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October 6, 2015


Who Won 'Hell's Kitchen'?: Was It Will or Paul? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 20th 2011 7:00AM
'Hell's Kitchen' finaleIt was the finale of 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on FOX) and just two chefs were left. For their final challenge finalists Will Lustberg and Paul Niedermann needed to develop their own menu for a dinner service. To make things more intense, their staff was made up of eliminated contestants.


It was fun seeing all those familiar faces bustling around the kitchen, but in the end it came down to two men and two doors. One would open and the other would not. In a blast of confetti and profanity, it was Paul who emerged triumphant.

"We didn't do it for me," he told his assembled friends and family. "We did it for my mom."

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Did Secret Deals Determine the Final Four on 'Hell's Kitchen'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 13th 2011 1:17AM
Gordon Ramsay, 'Hell's Kitchen''Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX) found its Final Four, and we're sure it's going to come with plenty of controversy. Thanks to some clever bargaining on the part of Elise, we may never know how Will and Paul really feel about the two remaining women on the show.


In the opening challenge, Elise paired salmon with macaroni and cheese, which she did at the worst possible challenge. The criteria for the judges was to rate them on how much you'd pay for the dishes presented, and who would pay a lot for mac 'n' cheese?

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Who Earned the Black Jackets on 'Hell's Kitchen'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 30th 2011 2:22AM
'Hell's Kitchen'Six contestants left on two teams, but by the end of the night there would only be one team. It was time for the handing out of the black jackets on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX), but who was going to still be around to receive one?


For the opening challenge, they had to divide themselves up with one cooking a 30-minute dish, one a 20-minute dish and one a 10-minute dish.

Jennifer scored for the red team in the first round with a lamb dish that was even better than she believed, but the blue team took the next two fairly evenly matched rounds with Paul's sea bass and Will's prawn plate.

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Wolfgang Puck Says Jonathan Could Be Arrested for His Pizza on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 10th 2011 12:40AM
Hell's Kitchen Wolfgang PuckMost people would probably be thrilled to be given lessons on pizza by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, but for the blue team on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox), he was making some fairly unwelcome observations.

"Where did you see pizza like this?" Puck asked incredulously, while spooning off an unnerving amount of greenish liquid from the middle of the blue team's pizza. "I mean, if you go to Italy, they arrest you for this, you know that?"

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Tracy Gets a Surprise from the Judges on 'MasterChef' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 9th 2011 3:00AM
MasterChefThe competition is heating up on 'MasterChef' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox), and as the judges considered who to put through to the final five, some tough decisions had to be made.

Though Gordon Ramsay praised Tracy as being "amazing across the board," she was still the contestant that the judges decided to send home -- but her journey wasn't quite over with a simple farewell.

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Tommy Flirts His Way to a Win on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 9th 2011 1:05AM
Hell's KitchenA little flirting goes a long way on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on Fox), especially when the judges are faced with near identical dishes.

There was more than a little friendly rivalry brewing between the blue team and the red team over their duck recipes, but contestant Tommy figured out a way to add a little extra spice to his entry, and it had nothing to do with his culinary skills.

Then again, maybe Gordon Ramsay was asking for it when he invited Tommy to "wow the ladies" -- though, to be fair, they seemed just as impressed with his cooking as they were with his baby blues.

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Another Shocking Elimination Ceremony on 'MasterChef' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 3rd 2011 2:34AM
'MasterChef'On Monday night's episode of 'MasterChef' (Tue., 9PM ET on FOX), the judges shocked everyone by sending no one home. Adrien and Christian were the last two chefs standing before the judge, which means both of them had to work extra hard Tuesday night to ensure they wouldn't get noticed again for all the wrong reasons.


The box challenge presented the contestants with surf and turf and elevated Adrien toward the top, alongside Suxy and Jennifer. To help Christian with his attitude toward Jennifer, Gordon Ramsay had him evaluate her food. After giving it lukewarm reviews, Ramsay yelled at him a bit and then declared Jennifer the winner.

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A Drunken Yacht Cruise Distracts One Team on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 3rd 2011 12:11AM
'Hell's Kitchen'It was a tough week on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX) for several women. For the next challenge both teams were cooking for a high school reunion. To get some guidance, Paul and Elizabeth were invited to sit in on a committee meeting, but apparently Elizabeth's mind was elsewhere.

Maybe she was wondering if Elise could really improve her attitude in the kitchen and with the other contestants. Or maybe she was concerned about something she saw on the wall. One thing's for certain. She wasn't listening.


Elizabeth completely missed the Hawaiian theme, and served bacon to a non-meat eating committee member. All of this sent the blue team and Natalie to a booze-soaked yacht trip for winning. And Natalie was soaking up more than rays and alcohol; she was loving the attention she got from the guys.

