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October 7, 2015


What's On Tonight: 60 Minutes, The Loop, The 4400, Bridezillas

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 24th 2007 5:05PM
  • John From CincinnatiAt 7, CBS has a new 60 Minutes.
  • NBC has a new, two-hour Dateline at 7.
  • At 7:30, FOX has a new episode of The Loop (another new episode airs at 8:30 and the series finale airs at 9:30).
  • At 9, Disney has a new Hannah Montana.
  • Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire perform together on a new Crossroads, on CMT at 9.
  • HBO has a new John From Cincinnati at 9, then new episodes of Entourage and Flight of the Conchords.
  • USA has a new episode of The 4400 at 9, followed by a new Dead Zone.
  • At 10 there's a new Next Food Network Star on...well, you know.
  • Lifetime has a new Army Wives at 10.
  • Showtime has a new Meadowlands at 10.
  • Also at 10: WE has a new Bridezillas.
  • At 10:30, TCM has Martin and Lewis in At War With The Army.
  • At midnight, Cartoon Network has new eps of Saul of the Mole Men and Moral Orel.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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Battlestar Galactica: Crossroads, Part 1

by Keith McDuffee, posted Mar 18th 2007 11:35PM
battlestar galactica lee adama pinstripes
(S03E19) Don't you sort of have a love-hate relationship with the final episodes of your favorite shows? There's the heightened anticipation of what's typically some of the best episodes of the season, while at the same time you get that disappointing feeling in your gut when you realize things are soon coming to an end. Two-part finales are cruel.

No early podcast this week, which is a good thing for purists who want to keep surprised as each episode airs.

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What's on tonight: Bond, Olympics, Underworld, and Mae West

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 11th 2006 3:38PM
  • Bonnie RaittAt 8pm, ABC has Tom Hanks in The Green Mile.
  • CBS has a repeat 48 Hours Mystery, followed by Die Another Day.
  • NBC has The Olympics all night.
  • FOX has a new Cops at 8, followed by a repeat, and then a new America's Most Wanted.
  • 8pm movies: TBS has Underworld, ABC Family has Never Been Kissed, FX has Ice Age, and A&E has Lake Placid
  • Also at 8: ESPN2 has college basketball, UNLV vs. BYU.
  • At 9, HGTV has a new My First Place, followed by a repeat reDesign, a new Design on a Dime.  
  • Michelle Trachtenberg stars in The Dive From Clausen's Pier, on Lifetime at 9. 
  • Showtime has Hotel Rwanda at 9.
  • On Cartoon Network starting at 9: a new Naruto, a repeat One Piece, a new Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, then a new Justice League Unlimited.
  • Also at 9: CMT has a new Crossroads, with Bonnie Raitt and Lyle Lovett. 
  • At 10, IFC has Salma Hayek in Frida.
  • At 11, FOX has a repeat Mad TV with Pamela Anderson. 
  • ABC Family has a 4 ep marathon of new Looks of Love episodes, starting at 11.
  • At midnight, TNT has Romeo Must Die.
  • Also at midnight: Fox Movie Channel has the 1970 camp classic Myra Breckinridge, with Raquel Welch, John Huston, Mae West, Roger C. Carmel, Jim Backus, Rex Reed, Farrah Fawcett...and Tom Selleck!

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