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October 13, 2015

crime shows

Build Your Very Own Crime Show

by Stephanie Earp, posted May 10th 2011 6:45PM

As a TV writer, I'm well aware of the limits of the human imagination, and nowhere is that glaring fact more evident than in the procedural crime drama genre. We put a man on the moon, invented the microchip and domesticated wolves, but apparently when it comes to solving fictional crime, there is only one way to go about it. Not that this has stopped me from watching hours and hours of the stuff; in fact, I think I'm sometimes comforted by the fact that even if I'm tuning into a series for the first time, I'll know the lay of the land by the first commercial break. I honestly think I could write the stuff in my sleep. I bet you could too -- have a go:

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Shark: Dr. Feelbad

by Michael Canfield, posted Oct 6th 2006 7:55AM
James Woods as (S01E03) The wife of a prominent heart surgeon goes missing and Sebastian Stark's "High Profile Crimes Unit" is on the case. Jeri Ryan as D.A. Devilin is discovered to have sweeping legal powers, when we see her vouch for Stark, who's allowed to set off the metal detector at the courthouse without being searched by deputies, or even take off his big fat Rolex. She'd be handy to have around at the airport.

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