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October 9, 2015

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'Life Unexpected' Season 2 Review

by Maureen Ryan, posted Sep 14th 2010 10:45AM
When it debuted last January, 'Life Unexpected,' the story of a foster kid who finds her biological parents, was cuter than a basket of puppies.

'Life Unexpected' (9PM ET, the CW) is still plenty adorable this year, and in its briskly paced, satisfying season 2 premiere, it makes a concerted attempt to shake up the elements that made the show's soapier elements increasingly tiresome in its first season.

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'Life Unexpected' - 'Crisis Unaverted' Recap

by Hemal Jhaveri, posted Mar 2nd 2010 11:20AM
Life Unexpected (S01E07) Perhaps this episode should have been called 'Comeuppance Received'? Tensions between Cate, Ryan and Baze boiled over and for once, Cate is the one who messed up royally. I've said before that it's been hard for me to connect with Cate and see past her grating Type-A exterior. But even I winced at the epic dumping she got from Eric. It was deserved, but brutal.

And Cate's early attempt to whitewash her whole affair looked even more petty in wake of the serious drama Lux was going through with Tasha. The kid had a tough time this episode, and sadly, only Baze was really there for her in the end.

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'Life Unexpected' - 'Truth Unrevealed' Recap

by Hemal Jhaveri, posted Feb 23rd 2010 11:31AM
Life Unexpected(S01E05) Nothing ruins a good episode like fifteen minutes of maudlin weeping. After a brisk 45 minutes of 'Three's Company'-style hijinks, wherein Baze invades Cate & Ryan's perfect life, the tension between Ryan/Cate/Baze comes to a grinding halt when everyone starts exploring their feelings.

Not to sound too cynical, but why should every episode end with a very touching moment, complete with soft singer/songwriter acoustic guitar music in the background?

There's nothing compelling, interesting or even vaguely original about that. And as a viewer, all these cues let you know one thing: there's some serious scenery chewing coming up.

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CW News: 'High Society,' 'Fly Girls' Land Premiere Dates; Talley Joins 'Top Model'

by Leonard Jacobs, posted Feb 9th 2010 1:00PM
The CW has finally announced premiere dates for two of its highly anticipated reality series.

Also at CW, renowned fashionista Andre Leon Talley has been tapped to join the judges panel on season 14 of 'America's Next Top Model.'

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 'High Society' will get its high-profile debut Wed., Mar. 10 at 9:30PM, following the 90-minute premiere of 'Top Model.' Then on Wed., Mar. 24, the show will move to its regular timeslot, at 9PM, to make room for the take off of 'Fly Girls.'

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Review: Life Unexpected - House Inspected

by Hemal Jhaveri, posted Jan 26th 2010 11:38AM

(S01E02) -
Oh, Cate. Had I known you were capable of pulling a lowly, John Edwards-esqe move, I may not have been so ready in praise of you last week. Seriously, the one thing I can not overlook in this episode if how quick Cate was to deny her daughter's existence on her radio show. The same radio show that Cate knows Lux listens to religiously.

Happily enough, everyone else was around to pick up the slack as Lux decides if she really can trust her new parents, and if they, in turn, can earn legal foster parent status.

Get ready to have your heart strings pulled, hard.

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Review: Life Unexpected - Pilot (series premiere)

by Hemal Jhaveri, posted Jan 19th 2010 3:03AM
Life Unexpected(S01E01) If you've been waiting for something to fill the family drama void left by the end of Gilmore Girls on the CW, Life Unexpected will do nicely. The mid-season drama is a well-paced, funny and, yes, freaking heartwarming story about high school ex's reunited with the daughter they gave up for adoption.

What makes Life Unexpected a treat is that it's so different from the regular CW fare. Unlike Gossip Girl and 90210, this show (hopefully) won't be billed as OMFG TV. No rich teens getting drunk and playing sexual games. This just has one spunky foster kid, Lux, with street smarts and a good head on her shoulders that won't make you want to weep for the future. That in and of itself is a good reason to keep watching.

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It's getting a little too 'meta' on Supernatural

by Hemal Jhaveri, posted Nov 19th 2009 9:02AM
The Real Ghostbusters Who wants to help me run down all the "meta" moments so far this season on Supernatural? Seriously, anyone? Because there are a lot.

Last Thursday's episode, "The Real Ghostbusters," reached almost unforeseen levels of meta-dom. To appreciate the intricate levels of meta in this episode, and the back and forth that's happening between the fans and the actors, creators and even prop people from the show, you need to have lived and breathed this sucker from episode one to right now.

But, as much as I love Kripke's ability to break down that fourth wall and, in the process, send a huge, heart-felt hug to fandom, it's time to take the story back to Sam and Dean.

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Hayden Panettiere Makes Producing Debut with CW's New Medical Drama 'HMS'

by Lauren Metz, posted Nov 16th 2009 11:15AM
ABC has 'Grey's Anatomy,' NBC introduced 'Mercy' this season, and now the CW will join the scalpel bandwagon with 'HMS,' an hour-long drama centering around a group of Harvard medical students.

Twenty-year-old Hayden Panettiere, best known for playing Claire Bennet on NBC's 'Heroes,' will expand her resume to include something other than playing the pretty blonde cheerleader (okay, we shamefully admit that we've seen her in 'Bring it On: All or Nothing'). She'll try her hand at producing for the first time and, along with the show's writer, Amy Holden Jones of 'Mystic Pizza' fame, Hayden will be credited as co-producer.

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Vampire Diaries' cross promotion could inspire more TV charities

by Danny Gallagher, posted Aug 26th 2009 6:31PM
The Vampire Diaries new cross-promotional ad with the American Red Cross
Cross promotions are not a new concept to TV heads, but this one cooked up by the folks behind the CW's Vampire Diaries deserves a Peabody Award. As Brad mentioned earlier today, The Vampire Diaries is being cross-promoted with the American Red Cross in which the show is hosting its own blood drive.

What a great idea and a great cause! Just think of the other charitable promotions this will inspire other shows to tackle.

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