Best Week Ever]

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Catching up with the boys of Stella

by Julia Ward, posted Jan 23rd 2007 12:30PM
stella comedy on swingsFormer Stella and State alum Michael Showalter and David Wain have been making entertainment news these past couple of weeks. Showalter debuted his online series The Michael Showalter Showalter on College Humor with Comedian of Comedy Zach Galifianakis as his guest. (If you live in LA, you can catch Zach free tonight at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater with VH1 talking head Doug Benson.)

David Wain debuted his latest directorial outing The Ten at Sundance. The feature, which sounds like Kieslowski's Decalogue gone zany, puts together ten shorts - each musing on one of the ten commandments. The screening has been getting positive reviews. Those of us without Park City press passes will hopefully be enjoying that film later this year. Keep your eye on The Ten's website for more info.

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