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Four Chefs Compete in the Pressure Cooker, Who Leaves 'MasterChef'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 2nd 2011 4:02AM
'MasterChef'Once again, the remaining contestants on 'MasterChef' (Mon., 9PM ET on FOX) faced a team challenge that saw them feeding the toughest of all possible food critics: children. This time around, they had to concoct a meal of burgers and fries without using either beef or potatoes.


It was a close result between Christine's team and their chicken patty/corn nuggets and Christian's team with their turkey burger/apple slices meal. But Christine's team won, sending Christian, Derrick, Jennifer and Adrien to face elimination.

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Chefs from Moto Restaurant Show the Science of Cooking on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 2nd 2011 2:42AM
Moto Restaurant, 'Hell's Kitchen'The contestants got a fun break from the competition on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Mon., 8PM ET on FOX) when Ben Roche and Homaro Cantu came over from Moto Restaurant in Chicago to show them some of their fun fusions of science with the culinary arts.


After the demonstration of liquefying an orange with sound waves and freezing ice cream in 45 seconds with liquid nitrogen, the contestants had to get down to business. Science is fun and Ramsay wanted to see what they could do with the barest of minimums. So prepare a meat dish with water and fire only.

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Monterray Goes Toe-to-Toe With Sous-Chef Scott on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 27th 2011 12:43AM
'Hell's Kitchen'After a disappointing dinner service on Monday night's episode of 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX), the teams tried to rebound when cooking for Olympians. Unfortunately, the adage that there's nowhere to go but up didn't apply.


Elise stopped arguing and hating on Carrie when she undercooked the fish herself. At least she had the integrity to take her lumps. Monterray, however, failed to follow directions and wound up with sous-chef Scott Leibfried in his face.

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Constant Fighting Leads to a Shocking Elimination on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 26th 2011 12:58AM
'Hell's Kitchen'Gordon Ramsay isn't about making people happy and giving them what they want. And that's exactly what happened in the surprising elimination on this week's 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on FOX).


First, after the red team decided -- and she volunteered -- to send Carrie over to the men's team since she and Elise simply cannot get along, Ramsay came along with an idea of his own. Natalie should join the men instead, and the rest of the women had to get over it and make it work.

Natalie came through as a leader for the blue team during the opening challenge, while the women wouldn't let Carrie take over, despite her repeated efforts. Even after their loss, they continue to pile on while they cleaned up and the blue team went off to relax.

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The 10 Best Food Network Shows

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 13th 2010 10:00AM
food_network_logoFor a network that began just 17 years ago, the Food Network has become a cable television fixture and a pop culture sensation. Its cooks and chefs and foodies of Food Network have become celebrities.

Since its debut on Nov. 23, 1993, Food Network has expanded like mad. It launched food products that fill our supermarket shelves. There's media exposure via a website and monthly magazine ... and that doesn't include Rachael Ray's talk show and Guy Fieri's game show and Alton Brown's grape juice commercials. And it launched a secondary outlet in The Cooking Channel.

But the key to all the success is the Food Network itself.

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Fox Renews 'MasterChef' for a Second Season

by Catherine Lawson, posted Sep 8th 2010 9:15AM

Gordon RamsayGordon Ramsay fans rejoice: It's been announced that the potty-mouthed chef will be back for another series of 'MasterChef.'

The competitive cooking show launched last month as the Fox network's biggest ever summer debut. It also grabbed the number one spot in the 18-49 audience age range, which is the demographic most coveted by advertisers and networks.

Talking about the show's success, Ramsay said, "It's amazing and refreshing to see how much passion and raw talent there is from amateur home cooks across America. ... It's extraordinary the amount of energy and excitement the show brought in Season One, and I'm thrilled to be back at Fox for a second season."

Ramsay's now in the enviable position of having three successful series on Fox (the other two are 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'Kitchen Nightmares'), which puts him neck-and-neck with 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane, who's also courted controversy by dropping the F-bomb in his shows.

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Rating 10 TV Chefs: Who Would You Want Teaching You How to Cook?

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 27th 2010 7:00PM
gordon_ramsay_masterchef_foxIf you're a bit of a foodie, you probably watch a lot of TV chefs. There are a bunch of them, all over the dial, sharing their knowledge of food and how to prepare dishes -- whether it's a bowl of chili or a beef Wellington. Tonight, for example, Fox's resident chef Gordon Ramsay will be launching a new cooking show called 'MasterChef.' (Not to be confused with 'Top Chef.')

'MasterChef' (9PM ET, Fox) is based on the Australian version of the show -- not the BBC model -- in which a large group of hopefuls from across the country audition with their best dish, and if they pass the judges, they move on to the semi-finals.

But have you ever thought about which of the celebrity cooks and chefs on television you'd want to teach you? We took 10 popular TV chefs and rated their teaching abilities from 1-10 -- 10 being the best possible teacher, 1 being the worst. Let us know if you agree with our ratings ...

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